AFFS Easter Seminar 2010

Albuquerque, New Mexico


Friday evening Dr. Hurtak cited an article that was published about a female abductee who was taken to an underground military base and examined by our military. On the walls outside of the meeting rooms at the conference, there were displayed her drawings of the experience. Dr. Hurtak also said to expect more contact with the extraterrestrials because the lower hierarchy will manifest first and has been doing so for some time. Then the higher ultraterrestrials or angelic forces will manifest on earth. We will be tempted to go with the lower creator gods.


The world is now going into major disruptions: economic, environmental and sociological in nature, all occurring at once. In South Africa, extraterrestrials took over  took over an entire military installation. Later in the seminar, Dr. Hurtak said that he would show us declassified documents about this.


P. 95, GO ALENU YHWH TSEVAOTH. Praised be the Name of the Deliverer of all Creation.

There are three phases of Redemption:

1. The Father, the Initiator of the plan of deliverance

2. The Son as Savior

3. The Holy Spirit as Helper. The Holy Spirit is constantly helping us to evolve into the next higher phase for humanity.

We each have this energy around us at all times so that we can tap into it.

Our sun is a variable star. The vernal mass ejections are variable magnetic bursts and are spoken of in the Keys of Enoch. The recent discovery as to these variable magnetic bursts verifies and supports what was said in the Keys about the subject.

We can and should use counter measures to raise the consciousness of all humanity. We must be servants of humanity.


P. 97 HA-EL HA-NE'EMAN SHOMER HA-B'RITH. We feel the bond of Love with the Divine who has given to the Adamic Race our Eternal Inheritance.

There are three types of covenants:

1. A Covenant of Redemption through God's messengers, such as Christ

2. A Covenant of Works when the Adamic household does a process, i.e. you must show your love for your fellow man by your deeds

3. A Covenant of Grace or Mercy which can take you to a higher state of consciousness


P. 103 HU MEHASH'NEI IDANAYA. God is altering times. The Divine One who breaks through the Wheels of Life with a plan of Salvation.  Also see Key 319, v. 123 for eternal peace quotation.

"Oh Universal Presence, open the jeweled lotus of compassionate love, wisdom and knowledge in my heart." Om mani peme hung, sung by Anya Dishon.


Time may be speeding up rather than the theory that our universe is expanding. This is different from the Big Bang theory. David Gross' theories of time: is space-time doomed? He says that space is an emergent concept, meaning that there is no fixed 3-D space-time any more.


In Einstein's thought experiments about the nature of time, the Observer he referred to could be an inanimate object, such as a clock on the floor or on a spaceship. It didn't have to be a conscious mind of some kind. Therefore, Einstein was NOT saying that the Observer is always a human mind. See previous essay by Linda Evans on "The Nature of Time," for more discussion of Einstein's theories about time.

An article, "Beam Smashes Light Barrier," published on July 19, 2000 in the BBC news, reported that a beam of light that entered a cloud of gas emerged before it was seen to enter the gas. The light moved 300 times faster than the speed of light, which had previously been thought of as being a constant.

Desiree stated that one of the themes of the conference was that cracking open the change in the previous laws of energy allows the new energy laws to manifest. Time acceleration allows for us to be released from the previous limitations imposed on humanity by our local hierarchy. We may now use our higher bodies of ascension to link up to the matrix of energies in the heavens.


David Burish, Project Looking Glass: time-space can be warped forward or backward by long or short distances, relative to the present time. David Burish had contact with alien intelligence/information at Area 51.


Kozyrev space-time theory: the quantum vacuum, or ether, is composed of a sea of electrons. This theory could be related to zero point energy, which interlocks us between this and other realities. It has now been shown that the speed of light is not a constant, as Einstein had postulated.


Hurtak says that time is circular. The intervals are fixed. The system is periodic. This is the recurrence theorem. The wave function of energy allows time to return back, close to its previous state. See the Mandelbrot set patterns shown on the DVD from the Academy, "Pathways to the Light."


P. 105 HUPISTOS, the Most High. We read from Psalm 18, v. 11-14: Light projections, the opening of the heavens, which is the God of Gods above our local hierarchy. See also Acts 16, V. 17; Hebrews 7, v. 1.


P. 107 IMMANU-EL, God is with us. This is not an abstract concept, He is here right now, with us as we are, even now. The name Immanuel is the name of Christ from the Cosmic Dimensions. Jeshua is the Christ from the historic dimensions. In Christ Jesus, human and Divine are brought together, for us. "God is with us" may also refer to the Shekinah. Hurtak quote: Don't take the She out of Shekinah!


Testimony was given by a family who lived in Hispanola during the time of the earthquake: They evoked the Sacred Names and sang and prayed using the names in order to calm the earth and the sea as well as themselves. They later learned that the tsunami never arrived at the Dominican Coast. There was no loss of life in the DR. 8000,000 people are estimated to have died in Haiti. They showed slides of a pyramid in the center of Hispanola Island. The previous president of the DR was a Mason. An account of their experience and a picture of the pyramid is in the current issue of Future History, as well as the article written about soil conservation in Haiti, by Richard Quast.


Testimony was given by 3 women who survived the earthquake in Chile. One woman described her experience of a few days before the quake: she heard high-pitched noises, birds were flying in circles. The sky in her area was usually blue and clear, but at this time before the quake it was dark and grey. She had a strong feeling that something was about to happen.


One woman from Santiago was taking care of her 3 grandchildren when the earthquake hit. She gathered them all around her in her bed and began to sing and chant the Kodoish hymn. One grandson said, "I don't know what you are doing, but keep doing it!" She felt that they were surrounded by a bubble of protection. She also felt that they were not in this dimension.


Another woman who is a nurse in the city said that she also used the Divine Names for her own protection and for her own calmness. No significant damage was done in her immediate area. All of the Academy members from Chile did a video sending out their thanks to all of those who prayed for them and sent them Love, Light and Protection.


Hurtak says that this is the time of "the harvest" for humanity. He was speaking of the global natural disasters. This is also the age of the Cosmic Pentecost.  


Talk given by Prof. Thomas Winder of the Trinity Southwest University, the College of Archaeology and Biblical History:

Winder is a professor of Biblical Studies. He worked with Dr. Steven Collins (his boss) in Jordan. Their party discovered the famous Cities of the Plain. Dr. Winder: "False claims of the past, including archaeology and liberal scholarship have covered up the real location of the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah." The location is NOT south of the Dead Sea, as many have contended. Just read the Bible and follow the description of the travels of Lot when he went east and separated from Abraham. Lot went to the Kikar Valley, between Bethel and Ai, just north of Jerusalem. The Kikar Valley is at the Dead Sea. It's a round, flat valley formation.


There was no occupation of the 5 Cities of the Plain for at least 600 years. Sodom was a huge city in the early Bronze Age. It was a crossroads of commerce and trade and the biggest Canaanite city of its time. The archaeologists discovered that it was 150 acres in size.


Winder's group found evidence of a flash heating event that modern scientists can't explain. It needs to be over 2,500 degrees for a split second to make trinitite, which is found at the site of a nuclear explosion. It was found as well in the change to the pottery shard Winder showed us, which was found at the site of Sodom. the pottery shard looks like the sample of trinitite. 


Winder has been working there for over 5 years now on the same site. He has also found a huge Canaanite temple complex at Tell el Hamman in Jordan. He feels that he has found the Biblical Sodom. This means that we now know that Sodom and Gomorrah were not myths. We are in the latter days now, he feels. The royal family of Jordan is interested in this dig because the Biblical events took place in their country. Winder said that there is a movie coming out soon about the real Mt. Sinai, called "The Exodus Conspiracy."



P. 109 KADOSH ANI YHWH ELOHEICHEM. Holy am I, YHWH, your God. Why is God holy? The gods of the Greeks and some other cultures were not holy. Take the Roman god Vulcan, for example. He had a lame foot and because of it his mother threw him off Mt. Olympus.


There is something unique about our God in the Bible. God and the Lords of Light work to help make humanity better, such as the work of the B'nai Elohim. The salutation which addresses the field of holiness most energetically is Kodoish, Kodoish, Kodoish, Adonai, Tsebayoth.  


Look for a film coming out soon about Rupert Sheldrake's conversation with the Hurtaks. He is a scientist and a Christian, but he is hesitant to say so to his professional colleagues in Europe.


P. 111 MAHALAL'EL, God shines forth. MAHALAL'EL was the grandfather of Enoch. Enoch experienced the power of ascension. What is ascension? Was Enoch taken up in a merkabah or was it his Light Body? A collective ascension takes place throughout history and at the end of time there will be a collective ascension also. When Jesus taught his disciples, as described in the PS, they were taken up in a collective ascension to receive his teachings.


The Keys tell us that the lower hierarchy will come back first and tempt Eve again. A woman will be seen to have the scars of the biological experiments done on her body. Eve in the Bible symbolizes the corrupted feminine image of creation. Ruth & Esther symbolize the pure feminine image of creation. We are all being tempted at this time to go with the lower creators who have returned.


P. 113 MALCHI-SHUA, My God is my Salvation.  Is there generational sin? Why did the inheritance shift from the sons of Saul? Because King David showed mercy to Jonathan's son. Because of Saul's sin against God, Samuel the Prophet became king after him.  We break the linkage from our past family tree by linking with the Higher God, because you cannot do it alone.


P. 115 MAREI SH'MAYA, Lord of the Heavens. The heavens have 24 dimensions. 9 are local dimensions. The theory of 12 dimensions is F theory. The theory of 11 dimensions is M theory and comes closest to what reality is all about. 9 or 10 dimensions is String theory. Also pertains to the angel Shaddai, or Metatron. May all realms acknowledge your power and glory.


There is a theory of Gravity A and Gravity B by Bob Lazar. A geon, a term found in the Keys of Enoch, is a form of gravity measurement. The Keys talks about gravity(local gravity) and Gravity(planetary gravity). Hurtak showed a picture of a monolith on Phoebus. The monolith casts a shadow 9 meters long. The shadow could only have been caused from a satellite moving in the same orbit as Phoebus. Senior Russian scientists believe that Phoebus, a satellite of mars, is an artificial satellite. Hurtak says that something on our moon doesn't want us to come back there. Buzz Aldrin wants us to go to Mars, not back to the moon. Mars is where we will discover the missing parts of our history.


There was a short video shown about Ben Rich, the head of the Skunkworks Project at Lockheed Martin. The airforce gave Lockheed Martin a contract to take ET back home. There was an alien(J-rod?) being held by our military who wanted to be dropped off at a grid point in the sands of Egypt, so they took him there to be picked up. Hurtak asserts that there are over 70 extraterrestrial races now visiting earth. He also says that there are squadrons of 25 vehicles stationed over important cities of the world. They are motivating humanity to seek out spiritual answers to life. See Key 309.


Hurtak says that we're in for a big, big showdown. There will be even greater contact with outer space beings. ETs are no longer waiting for the governments of the world to disclose any of their ET contacts. See Psalm 82. Also see Key 309, v. 25 citation about ET contacts.  He also states that our military and the ETs are together participating in abductions and re-abuctions, or re-abs.  Film shown about multiple UFO sitings in Mexico.


Presentation by Mel Lyons, the artist who did all of the illustrations for the new Sacred Names book:

He struggled to do the drawings, didn't think he could do all of them. He calls them Cosmograms. He would pray for 30 mins. every day in his closet, with paper and pen at hand. He would get an idea, sketch it and then keep on praying. He received what he called Divine Thoughtforms as to what the cosmograms should look like. He thought that he couldn't do it sometimes and each one would take a very long time from start to finish. So when Dr. Hurtak asked him to do an additional 52 drawings just before the end of the year and just before they were going to publication, Mel thought Hurtak was insane! Even though he was working full-time at another job, he was able to do what Hurtak asked. He turned it over to the Holy Spirit to help him in getting it done on time. He asks that we enjoy the journey of creating because that is the blessing you receive from the process of creating.



Easter is a celebration of our overcoming the fallen hierarchy of Ishtar, or the previous system of gods. The 3 women at the tomb symbolize the trinitized aspect of the Divine Feminine. The Shroud of Turin goes on display again in about one month. The controversy over the age of the Shroud has been resolved by a scientist at NASA who looked at it with a laser. We were shown the 3-D image of the face of Christ on the Shroud. This became visible when the laser light beam was used on the cloth. The mark of Shaddai, or Metatron shows on Jesus' forehead as evidence that Jesus was not working alone, but as part of a team. The empty tomb is symbolic of the empty body that Christ was taken out of.


The Father Universe is the Source, the Image

The Son Universe is the Manifestation of the Father/Image

The Shekinah Universe is the Binding Network


Ultimately, our Son Universe, headed by the Christ, will be integrated into the Father Universe in the time of ascension. Then a new Son Universe will be created. Before this can take place, we must become 1.) active coparticipants in helping the planet, 2.) principled guides and helpers for humanity, and 3.) providers for others as well as ourselves. Jesus did the same by the example of his life. He was a selfless servant to others, even at the threat of death. He was part of a Divine Family, a greater plan.


The Hurtaks have a new book coming out called "The Levels of the Overself."


They showed a video of an interview with Scott Jones, the founder of Peace, Inc. He was given the task by his boss, Sen. Claiborne Pell, to study applied psychic phenomena around the world. Jones says that the visiting "others" are behind the push for our government to disclose what they know about alien contact. 


The nuclear weapons at the Bentwater installation in the UK were actually neutralized by the ETs there. They used a beam of light to do this. The "others" didn't want the US & the UK to have any nuclear weapons there.


We can use the Divine Names for our protection, for preparation and for prophecy. Key 303 lists different levels of the ETs, so that we may know the difference between them. Ets are coming now en masse to earth. We need to be cosmically awakened. Hurtak also says that you can't be at the right place at the right time without doing the work first. This is why we use the Sacred Names and other higher teachings.


Hurtak says that only those with Love in their hearts, the best of the best, will survive. It will be a rough time for most people on earth. We are composed of Light. The Light carries the codes of Life, which encodes our DNA. We need to develop the affinity to connect with our higher Brothers of Light. We should be proactive about this. The Lights, on many levels, are here already.





Presentation by Antara & Tom Brandner: In Dec. 3 - 9, 2009 the Hurtaks traveled to Australia with the Brandners for a conference called The Parliament of World Religions, which takes place every 5 years. Antara made an amazing film about her experiences there, which was shown to us at the conference. She took a still photo of the Dalai Lama which showed an enormous orb of light in front of his head. The orb was quite unusual because it had concentric rings and a design to it that looked like a mandala.  When the movie was over she got a standing ovation for her wonderful work.







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    Thank you.

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    • Hi,

      I will try to explain in simple 3D language in a few days, as it will take me a while to translate.
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