Why is it that every1 is always preaching Love & light and all the glorious aspects that go with it? when in actual fact everyone on here is SUFFERING with one kind of discrepancy or another??

This whole focus on love while you're in physical torment is utter sh!t!! Why should we pretend to not feel what we're actually feeling in this tormented thiird dimension, after all it is all part of experience!!! But who in their right mind would choose to experience utter heart felt torment like this????

Take this 3rd dimensional illusary reality and stick it where the second sun don't shine!!

I've truly had enough of this FUCKED UP so-called reality!! And anyone who's out there who thinks they can tell me any different can either fuck right off or try and walk a mile in my shoes......Good luck to any one of you fucken pretenders!!

I honestly don't give a flying shit if I get Barred from here for posting this!! Goodluck to the lot of ye!
I'll probably see the majority in the next incarnation anyway, cos we're all just too biased and f*d up to giv e a shit.

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  • devil-with-pitchfork.jpg

    EINSTEIN IS THAT YOU????????????????

  • well it's simple..... if all these channelings are making you upset.... then just stop reading them,
    • Your life is totally ruined


    • I cant stop reading them-- I enjoy my hallucinations
  • Wow... quite a lot of hostility in this.  Have you accepted that you might be experiencing this for a higher purpose.  Yes, this third density is challenging but you seem to have some idea of how it might be changed.  I submit that you redirect this intensity into change in yourself and your area.  If you have a problem with love, so be it.  You have chosen to be here at this point in time.  Re-inventory your priorities, take a deep breath and move forward and if you don't like it and can't handle the intensity... there are options which only you can implement.  Please seek to unburden your heart.  If you so choose send them to me... I am an old fart and have had many challenges and concur this dimension is at times pretty sucky but warriors don't whine and whiners sometimes need a hug.... God bless you and may you find peace in your existence. You are master of your universe... learn, release, be!


  • Remember when the end of the ilusion ist a lot of chaos , stay focused On you healing, dont let the ilusion wear you down My friend! 
    It s almost due and you gotta hang in there fore some more time ! 
    Do the Tube of light and Get protection. Feel what is your feelings / fristrations and what is not yours ! 
    Call out fore help from the acended masters and go within ! 
    I wish you luck ! 
    Peace and love to you Einstein! 
  • Oh now I get the kick in the pants bit!  LOL!


    Einstein, no-one can really understand what it feels like to walk in another persons shoes.  Yet those that have walked in the shadow of death, do understand.  To come out into the light, you have to walk the shadow path covered in thorns.  If you made it through the valley of death, you will experience the light!


    We all get tired in this valley, and we think this suffering is crap, but the only way to get out of there is get up, face yourself and look to the sky.  You are almost there, never give up. :)


    Find your soul and listen to it, it will keep you safe and give you the energy to get up and move forward once more.


    Love and Light friend

    Anush (Marshal Law)

    • Thanks Anush for your never ending encouragement and your kind words of support.

      This valley is long and the trek is arduos, but with the support I get from the ppl on this forum I'm pretty sure I'll make it through the darkest of the days.


      Thank you for your continued support and love.

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