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is it counting down to an alignment of the planets and the stars? the collapse of the Euro (which Rothschild just recent made a bet on)? an attack on Syria? or another false flag attack? I still haven't figured it out... :P

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Wich countdown? :D I love countdowns

Oh wait, this one?

Yeah is weird, may actually be nothing at all, same with their main page seems a bit ... unprofessional?

but idk, it reminds me of that tweet account wich was supposedly of a some kind of project who was gonna start involving a misterious girl, and WWII experiments, with a countdown, but at the end they revealed it was just a social experiment to see how people would react to it.

yeah but this website has tons of Egyptian Texts, Prayers to Osiris, Ra, Isis, and many other strange things... also the Latin words above the clock means University of Light. which could be what the clock is counting down to, an opening of this university. It just seems like there has been too much work put into this site to just be Fake.

5 days? That's 2012-09-09, wouldn't it be more "catchy" to do it in 7 days? Namely 2012-09-11?

By the way ToxicDreamer, I read that article about Hidden_Hand that I believe you brought to us here :) Very interesting stuff! But as with everything I don't believe it blindly, but I just resonate More with that which he says than that the thought of Illuminati are corrupted, dark souls that will never accept the light etc-thingy some might think of them.

But for everyone I guess it's kinda hard to just accept that the thought of helping us is by striving to be over 95% negative just to provide us a catalyst. I still have a hard time to accept that by doing everything they can to slow our spiritual developement down would in fact help us. If it's true that the ones lower than 50% positive polarity will have to re-experience 3D it will mostly be because it was so freaking hard to wake up/develop while under the manipulation of those Hidden Hands.

This may be off-topic but I found it somewhat topic-related ;) Feel free to discuss your opinion about this :)

Lol but if they had the countdown set for 7 days it would be redundant because it wouldn't be set for 7 days when tomorrow comes. and also it was set for 7 days 2 days ago... another thing, the number 7 doesn't have much significance to the Illuminati anyway.


also most people won't be able to ascend regardless. I think they're just trying to Test us, to see how strong our will is and how motivated we are to ascend.... also I believe the more darkness they bring, will mean the more Light we bring. the more Negative they are will mean the more positive we will be. noone ever feels the need to shine the light unless they're surrounded by darkness,

Right now the clock is down to just a little over an hour.  ('Right now' being 11:44 PST 09/09/2012

09/09 has been spoken of as a portal for quite some time, but we've passed through other 'portals' without noticing any changes.

BTW, I wasn't able to read all, just saw the clock and then got a dialogue box saying Google couldn't communicate with this site.  ??

The website belongs to Academia Omni Lux

Latin: All Light Academy

Using reasoning I'm guessing the school of illumination opens when the clock reaches 000

that's what I'm thinking, but it actually means university of Light. but you were close. I wonder what it's going to be about, and if it's going to be worth taking out student loans to go to. :P

Damn Google translate :P

Most likely a Hermetic "School of Mystery"

Let's analyze this.


so it seems to be an eye in the background right?


Then in the middle, in the iris, we have this spinning thing with 12 branches:


Surrounding the whole eye, appart from the letters we got 5 symbols wich we can click and 1 wich we can't:







And Sorcery:

And the one wich we can't click is the number 9 in roman numbers...:

Seeing as how each of the clickable symbols take us to different pages wich have the same clock

I think those pages will be unlocked in the given date, they will be different in content.


Now seeing the source code...

end = new Date('September 09, 2012 13:23:33')

This is a variable called end, wich contains the date: September 09, 2012 13:23:33,
so that is presumably the end date of the countdown.

The rest of the source code doesn't tell much...

Now the first thing that came to my mind to do when I see this countdowns, is to set my PC date to a day after the end-time of the countdown

In this case this is what happens if you do so:

It's the same, but the countdown is replaced with a semicolon.
Wich means that there is no message to be displayed after the countdown is over,
So they probably will update it manually once the given date arrives.

Oh there is also some letters surrounding the eye wich I can't figure out what it says:

And the best part:
Registered Trademark symbol? lol draw your own conclusions from that.

Anyway that's all from my investigation :P... if I find something else I'll post it ;)

Wheel of the of zodiac and various symbols from different "religions" with the "all seeing eye" motif. A symbolic lock of sorts for those in the know of how to arrange the symbols. The site is based on The Bavarian Order of Seers. Omni is most likely locked until the site is fully up and running...or it does nothing but create an uproar. Brilliant marketing strategy IMO I'm a member of the associated group. Nothing sinister...except academically inclined pondering of world affairs.



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