Meat is causing Disease expecially Red Meat ( Halal Meat ) 

Red Meat ( Halal Meat) Is Sin Meat 

There is already contanimated and mixed meat on sale in supermarkets 

One of the biggest change on this Planet would be is everyone turned Vegetarian and then Vegan 

Animals have a right to live.

Now those who eat meat need to read this report and after reading this report you still eat meat then you are an animal for you are what you eat

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          • .....One Thing That Bugs Me.....Is When I See.....Well Animals Kill Other Animals....Whaat?.....Dont You Get It???.....This Is Not Aimed At You Lisa.....Rama?...:)....

            • I've heard all those arguments I get em everyday as family eats meat its a pain in the ass... I respect them respect my decision as a child my parents made me sit at the table for hours to eat the meat. I begged more veggies but you must eat a balanced meal.... So heads turn doggie got a treat he actually loved lol loved that shepard lol....

          • Well believe what you like... As my drs yelling at me to get protein and iron can attest to that.... So plenty of soy peanut butter iron supplements vitamins fish oil is good so Michael don't assume about me.  I've tried to eat meat I can't swallow it as it makes me sick so thank you..


  • As a follow up Check This Out :

  • I'm not reading all the comments on here, nor am I commenting on them!! I'm just going to say I have been a vegetarian for 3 years now and it was the best decision I have ever made and would never go back!! I will not tell others what they should or should not eat, just go with your hearts calling! I believe we have been gifted by God the role of caretakers of the animals on this planet and we are failing this mission on many levels!! It's not too late!! Animals are going extinct at an alarming rate and we need to stop this!!

    Love & light


    • "I'm not reading all the comments on here"

      You should though. I've read them all and many of them are very good. :)

  • Do vegans still have to take daily vitamin supplements and minerals or have you solved that part of your diet by now?

    • ...Mr Acute....Give Us A Kiss.....Just Coz Its Good To See You......<3.....:).........X..

  • Wings, thank you.:) aftert all different chemicals are ultimately different vibratory signatures in the quantum field. I am looking foward to when we can tap energy directly from zero point. That will end all this food proplems plus economic problems.

    I know there are lots of things we donnot yet understand.
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