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If what you believed turned out to be false, why would you believe in what you do?

Before I elaborate on my question, allow me to introduce myself. If you take a look at my profile, you can get a glimpse of what I am about. I am probably one of the few dissenting points of view on this website. I am an atheist, skeptic, and overall critic of any claims of the "supernatural" or "spiritual". As stated on my profile, my reason for being here is that it is part of an ongoing project of mine to explore different different faiths and different belief systems. I am active on many other forum websites. Much like the evolutionary tree of life that branches out in all different directions which produces all of the extant as well as extinct species on our planet, human irrationality and mental dysfunction produce delusional thought patterns that do the same. The delusions that humans invent branch out into different factions. By studying different view points, I hope to get a better understanding of what the environmental pressures are that drive people into different competing irrationalities and to learn more about the common threads that drive them. 


It needs to be said that when I refer to "delusional thought patterns" and "mental dysfunction" I am referring to ANYONE who believes in life after death scenarios, a "higher power" that created the universe, or anything that people commonly refer to as "spiritual" or "supernatural". If anyone reading my post get offended, don't feel bad, because by no means did I come on this website to pick on you guys only as the vast majority of humanity is no different from you. 


Ok, now with the intro out of the way, let's get down to the question. Like many new age philosophies, the beliefs of this website tend to be vague and not as well defined as a religion like say, Christianity or Islam. But from reading on this site and other new age sites and also watching some of the videos from this Ben Arion fellow who it looks like runs this site, I can suppose that most of you people share these beliefs in common, not only amongst yourselves but with many other faiths. 


1. You believe in a supreme being of some kind, a "god" that created the universe and all life.

2. You believe that life continues for each organism after it dies and that it takes on the form of a "spirit" or "ghost".

3. You believe in a punishment or reward that is administered by a "god" for doing "good" or "bad" deeds in life.

4. You believe in the infallibility and supremacy of the human species. From what I have read about "ascension" and the so called "galactic federation" ( which isn't a lot, but I get the gist of what they mean ) humans must have a very special on planet earth since they are the only ones intelligent enough to accomplish such feats. 

5. You believe that UFO sightings are evidence of advanced extraterrestrial beings visiting planet earth.

6. Last, and anything but least, you, like almost every other faith, believe that YOU are the "enlightened" ones who possess the "truth". 


Please correct me if I am wrong, but I think I am pretty accurate in assessing your world views. Now I am not going to spend time on this post deconstructing each delusion. I will probably save those for future posts if I decide to post actively on this website. But I have a challenge for you the reader. Try to imagine a world in which everything else is the same, but your beliefs turned out to be nothing but delusions that are the product of your minds. My question is, why do you think you would believe such things if it turned out they were not true?


Theists ask me all the time what if there is a god, why would you reject him/her? Well the answer to that question is very simple. I simply wasn't given enough evidence to accept claims of the supernatural. Given the track record of supernatural beliefs and how they are debunked more and more by the scientific method when things thought to be supernatural in the past, such as thunder being the wrath of the gods and rainbows being produced by "supernatural"means, I simply had no good reason to accept claims of the supernatural and also no reason to think that claims of the supernatural would ever be true. So I would not feel stupid for having rejected supernatural claims even if I was shown solid evidence that it was true because I simply responded to the claims in the best way that I thought to at the time considering what I had to work with. Regardless of whether supernatural claims are true or not, atheism is the correct stance to take, at least until there is solid evidence to support the existence of the supernatural ( which I am very confident I will never see ).

The answer for why someone does not accept something as true is a pretty easy one to answer. However, the answer for why someone would believe something is true when it is not is far more complex and most people who hold something as true generally don't like to entertain, what is in their minds, a hypothetical that threatens their world view. I have asked the same question in real life to many Christians that I know and I almost never get a straight answer. I suspect they don't want to entertain the idea that there is no god or afterlife scenario because then they would have to admit to certain things that expose their belief system as being motivated by ideology and meaningless happenstances and not evidence. EG that belief in life after death is simply a coping mechanism for the fate that awaits every living thing after it dies, the experience of nothingness for all the rest of eternity (just the same state you were in before you were conceived of in you mother's womb) that Christian beliefs are arbitrarily passed down to you from the environment that you just happen to grow up in, etc.  

I posed this same question on a Christian forum website more than 2 days ago and so far have received no response. If there are any brave souls out there who want to take my challenge, I would love to hear from you. 

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Holy S*** ~!~

This discussion had turned very ugly full of judgments, almost name calling and very confrontational.....................

CHILDREN~re~read this forum from the beginning and see what I mean. Simple opinions of GCcollector have been used to argue ridiculuous points and fully lower energies of human consciousness.

It almost feels like posting our own opinions about spirituality and believes becomes a target to ridicule and critisize by usual trolls. And yet many more are drawn into cofrontations like a sheep.

If you don't want to be aggravated by comments of others, do not respond to their deceptive means.

this post's author asked good questions yet had no real answers and help, possibly, rather everyone got into silly, pointless conversation of finger pointing. if you want for "ONE" to stop bothering "you" don't respond to him/or her/i don't know.

Now, as spiritual is concerned and intended in the post above, I can attest to its reality. it's within me, in my heart, in my feeling body, in my thinking cap. it is achieved by certain practices of thought, word and action. there are many doors that can be opened with discipline of self.

as supernatural question goes, I can again tell ya that it is real, all around us, in every molecular structure that Universe is made of .
 Just becouse it can't be explained by religions , science or any Age movement it does not mean that it is not real. It is real for those who are in touch/tune with energies of mother earth and Cosmic Conscioousness.

The only ones "bothered" by me are ones who delude themselves into believing obvious lies.

It happened to me a few times. Each time, I thought my epiphany explained how the world may be wired backstage a lot more accurately so I never considered looking back. I've never been one for clinging to particular beliefs for the sake of it.

why even consider this a ‘challenge’???  sounds like someone who wants to argue..or disagree to me~  what i like best on this site is that we can all agree to disagree..respond or not..whatever~  HI Y’ALL..SENDING LOVE WITHOUT CONDITIONS~   jsb

I am a Enlightened Warrior VORTEX from the 14th dimension and my mission is to awaken humanity, create an enlightened society and heal the world.  

Did you know that we are multi dimensional beings in a multi dimensional universe so what we need to learn is on multi levels?  We have a body, mind, emotional body and spirit.  The only way to understand the spirit is through the heart.  Most people think to much and feel to little and by using our emotions we can figure things out.  Our brains were split in half because our DNA was altered so that we fell from grace (5D) and entered the 3D.  We need to learn male & female energies in duality and transcend fear by living from the heart like the inner child.

Your own body is a universe and the cells are the people.  Imagine how you would feel if all the cells of your body became egotistical?  That is what cancer is and this is why many enlightened souls are assisting in humanity's ascension for the Golden Age of Aquarius.  The truth will set us free when the kingdom of GOD (higher dimensions) grows brighter with many awakening souls.

..and where did u learned about all that???

all the answers are inside us but too many people go outside of themselves to seek answers.  Awaken your multi dimensional self by activating your body, mind, heart and spirit.  We must have the greatest health which will bring happiness and joy.  Then much negative energies will be cleared and it will be easier to move from the head to the heart.  Everything we do is an inside job :) all this that u stated above came from a little voice inside u???..or what?

We must listen to the inner cosmos inside of us through the practice of daily meditation.  To silence the ego we must learn to sit in stillness and silence.  

The brain is a receiver much like a radio tuning into high frequencies.  I share much of the same mental channels as the pleiadians and sirians because many of my past lives were from those realms.  

"To silence the ego we must learn to sit in stillness and silence."


The only way to kill the ego (or at least the BEST way) is to expose it to truths that denies the ego's own internal logic and forces it to re-evaluate it's convictions. You also need to have the WILL to extinguish the ego a well as a decisive resolve.

PS. sorry for "stalking" you, but after your "outrageous" ;) post in the giles thread I simply had to look at all other things you've posted as well. :)


ROFL! ^_^


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