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August 19

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I belive humans have a spirit and that we are greater cretures , I belive peace is possible , I belive good along with unity can conquer evil

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I get insipre by Jesus Christ

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  • Its our journey everyone alive its more about Us as a group than one as an individual.  I can tell you are in the right frame of mind.  God Blessed us all.

  • Astra,

    You discribed the first 40 cells that divide upon inception.Its God stamp the Temple Mount.  Now the first block layed was the cornerstone that the builders rejected.  ITs got a name on it JESUS.  Because you were found worth a long time ago.  There are other blocks that have names on them that make up the temple.  People you have loved,cared for, past and alive.  People who mentored you,  helped you through tough times,  stuck up for you.  Also its has people's names on the blocks that you have helped, shared with  and that have loved you.  Truly it is beautiful because each and everyone of us are unique to a certain point.    The stucture is yours and the walls will never fail because love is the strongest cement know to GOD.  Thats right!  We reap what we sow.  We need as much diversity in our lives so we can learn to be the best at being yourself.  Thats why all the religions,  people of different thought,race,size.  It helps us in relizing our full potential.  God bless you and someday I hope to shake your hand. 

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Astra replied to Astra's discussion Does anyone has psych powers and can help me with a relationship issue?
"Thank you Amparo , I feel a inner an inner voice telling  me to keep friends with this person yet I got  harshly  criticize because this person whom I was engage betray me with someone else. And we no longer together bet we talk often I'm unsure if…"
Dec 24, 2017
Astra posted a discussion
brothers and sisters I write to you all on concern of my trouble soul. Im unsure if I should keep fighting to go back to an old relationship or cut ties with this person please advise me.As Im lose and confuse if this person is truly my soul mate or…
Dec 23, 2017
Astra replied to Krishna Kalki's discussion SHOCKING : Americans Spent $370 Billion On Big Pharma Drugs Last Year
"This an investment with questionable reasons."
Apr 25, 2015
Astra commented on Astra's blog post Self center humanity
"Humans are a specie that destroy each other constantly one thing we could learn from the animal kingdom is staying together and protecting each other."
Apr 25, 2015

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