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Hello friends.

I would like to introduce my 2 inventions to you.

1. Circle of Witchcraft (2013) ⇒

* When you sleep with setting a question in 'Circle of Witchcraft' before going to sleep, you will be given an answer in your dream.

* You can meet in a dream with a deceased close friend or parents etc.

* You can know the meaning of the specified crop circle in your dream.

2. I want to inform a prosperity program as many people as possible. Of course all are absolutely free.

* By running the automatic trading software (JESARA) that I made with MT4, you can get a "certain" profit by letting go. Because JESARA will increase account funds, you can safely increase the number of lots automatically and keep trading. By repeating "certain" pyramidding the profit margin will be increased. I will begin measuring profit margin next week.

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