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September 25

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I invented the "Circle of Witchcrafts". http://oriharu.net/WITCH_VOICE/jCircle_of_Witchcraft.htm

Your Teachers and/or Spiritual Sources of Inspiration

Channeling messages of the world.

oriharu posted a discussion
Hello friends.I would like to introduce my 2 inventions to you.1. Circle of Witchcraft (2013) ⇒ http://oriharu.net/WITCH_VOICE/jCircle_of_Witchcraft.htm* When you sleep with setting a question in 'Circle of Witchcraft' before going to sleep, you…
Apr 6, 2018
oriharu replied to Panacea 108's discussion Evidence of Advanced Ancient Technology: Puma Punku

"Titicaca" is Japanese which meaning is "Father and Mother".
I posted an article in 2014 to other site.

Apr 6, 2018
oriharu posted a discussion in Crop Circles
Dear friends.This is my first post. I would like to introduce "Circle of Witchcraft" to you all.You can READ in your dream state many Crop Circles by "Circle of Witchcraft" which I developped in…
Apr 6, 2018

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LokisLibrarian left a comment on Comment Wall
"Some truths are truthier than other truths. Anyone who has actually been through an Awakening knows that passing through/processing negative energy/experiences is a necessary evil."
5 minutes ago
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"If one has daily communication with their spirit guides they are here to give humanity messages in all forms of communication. I am aware of this for example they can contact in a number of ways other times I hear knocking on the door, class falling…"
17 minutes ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"Before the Middle East conflict I had this vision of lights and explosions everywhere and I wondered what this message meant until I had this urge to go on one of news channels and saw bombs falling on the cities in the Middle East."
35 minutes ago
Hellen left a comment on Comment Wall
"I agree with your statement Roary Lovely."
41 minutes ago
1godoflove left a comment on Comment Wall
"I believe Ashtar would Honor Free Will
The Ashtar Command abide strictly within Confederation policy of noninterference with free will. While they may highlight the consequences of some of our decisions, they allow us to operate our lives and…"
48 minutes ago
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"Igodoflove - I agree that heart and mind should work together - I also would say that I am not judging anyone - I am expressing an opinion -but you may feel that) maybe lesson learnt in that this is not wise. Too many minds for me in my simple…"
1 hour ago
Roaring Lovely left a comment on Comment Wall
"We must adequately discuss and debate on things going on in the world, both the positive and the negative. Failure to do so, we find that we don't learn from say the negative things and hence we keep repeating things that give rise to those…"
2 hours ago