I wanna go Home...


Been here for 27 years and sometimes I feel like I had it enough here on the earth and wanna go back to my REAL home and be there with my twinflame and all; but my heart says never ever give up and be here till my mission is completed. I miss them all so much you know...

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  • ...Hugz...<3 ....

  • me too. i really do remember my birth, just  hours before comming out of the womb.

    this world is a violent animal instinct kingdom, rule by the fear to find, hunt down food or die, and try to not be eaten.

    at times i do find tenderness and true kindness in some people, that this does make life on this planet more worth the existance to be around.

    i would like to know where this memory  means, and why i KNOW it is true, and not a dream i had.

    62 years in this planet is a hell hole to be awake and aware more than i should be, my e.s.p. does not lie to me, and i get amaze that it tells me alot, like there is more to life than one might think.


    blessings to all of us for we are all one.

  • Dear, I totally understand how you feel. Sometimes the challenge looks very hard. What I do when I feel blue missing home is to find consolation and warmth on Mother Earth and the trees. I seat outdoors and connect with them to soothe my soul. You may want to try. Meanwhile I send you some lines I wrote about the tree wisdom:

    Strong, benevolent witnesses of all life
    Gracious, magnificent and free
    Those friends are my beloved trees
    Generous givers to those who pass
    Sharing their love no matter what you are;
    It may be a singing bird, a flying bee
    An unaware human, a stormy wind
    Wisdom they pour if you just dare to feel

    Grounded, firm and steady at the bottom
    Yet playful, flexible and airy at the top
    Adopting endless possibilities in the capricious trunk
    Patiently allowing branches and life to flow
    And making great example of balancing the poles
    Perfection of the creator available everywhere we go

    A pure state of being out of the simplicity of just BE
    Not wanting to be other than a growing tree
    No more, no less, just observing who it is
    No regrets of past events, no worries of tomorrow scenes
    Embracing the moment and enjoying being just a tree
    Through the winter, fall, summer and spring

    How easy it sounds may be
    How effortless they make it seem
    If we humans could just open and see
    We will stop pretending under fake bliss
    To go back to our real being within,
    Living balanced, wild and free
  • Hi Dinesh ..

    Welcome to the club of tired, frustrated and eager starseeds who want to go home .. and you can believe me, Ive had 47 years of the strangest crap to deal with that I am literally immune to it ... it is an understatement of vast magnitude for me to say that I want to go home .. I have passed the stage of feeling numb .. but we have work to do here my brother and your Love and Light is vital to the upliftment of conciousness and greatly needed in this incredible time of change on the Earth  .. and exausted as you may be, it will get better .. we are all in it together .. I think its fair to say that many of us are flat out tired of the 3d hell hole .. hang in there .. and remember you are never alone...

    I also want to get my ass out of here but I will stay behind even if it means having to wait until the last soul on the face of the Earth awakens .. and its that kind of commitment to the light that is within you too .. you would not be here if it was any other way... and your Twin Flame knows this and understands what you are feeling .. she has your back and on a deeper level, she would rather you fullfill your Earthly mission to the best of your ability, knowing that you shall both be reunited soon .. you are Loved .. !

    hang in there .. it wont be long..



  • If we are still alive, we still have work to do.  Believe me, I should have died many many times (and probably did in some reality)... But I'm still here.  Damn it!  I think most of us are "home sick" to some degree.  What were we thinking when we signed up for this crap?  Guess our Spirit knows... but the damn Ego is sick of it... for me anyways.  Guess we keep our head up and finish our work/lessons...  

  • Only you decide what you do in your life :) I know it's easier said than done, but it is the truth! No one can force you to do or be anything that you don't want since you have the free will to do or be what you want.

    But try to hold on and make the effort to make every day positive and know that we are all headed in a better direction

  • my friend,

    continue to run the race. :)

    when I was 27 I felt like I was wandering in the desert. 28 began to make sense. 30 has been 3 months of a wild ride.

    home is where your heart is!

    your original residence might be light years away, but know that you are not alone! you have family closer than you think.

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