I saw Elenin!

I am a member of the hollowearthnetwork.com site and the being owning the site is from Hollow Earth, named Billie Faye Woodard. He channeled his father, Zorra who lives in Hollow Earth. Zorra has announced that he is Disclosure! Zorra is 150,000 trips around the Sun! (150,000 years old).

There are 8 civilizations inside the Earth: 7 in inner earth and 1 in hollow earth. They are our brothers and sisters who love us dearly, waiting to be reunited again with us. The mission of Admiral Byrd was to let us know about them, but President Trumman stopped him from telling the people the truth of his accidental voyage and his discovery of Hollow Earth due to fear. Billie is here with us to finish his mission and this time is for sure!

Billie/Zorra said that Elenin is directly in front of the Sun. Nasa has been in communication with Elenin. Elenin gave NASA an ultimatum of telling the people that they are here or they will. Zorra told us that if we want to see Elenin, "go out and look at the Sun with dark sunglasses,as it is dropping (sunset), you will see a grayish circular shape in front of the Sun. That's Elenin".

As you may or may not know, Elenin is a gathering vessel, double the size of Earth, a starship from Sirius (Zorra has been in there as well as Billie when he and his father switches body). Elenin is going to be gathering its incarnates on Earth by the time of the Gathering, at the end of 2012!

Zorra stated that the main event that took place in Australia about the 2 moons is a fact! Soon, the 2 moons are going to be appearing over North America! One is our moon and the other is Elenin!

Take a look at his website. I am spreading the word. Time is short!

Love and Laughter to all!

Teresa (Risita)

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  • Hello Sungod,

    I am trying to get into hollow earth with my headband  made by Billie. The headband consists of a headband of copper, a coin of 1 oz. of gold or silver (.9999 troy silver), and a crystal that resonates with you, with dimensions specified by Billie and reciting a mantra seven times given by him, too.

    Only once, I saw myself looking, as I can explain the best, through a hole with blurred surroundings. I saw cave's walls very real to me. Then I saw a very bright light coming from the walls. Then I woke up, very confused at the vision. To my impression, I was looking through my third eye, as the headband is for to open your third eye and to think with one single mind. I will keep trying. lol

    with Love and Laughter,


  • Risita please tell us anymore information you have of Inner Earth as you can enlighten us all a bit more

    • Well, the inner earth and hollow earth people have spaceships under the direction of Ashtar. If you are looking for Love-Spaceship, it is Ashtar; everything that Ashtar does is loving. The galactic command is under Ashtar. The next category is Love-Inner Earth with 7 different civilizations, is Adama. Next category is Love-Love Hollow Earth, that is Zorra. As I said before, Zorra is 150,000 trips around the Sun within hollow earth (they don't use the word "years old" as us, they use "trips", as the word "old" brings upon us the aging process by thought!).

      There is one catalyst on the whole planet of 7 billion and that is Zorra's son, Billie. Billie was deposited here on the surface of the earth at the age of 6 with his twin sister. He graduated from High School at the age of 12. when it was time, he went to the military.

      He worked at Area 51 for 111/2 years; there, he ran the entire operation of terrestrial staff and E.T. staff. When he saw all that was occurring there by the government, he decided to resign and tell the truth to the people. The government threatened him with deprive him from his pension check. He didn't care, so they did.

      I invite you to follow us through Billie's website hollowearthnetwork.com; click on the link "Recorded Calls" and you will find a site where his calls had been recorded for teachings/knowledge. You will learn so much and you will not get boring!There are also recorded calls on blogtalkradio, search for Billie and Zorra there. Now we are on BBS Radio on Station 1 and look for hollow earth network. Every other Monday (one hour show), there will be there answering questions to all interested. Next call with Billie is Saturday 21, go to his website for the phone to call and get connected.

      Love and Laughter is the new wave,


  • Nice Information Teresa but i suggest you read Drekx Omega's article telling you about Elenin and then please tell us your side of the story


    • Disclosure is coming to us in bits and pieces.Every one of these channelers are bringing some information that  others may not have at the time. Ashtar and Sananda have been in hollow earth and they know what they are saying for they are here in the same planet. The Agarthans and Hollow Earth people have the technologies/ships as to know what is taking place on Earth. So, hang along with us and follow your heart.


      • Well Risita i have for a long time done extensive research on Inner Earth and posted a lot of articles on this subject.


        Adama the Head Priest of Telos has said that they have been always ready to meet us but he said the surface people are not ready for us and unless there is a big improvement in the consciousness of the surface people they will not meet us. Recently the consciousness of the surface people is getting better due to so many lightworkers but not completely ready to meet Inner Earth Beings although it will be in the near future and some Inner Earth Beings are secretly on the Surface helping Mother Earth

        Adama stated that they will first plant more gardens and trees on the surface and then they will send some animal species that were not seen on the surface for such a long time and then eventually when the dark forces are removed the Inner Earth Beings will come to the surface and meet us face to face.

        Actually there is an army from Agartha Inner Earth which is here on the surface working behind the scenes and secretly as they are removing and exposing the dark forces. By the end of 2012 this Army will be visible led by Lord Kalki the King of Kings and once he has removed all the dark forces the Golden Age will accelerate in full swing on Planet Earth


        • Yes, we know about Adama. He came out in 11-11-11 at Mount Shasta. Billie saw him as he is a being living between 4th and 5th dimension. There  is actually 250,000 Agarthans cleansing the air pollution and the oceans, as we speak, and more of them will be coming. Besides cleansing our atmosphere, they are bringing the news to the people of their existence, those that are in higher vibrations can see them. You probably noticed less chem-trails in the skies, clearer skies. Well, that’s because they’re doing what they said they were going to do.

          There is a lady named Dianne Robbins who channels Adama and Mikos, from the Porthologos library. She has books transcribing her channeling from  both of them. Adama has a daughter named Bonnie living in New Mexico; she decided to live on the surface and she is married with a surface man.

          The Agarthans joined by the Galactic Federation cleaned the underground bases of the Illuminati/dark ones here in U.S., China, and others parts of the earth, since the came out from portals around the world on the 11-11-11. Those underground bases or tunnels will be used for the relocation of people as some of us will go to inner earth and to hollow earth. Ships are already here, positioned on our skies from the other star systems: the Pleiadians, the Andromedans, and these others. They’re coming to collect their people that have incarnated on the surface of the Earth. So they’re coming to gather them, take them back home. The ones that are left will be slated to go either into Hollow Earth or Inner Earth. And the reason for this is because the Earth has to go through a transformation, returning to pristine state of existence, and an advancement or an ascension into the 5th dimension by the end of 2012! Time is short!


          • Risita that is very good news.

            The site that i like very much dedicated to Inner Earth is www.lemurianconnection.com

            The Lemurian Connection
            Mount Shasta Light Publishing,telos organizations,lemurian heart,seven flames,ascended masters,inner wisdom,natural knowing,Adama,TELOS –USA,spiritua…
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