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I could'nt find anywhere else to post this, and although I certainly need spiritual and moral guidance from time to time, this time, it is more mundane as it is guidance regarding the Ashtar Command website and my PC :)

OK, here's the deal, obviously, there is nothing wrong with the site itself but rather something on my end, but I cant figure out what it is.


*I cant write PM's
*I cant write on anyones wall
*I cant reply to discussions (only post new post)
*I can't bother anyone by using the "add friend" button.
*Cant post pictures or videos

So, if there are any techies who know what the problem is, I'd appreciate if you could share the solution with me.

What I have done, is to check that the pop-up blocker is deactivated, and also activeX entries are enabled. I have also updated the flash application and pretty much everything I know what is.
So to all of my friends and foes, dont take it personally just because I am "inactive" or dont reply he he he, I am not ignoring anyone just somewhat disabled ATM, and I can't do anything about hands are tied, or perhaps censored lol heh heheheheheh he...Hey Ben..why hast thou censored me muhahahahahahaha

But seriously, if anyone knows what might be the cause for my troubles I'd be most appreciative for your efforts and help.

Be Blessed..and Be Good

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Thanx guys, but memory cards and positivity doesn't seem to help....but thank you anyway :)
Awwww...thank you XxsunkissxX, that helped alot, on my mood that is, the &%#*@ is still dysfunctional. I am getting more and more confident that it is the Command itself who hast zapped my comp...darn you Ashtar, why hast thou zapped my PC and then forsaken me :(

Heh he hehehe he he.....You are welcome Brother J
maybe its just this, which happens sometimes >>
when your logged in for very long time with no activity
at all on the site and try to post something etc. it seems
the system automatically logs you off, when you then login
again all is fine
Hi Pasiel, when my Internet Service Provider (ISP) banned Ning sites early on for some unknown reason, I had to use a proxy server to connect to AC. There's a list of them on,for example. These proxies mess up the html thus I couldn't post pictures, follow or edit a discussion. But I could do some of the things you mentioned like reply to discussions. Different proxies have different effects on the webpage. Are you using a proxy by any chance? If not, then your ISP might be messing it up. ask someone you know who uses the same ISP to connect to AC and see if he has the same problem. If he doesn't have a problem, then it might be your web browser or operating system (OS). If you're not using IE 6.0 or Firefox on Windows, try using these to see if you get the same problem. If you still have the problem, then it being a virus could be remotely possible. Any hacker could easily figure out the code Ning uses which is PHP. He could manipulate this to deface their sites. Anyway, you could try emailing Ning about it if they can resolve it. You could also try contacting your ISP of the problem. But then again. maybe you just have to reboot your PC and it will be solved, hehe. Peace bro
Now I'll be damned.....just as I was posting the message below, I was downloading Firefox at the same time. And whilst doing so, I noticed the menu above the box which I am typing in now....had re-appeared, and I could hifen letters and so forth, sooooooo....I pressed the "reply to this"...and voila, it works, and perhaps all functions has returned to normal now?

And I haven't done anything :D

Maybe my iexplorer "sensed" that it was about to be sidelined by firefox...or even retired completly, and suddenly now decided to work again...he he he hehe he he, coz it fixed itself while I was typing my previous post :)

Or....maybe it was Ashtar who had mercy upon this poor little soul struggling with basically everything nowadays, and thus saw in is heart to alleviate at least one of it's problems :D

Well, what can I say, thank you to everyone participating in this little xorcise ;) :) :D


I am Blessed...and I'll Be Good
Good for you, now that's weird how you resolved it. But then again, things like that happen in cyberworld. Things glitch and unglitch mysteriously. Perhaps there's a proverbial ghost in the machine. Be good to your PC bro, hehe
Hi everyone...gonna follow Teddy's suggestion, at least one of them, gonna download Firefox and see what happens then. As for restart's or reboot's, no help, this problem has persisted for quite some time now. As for proxys and ISP's, I think "my" ISP is locked and I dont use proxys, I dont need to hide he hehe he he he.. "I am that I am" as some clever schmuck once said :D

Oh, btw everyone, if you head on over to Project Camelot you can find the newest D.Icke interview and I must say, without them getting into any special, it was probably one of the most informative piece they got over there. No conspiracy, no fear, no nothing, but they talked about a rather interesting perspective about this awakening. I must confess, my own "ideas" about the subject discussed does resonate with Ickes, and it was actually refreshing to hear someone putting "my thoughts" (he he he) into coherent sentences.
It is a perspective on "all that is" and the "spiritual awakening" and highly recomended. ANd as usual, the download's come in either mp3 or video...your choise....and it is FREE
Oh man.......verily I say unto thee, Adam was not in paradise for long.

Now the #&%*#?%& doesn't work again, oh well, time to install the allmighty (I hope) firefox he heh ehehe he
And....the "almighty" firefox was of no help, me thinks there is a syntax error somewhere in my cherished PC. I shall have to learn and accept it as it is :)
hahahahaha :)
Just throw it in the ocean, because the ocean is like a big trash compactor.. it basically recycles the garbage and makes it go away.. n stuff.



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