I haven't visited this website for years, so, for me to return here, takes a lot, as I just come to seek some spiritual guidance and advise from time to time. But seriously, this is perhaps the weirdest supernatural experience ever! And I have been through quite a good number of them. 

I am certain this is not going to make any sense because I was dreaming and I was being tested by some people in my dream state and I can't remember all of it because I am very sure I wasn't supposed to, to begin with. So hear me out.

So I fell asleep, while in my sleep, I was laying down in my bed in the same position I fell asleep to begin with but with the lamp on. There were two men sitting on each side of the bed. The one to my left I can't recall how he looked like that much but I remember he was young looking with short curly brown hair. The one to my right who did all the talking was a very young in appearance but apparently super intelligent man. He had long bright Orange hair (not red, it was ORANGE) up to his shoulders, very good looking (almost too good looking he looked like a woman) he was wearing a fashionable old school looking brownish suit with a white, buttoned, long sleeve shirt underneath. He had a great charming smile on his face. He introduced himself but I obviously can't remember the name. However, I do recall him saying that he was in some sort of project and that he lived somewhere in the east of the U.S. many years ago (I assumed he was someone who had died already but It's probably just my own interpretation, it could have been someone from the future?) and he told me about a project they were working on and appeared to be very friendly so I think at that point I agreed to it (I shouldn't have) anyways.

At this point, I don't remember much after that but I remember falling asleep again and dreaming in a very very dark place... it was like an abandoned city with no light, sunlight whatsoever, not fun at all. When I woke up, I would wake up in my bed (still dreaming but I was unaware I thought I was awake) and I would look around me there was nothing and fell asleep again back to that dark city this time I was with other people who I followed because... I was supposed to? they were walking around and  taking notes and seemed to be examining something but I honestly have no idea what I just followed them. I remember after that, I was in some sort of train but could not see anything at all and I remember waking up (but still dreaming thinking I was awake). This time however, in front of my bed I could sort of distinguish this blue figure in front of me? It was very blurry and I could see through it... I do have to admit I could not tell if it was human or not to be honest I could just tell it was standing in front of my bed. At this point I was struggling to wake up, I wanted to wake up but was forced back to sleep like I was in some sort of trance I wanted to fight that urge but it beat me, at least this time.I went back to that dark place but this time there was this tall, thin white man who introduced himself to me and appeared friendly, I think I actually even hugged him and he was welcoming of it. He was talking about something but I honestly can't remember, I can remember it had to do with him. He started walking towards this house and as he was walking there I dared to ask him, "are you from another dimension?" I think he responded but I can't remember what he said. After that, I remember waking up again to me in my bed (still dreaming) but this time, I felt something plastic (like something from a dentist office) was put in my mouth so I would not close my mouth tightly and have my upper and lower teeth touch each other as that would make it harder for me to wake up I believe. I took that think off my mouth and fought to stay awake, I was still in this trance so I could hardly talk but I sure was trying to move my arms to tell that figure to leave me alone. 

Ok, so out of nowhere this holographic figure of a tiger appears and then jumps into my bed (I was sooo shocked) and stands on top of me looking at me straight in the eye. I remember saying in my mind leave me alone move away and I kind of swung my arms towards that animal and he left my room through the door I could clearly remember hearing its footsteps as he left though. 

I tried to fight that sleeping trance again but went back to sleep in that place. I remember not much about it now but I do remember waking up again on that dream I was in bed with the same plastic thing put back into my mouth! I was very very upset and terrified at that point so I started swinging to that figure in front of me and kept saying 'light and spiritual progress" over and over, I was so scared I wanted everything to be over. I struggled for like 3 minutes here until I suddenly wake up! Finally wake up! That's when I noticed I was forced to dream within a dream. I was very scared and shocked I wanted to cry.

Does anyone have any feedback about this... why in the world would this happen to me?????? 

It was very weird and uncomfortable...

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  • Hey there....that is very very scary i am sorry to hear it. I totally understand.....sleep paralysis can be frightening. This dream sounds like a horrible nightmare. I am not sure why this happened. I would suggest you cleanse your space and especially your bed and sheets/blankets. A bit of sea salt in the laundry. I cleansed (deep cleaned) my space a bit back and it helped so much. Sea salt mixed with water in a spray bottle will nullify any negative energy or beings. Black tourmaline around the bed and white selimite at four corners of the bed. Then some palo wood(I think) to get ride of negative beings. I sea salted the whole house pretty much..... :)

    My Sufi healer told me that at certain times at night like 1am or so the serotonin in the brain drops so if you have a nightmare during those times you can chalk it up to low serotonin.

    I hope you sleep and dream well. :)
    • I agree I think I need to wash all my blankets although some of them I have to take them be washed at a laundry spot because they are high maintenance.

      I think it was around that time that I did have that horrible experience. I will make sure I wash all my blankets and sheets this weekend for sure. 

      Thank you for the advice. 

      I will also use sea salt on them :)

      • Yes...... totally energetic hygiene is so important. I went through and cleaned everything. I was getting so sick of being bothered by bumps in the night and others energy. I was reading some sea salt and I think the violet flame....:) sleep well...

    • This makes sense TTT.  So true about the sea salts, works very well.  Sleep well from now on Fernny.  I am sure it was only a bad dream after thinking more about it.  

      • Hey there Marique!!

This reply was deleted.

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