Hello everyone,

I had so interesting, vivid, and deep dream several hours ago where I woke up from it.  I am going to describe every details in it as much as I can.  If any of you have any questions about this dream, let me know and if any of you had similar dream as mine, please share them here!

What happened in dream is that I was in a big room which looked like school classroom.  I did not pay too much to the details on the room around me except for teacher and students, including me.  Way we communicated was through our mind/intentions along with talking.  I can't even read lip much in this life while being deaf and yet in dream, I am able to understand him clearly as I was 'listening' to him through our expressing of thought/intentions.  He was much taller in my dream than he was shown in picture and  he was telling us that he is going to show us something important, especially for me.  He addressed me as my own higher self name.  The room around me seem like white+tan colors and the desk with chair we all were sitting was all dark wooden with tan seats with some silver metal holding it.  

There was green chalkboard on front of us, Ben was drawing something related to how our inner affects our outer reality.  I was looking at Ben and I looked around us, noticed that some people were taking notes while other were talking with each other, discussing about what Ben is showing us.  For some of reasons, I don't know why but I decided to stand up and I looked at window that caught my attention.  Whole class and Ben followed me as I went outside of classroom and building.  I noticed that this young lady standing on the hill, fairly far from building.  This lady looked like different than us.  She had very light skin like northern Europe sorta, with silver white hair, along with ocean blue eye.  She smiled at me and she was manifesting a purely chaotic, very violent massive, huge tornado.

this Tornado was so powerful that it was sucking up the building, destroying everything on the path and this Tornado is about several miles away from us coming toward us... Several students went on panicking and several of us had to calm them down.  Ben came to me and put hand on my shoulder and said "Remember to stay centered within you.  Your heart, your manifesting can change this too,  and right now this represents of the chaotic world you are living in right now.  Tornado was keep approaching us rapidly and I was little bit shaky. I decided to stop looking at Tornado but look within me, with very strong intention, I was 'seeing' a different place that I would like to see... and everything were changing, shifting into that place exactly.  All students looked surprised, even this lady who made tornado.  

Everyone was walking on green grass while the white 'snow' flakes were falling on us.   And at the same time, I was seeing large planet orbiting across the sky, along with lot of stars and several suns showing up at the same time.    There was ocean in front of me that is like mirror, reflecting what is shown on the sky.  I was walking on the hill and noticed I got a phone I could start taking picture.  But then something was wrong, this phone came out different shapes and color... I went to Ben along with other students standing by him looking at the nice scenes.  I showed him my phone and to my surprise, phone kept changing again and it won't even let me take pictures.  I was telling these people "I truly want to take picture of this beautiful place and share it with people I care about!"  Ben came ot me and said to me "You can always re-capture the moments from within you.  All of things that we hold dear and treasure to us is within us.  All is connected everywhere as you already have known.  You share others with what you love through your heart, so no worries.  :D"

Then something was wrong, I felt a fear... Black figures was capturing everyone from within even mine.. Ben started to tell me "This is your struggle within you, you must face it!".  I was sucked back into building, right into that classroom I was in.  I saw black figure entities were sitting in all classroom, even Ben's main chair.  I went after one of that black entity and i was fighting with it.  I didn't know why but I was automatically reacting violently to it and fight and fight, it kept grabbing me and the fight was.... Endless... Until the moment I started to 'realize' that as long I fight the negative, negative will never stop until I learn how to let go of negative and forgive myself for holding the fears... dislike... hatred.. despite... doubts.. all related to fears and negatives that was holding within me... When I started forgiving myself, letting go of negative.. That is when negative starts to dissolve, especially when one was taking over me and I saw all faces that looked like me.  The faces of me was staring at me with violent eyes... I realized it was just me all along that was fighting and hurting myself through my own hardship life I had endured through my life.  One of them wanted a judgement, punishment of world... One of them wanted to hurt everyone who have done great harms to me.  Other wanted to shut out the world.. Other want (insert the blank that is related to fear).  

I embraced it all and sent my heart and told them that I (all pieces of me) had to endure this pain to clear the karma of my all lives, especially so that I am able to understand the pain of other people in the world.  If we have never gone through the pain,  Then how can we learn from what it mean to live a precious life... We can create a greatest moment in our life, why?  Because we learned from pain and with it, we understand how precious the peaceful, abundant, happiness, joyful life is... If we forgive it all, we become even greater, more powerful within me!  And all black entities just faded away as all turned into pure energy and merges back to me.  

Ben and the class came in and gave me applause as Ben came in.  And I told them "At first I fought with them but then I came to self realize of what I was doing and then all dissolves."  Ben replied to me telling me "Exactly, that is what we are going through right now in the world... We are forgiving the negative, merging with all pieces of ourselves, and creating the greater world within us together, as team!  You are not only one who is going through this, everyone is going through same thing!  And you passed your own class today and share it with people of the lesson you realized in yourself.

Everything faded away and I woke up from it, as if I just finished a class in my dream...  That was so vivid and yet very interesting dream!

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  • Yay! that's so awesome man :)

  • and thus you have just stepped into a new gate way of Consciousness - That was your graduation - Congratulations - This is apart of your letting go and you are ascending - <3 Happy New Year Peace lover and Light - Brett

  • I had a dream that I was between two UFOs that came into my bedroom, and could barely woke up. I told my friend about it, and well... he was no longer my friend after that.

  • Thank you for sharing this! I've been having similar dreams lately... where the main messages seem to be that the "outside" is only a reflection of the inner. I have also had a couple of OBE-like experiences during dreamtime and seeing this reality as more like a virtual reality "game" that is not real, but a kind of experience that can be transcended by dropping all fear and embracing love and light. :)

  • I like the term "Etheric School" - very fitting! Much love :)

  • Thank you for sharing this important dream! I recently had a dream that I was playing a part in a huge "game" where there were many, many challenges, and the rules were unknown. It was a game that not everyone could play, and so it seemed like a big deal to be a part of this game. One of the challenges involved a very dark and menacing figure who was attacking me violently. There was a guide in the dream who kept telling me "whatever you do, do not be afraid." As she whispered this to me, I understood that my fear only perpetuated the attack. When I was able to completely let go of the fear, the attacker went away and so the challenge was completed. This dream was very long and vivid, but this part of the dream reminds me of your dream! The important part for me was realizing that my own fears created the darkness and the undesirable situation, and that dissolving the fear completely changed the whole scene. Thank you again for sharing... Much love :)

  • You always have to face your dreams instead of running from them. Forgiveness is essential as well. After reading your dream I realized I need to constantly forgive and release every aspect of frustration in my life.

    Thank you for the reminder.

    Many Blessings for 2013!


  • Cool dream :) I had some interesting dreams as well this weekend ~ :)  Love good dreams!! :)

  • Power of my Rose,

    Thank you for sharing your dream with us... I have face/clashed with reptilians (both good and bad) in my dreams.  So I can relate with you with these of experiences in dreams.

  • You are welcome, I am glad you enjoy reading my dream story!  ^(^_^)^

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