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"Officials did not identify the two people who were killed."

"Andre Carson, who represents the area, said he had been told a bomb or meth lab explosion had been ruled out."

"It wasn't yet clear what caused the blast that shook the neighborhood at 11 p.m."

"Bryan and Trina McClellan were at home with their 23-year-old son, Eric, when the shock wave from the blast a block away shook their home. It knocked out the windows along one side of their house."

What kind of blast can level three houses and blow out all the windows in the street that's not a bomb?

Someone knew something they weren't supposed to know.

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Geesh that picture is scary.  I agree with you, that's gotta be the result of some kind of bomb.

Question #1: How or why did you come upon this scene/photo?  Question #2:  Is your view of what is happening in the world fixated on smaller events that merely echo what is occurring on a larger scale?   Question #3:  Someone somewhere wants it that way, but who?  As soon as people as part of a group collective decide to turn their minds elsewhere will they be able to negate any and all similar "b*******" actions.  The games continue until we wake up, which will occur at a certain point in time.  A certain point in time could be hastened, there is a way.  The human being is capable of far larger destruction/creative ability.  This is what causes a great deal of FEAR amongst our fine elitist companions.  They only fear you when you are in you individuality.  

 I only posted because I sensed something about your interest in the photo.  Maybe it's just me.



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