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I Proclaim that I am Not a citizen of this or any other planet.  I am the alien and disclosure everyone is so anxious to see. And I will not de cloak to prove to any one that this is so.    

For I am Spirit and not of this world.  The bios sphere Spirit occupies is nothing more than a avatar living on a bigger bios sphere called earth by men controlled and educated by the matrix.

My origin is not of this world nor is it my home, for Spirit come’s from far above all detentions known to men. And where the matrix was invented to trap Spirits avatar’s into believing this is it……

And since I am not of this world, there is nothing in it that can define or un cloak it for you.   Its not a awakening, as the matrix has tricked the world of avatar’s into believing this is our home.   Or that there are greater being over us, it’s a matter of remembering what you are just before we entered this bios sphere in the first place.  We are aliens from out side of these many detentions of sight and sound.

Spirit is not of this world,  and we are in it for a short time, alien’s learning the way’s of men and the matrix.  And I am the alien that stands before you  cloaked in this avatar of flesh and men’s words.   This is the truth that will set you free from the home you so choose to believe in. 

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Physically  yes -- Spiritually NO.  in layman’s terms -- when in Rome, or Vegas, or Washington D.C. “it’s a man’s world.”  = the red pill, and the prison of the Matrix mind set.

Green pill you remember how you came to this dimension. With out help from anything in this world.  What I am has no name, and is not of this world of labels.

Most definitely agree!  To live upon this planet and not be in total awe of this experience is a shame... Planet Earth has taken care of us in ways we can't understand... <3

Fully aware you are, that all is in its place of being.  Matrix free J

My Home is Higher Self.. My vehicle is my body, and in this vehicle i

experience Planet Earth, in her many dimensions.

Higher self is my Boss, and my boss work for me.

A clear and tranquil pond is aware and reflects all that is above and below it.  Goodness and rest shall follow all of your days.  And a time of remembering……….. Eternity

A citisen of all awareness --- life with out end, has no labels, or chains that bind it. 

What a great response!!

Much love

I hope you watch this, and are moved by it as much as I was :)

Spaceship Earth :)   <3

This is nice for a start in sight and sound but this is spirit with out end.

Realizing that all is gold in pure gold ornaments whatever may be the name ring, bracelet, necklace, .....
Melt it and all you find is gold.

Many way shower’s have come and gone, many have pointed at the not of this world in vain, yet is made of pure ever lasting gold before, “now” and forever.. shall its being.. be hidden from the matrix. 

Spiritual telepathy with out words of this world shall it always be heard from earth to earths with out number, shall it be known to the meek of mind. 



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