Hey everybody. As you can see in my previous discussions, they are from over 2 years ago. Back then I was happy healthy and whole at times. Speed up to now and I'm the opposite. Opposite friends, lifestyle and health. I was a vegan for a while, was fit and healthy. I eat meat again, I now smoke and am unhealthy. Everyday I think of what my hearts and feel the tears ce to my eyes as I don't take action to become who I want to be. I'm on a path to self destruction. People say things get better, but its been a year and a half, nothings changed. I live in Adelaide Australia, have no like minded friends, or any anymore. I'm sick of not knowing what to do, what's my mission, if I have one. I just need some help, physically, mentally and emotionally. But it all seems to hard for any normal person and even spiritual individuals to go out of their way. Lots of love. Peace <3

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  • Hi guys,

    4 years ago now and i realised that i may of not read all and certainly didn't reply to everybody. Just wanted to say Thank you all for your comments.

    Love & Light <3


  • same here..

    one of the biggest/main problems with all these 'spiritual/lightworkers/starseeds/truthseekers etc etc' community/gurus/masters/people is that they are so full of personality-problems themselves! : many I've found to be very ego-centric, selfish, conceited, also ignorant, naive, delusional. and even the worst case: manipulative & deceitful as well ! (eg: all those "con-artists" so-called 'gurus/masters' etc ! )

    the 'lesser' problems (personality-wise) but equally bad, IMHO, are -sadly/unfortunately- many said 'gurus/masters' who only speak/teach 'too-abstract' gibberish 'New-Agey' jargons, trying to be oh-so-sophisticated, but in reality, they're just simply full of nonsense mostly, and also illogical, doesn't make sense, and worst of all: downright manipulative/tricking people (again, too many "con-artists" evidenced already in these kind of 'woo-woo/abstract/unclear' communities ! ).

    honestly, thorough my seeking/searching journey for these past 2-3 years, I've only honestly found around 2 or 3 people (I even won't call these people 'guru/masters' anymore, these terms have disgusted me even more than made my eyes sparkling in naivety!) that I can really truly RESPECT , due to their LOGICAL, sensible, yet also at the same time very OPEN-minded, and CLEAR / straight-forward to the point, in all their 'teachings' !

    so with all of these,.. it's NO wonder that there are still many of us here who felt 'lost, confused' etc .. even me too, I have to sort of 'detox' myself from the 2-3 years of PAIN due to all the irresponsible lies I've been fed by all those fake gurus/masters ..!

    so,. just want to say that you're not alone..

    -from Indonesia-

  • Ya me too man I just try to focus on my subconscious to feel again
  • It sounds like the energies that are around at the moment.  First of all you need to stop beating yourself up.  Get some Aurum Metallicum 30c 2 drops 4 x day, it's homeopathic medicine for depression and anxiety, not saying you are depressed but it might help.  Go to YouTube and search for 'The Secret' it may help to give you a different way of looking at things that could help you change what you are creating.  Good luck, XX

  • Hi Wisdominneed, I was told years ago that the s*** is being magnified, but so is the goodness, so that people who haven't made any decisions, are forced to make choices.

    I have been on a rollercoaster for a while now and felt like I was going backwards and creating issues out of thin air... when I've spent the last 17 years getting rid of them. It was scary. In the end I conceded defeat and was happy to just live on in Hell because at least I know what happens in Hell. But it makes me physically sick, and I really don't wish to create more pain and muscle tension and aches in my body, to add to the emotional stress.

    Then I realised that I am being forced to face my deepest childhood fears, which in my case is a lack of self worth. This is a huge breakthrough for me and I am really happy that I've faced it now and can move on. Well.. so far so good...

    So maybe you could use this time to write down what's truly bothering you, and release it, for once and for all?  

  • .....I would love to see you chase a pray with your legs, than rips its body with your teeth and devour its raw flesh......................

  • Hugs brother! Survive.

  • ..........I never understood any person to claim to be vegan once before and return to eating animal flesh. Thats insane ......................maybe thats where all the troubles are. Your mind and body is screaming for a change again.

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      • you are such amazing soul Amparo, aware of whats right and whats wrong with animal diet. Blessings, thrice

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