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Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit Allows You To Grow Vegetables All Year Round..Cool Real Cool

Vegetables All Year Round

Hydroponic Indoor Gardening Kit Allows You To Grow Vegetables All Year Round

The Swedish company IKEA has developed a hydroponic system that would allow anybody to grow vegetables all year round without the need for a traditional garden. Users without immediate access to a garden now have the chance to grow their own foods via IKEA's indoor hydroponic garden. It's easy to use and requires no prior gardening experience and knowledge.

Ikea Hydroponics Hack
A hydroponic farm

The hydroponic system in order to function requires only adequate sunlight and water. With this, the user is able to grow much produce found in the aisles of their local grocery stores. Within the hydroponic system lies absorbent foam plugs that coat the seed. The specially created foam enables the seed to fully hydrated, keeping them moist enough without overwatering them which could be detrimental to their growth. Once germination is complete, they would then be transferred to a separate pot that is filled with pumice rock and water to complete the growth process.

Flowerpot Gardening Ikea
Indoor gardening kit

Subsequently, the pots are then moved to a growing tray that is equipped with a solar lamp. The addition of the solar lamp is beneficial for places where sunlight is not readily available. The internal water sensor ensures that the plants are receiving sufficient water. According to, Helena Karlen, from the Swedish University Of Agricultural Science, the main objective was to make a hydroponic system that could be easily utilized by the average consumer. The series of a hydroponic device referred to as KRYYDDA/VAXER, was designed by a team consisting of Swedish agricultural scientist and was marketed to persons who live in apartments and those who want fresh produce during winter months.


Additionally, the product was designed to be a more sustainable, healthier and eco-friendly mean of growing and harvesting produce. Whether you live in China, North America or Northern Sweden, the product creators believe that you should be able to produce freshly harvested produce. Upon purchasing the basic VAXER series, the user will get seeds, starter plugs, nursery boxes, cultivation insert sets, fertilizer, pumice stones, cultivation light fixtures, and cultivation light. Additionally, the VAXER hydroponic system is more affordable when compared to traditional means of produce harvesting. It's also the company's first departure from traditional household items like bookshelves and tables. The head of the sustainable department of the Swedish company states that the device is the first of many that will be placed on the market in an attempt to provide a more eco-friendly and sustainable life for users.

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