Welcome to 2021. This year has seen the continuation of the most vocal supporters of our dreams come to fruition. I know that we have a lot to still go through before all paths of healing can fully materialize.

Such a materialization has caused many to reflect on how it will effectively reach out to touch us. Many question history and the paths we are learning about through recent events via the medium of public political activism. Not all of which are as big of a deal as an abrupt ending to the world we know and care for while we are here.

In truth, clarity is a non judgmental way of grabbing our attention What we see in front of us now, will grow into a movement of people not only waking up to their conscious selves, but also finding a purpose in the present. I question the authenticity of this experience, as it seems to be ripping out many cords rooted within the foundations of our lives. Including our connections we cherish.

We have never been anyone's puppet. Nor should we be held accountable for some remote ever changing list of rules for me, and not for thee. Where ever you look, there will be someone who justifies their actions in the moment. If there's one thing I have noticed, every moment we bring fourth requires change. How big or small the change takes after it is completed, will determine how significant each moment in our lives leads us to another. Together, we are fighting something which has been apart of us all along. Our own deeply entrenched sovereignty.

We look for freedom in the people who surround us. We try to stop injustice when we are personally faced with it. Yet there's one underlying problem these two scenarios have resulting in conflict over coexistence. Accountability.

There is a belief that polarization is to blame in response to questioning the unknown, no matter how severe the answer becomes. For that which cannot define itself as apart of us, should reside outside of us. And yet, the things which we bring in from outside to find a home within us, are only alien, to the realization that we already use their influence amidst the identity that they inspire to take hold.

Reality will show us that polarization is to blame for the existence of such a notion. As to embody all that you attach to, makes possible the probable potential of such a capability in the first place.

This world and everyone in it, to be frank, was born from love. Not theory. Not hatred. Not a reason to continue on surviving. We weren't made to be inbred hybrids. But as strong, free citizens of the universe. As a soul, our mission has always been to find a place where we can belong. To experience every moment of ourselves, as that which we know shall come to pass by our hand alone.

Too many choices have led to people standing outside their own power hoping against hohpe that things will change. There is no higher honour than to look upon the lives we share, and remember we are born to love. Pride, family and bondship through freedom is how our actions within the incarnation cycle we inhabit should be remembered.

It is time to end the suffering of those who cannot see this light. As it comes from within, so shall it stand as we shine it through to transform the landscape of the powerless to the empowered among us all. The more we question, the less we know. The more we know, the less we desire. There will come a time where the balance between question and desire, knowledge and power shall come to pass. As conflict gives way to the age of coexistence and the true limitless potential of ourselves awakens into high conscious form.

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  • 'Humankind, be kind humans, and rise in love.'
    This aligns for me too...kindness can open ways for people to feel love and (re)open their hearts...and where there's love, purpose naturally unfolds into view...and where love is sustained, a deeper sense of purpose is sustained...
    Thank you for posting đź’–
  • Without the purpose, love is not for everyone, especially when they can't relate to it atleast not in words, but action. Some become so irritated they close up and become a 'chinese wall', braking that is 'futile' ... ;)) maybe kindness is a better gradual approach.
    • They are the same thing. Kindness is love's child. Just as love is kindness's parent. This stems from the heart, where to give and to receive is a mutual exchange.
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