I am particularly fond of the idea that we are all offshoots of the source, playing the part of forgetful miniature deities lost in a gorgeous dream. But I can't shake the concept of how everyone's reality is real to themselves. A schizophrenic lives in their own reality that is true to them, and so does an atheist or spiritualist. Furthermore, if you alter your brain chemistry, information can change very drastically. You can take a strain of mushrooms, and watch fox news while experiencing their communication morph in conjunction with your state. Some people die in NDE's and experience "hell" and others have conversations with the most loving energy instead. Christian Scientists believe that dreams are more real than this reality. I have heard a spiritual master describe the closest experience we have to the 4th dimension as being dreams and about force. What I am getting at is that there seems to be many streams of information, of code if you want to refer to it as that. No matter what you believe in your psychology seems to subconsciously attract the paradigm to you. I guess for simplicity's sake, without giving an example I will just say this is the law of attraction. As I wrote this post it made me think of the collective consciousness. and conspiracies haha. I wonder if the idea behind all these cultural movements is to guide humanity's faith by each individual's thought. Like I heard that you can tell if a conspiracy theorist is being controlled by negativity (entities if you want to say that) if they do not provide solutions. I used to love listening to Alex Jones. Then I personally started to realize that it may be important on a physical level, but on a spiritual level it is instilling fear based concepts. The show is based on that, and I would assume that would have negative repercussions. We live in a mystical world, and each and everyone of us has an intense capacity of creation. We can all connect to the source. Even in this incarnation we can merge minds to an extent. We need to reclaim our minds.  (A lot of scattered thoughts haha) I am wondering what y'all think about this sort of stuff.

Like where does our influence stand on reality? What is humanity attracting and how can we all influence this positively?



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  • Thank y'all for all the thoughts expressed :]

    After I made the initial post, I kept thinking back to collective consciousness. So now I am interested to hear y'alls perspectives on fate/destiny vs free will to change the future. Furthermore, how the collective consciousness will impact the future.

    For example in ascension, if the majority of humanity believes that a coming apocalypse, will that occur? Then as a counter, if everyone believed it would be a smooth, peaceful transition, would that occur?

  • This video and her experience is very interesting. For atheists I would say that (for me) it proves god. Why else would such a concept be woven into our very minds literally.
  • I was driving home, and it felt for a second (hard to describe but I will try) like the lifting of blinds from a window. The blinds being judgements and the window was my mind. At that point all judgements ceased. My mind and sight was crystal clear and actually very refreshing. For a split second I was liberated from my judgements. When it comes to reality I think we limit ourselves cause we can see situations in any number of ways, and move from there in our actions. I think the law of attraction should be called the law of hard work.....hahaha. I have a law of attraction workbook that I was using to get me out of a rut, which it worked. Check out the yourube Neal donald Walsh on manifesting.....

    I was thinking that it is so interesting our minds and how they work. I do think it is very important for us to reclaim our minds. Reclaim Our minds, bodies, spirits and create a clear channel for energy to move through. A lot of the time people throw up pictures or think in pictures about situations. Those energetic pictures and thought forms (I was thinking) connect with other peoples thought forms. Creating the reality....It is important to break mental constructs.
    Also reality for lots of people I think has to do with integrity bands of consciousness.
    also we are sometimes at the mercy of our minds....
  • If law of attraction is a real thing of what is, and not what one chooses to see... and I choose that law of attraction doesn't apply to me... and I notice when standard laws of attraction should be present in my life, but isn't... is it because of my view of law of attraction? Or is it because I choose to see it that way?

    To put it simply. I do not believe in law of attraction. I believe it to be a religion of sorts, a philosophy of life. And a choice. Like karma. Karma only seems to exist if you choose to see situations that way (I'll dive into that deeper in another comment if necessary). I have lived most of my life so far not paying much attention to LoA and didn't really give it much attention until last year. I then used my better than average memory to examine my life and see if LoA did actually exist. And what I gathered is that it does not. Some things just happen. Other things I had to work for. And I also noticed how when there were many years of me holding onto certain thoughts (mostly worries and fears and concerns)... none of the them manifested. Of course, I didn't really want these things to manifest... but there were a few of them that I thought actually did exist, but it turned out years later, they did not exist. It's complicated to get into without divulging my entire life story and intimate details.

    But because I did go through years (for certain thoughts, even a decade or more) thinking that something did exist, only to find out that it did not... is more than enough evidence to me that LoA is a belief system where you see what you want to see.

    One can easily have something happen to them, and find a way to convince themselves that they attracted it to themselves. But as soon as someone tries to manifest something with LoA... it doesn't really happen unless the person works for it, although there are times when it seems like luck is on their side. But I think it's just that, luck. They were at the right place, at the right time and/or knew the right people.

    Like miracles. I don't believe miracles exist. But I do believe things happen that just happen to look like miracles. Am I going to shout and advertise that I don't think it was a miracle? No. Why? Because people need hope. People need something to believe in.

    I think our influence on reality is limited. I do not believe thoughts are things. Yes, I do agree that our attitude can effect us in a way that seems to be influencing our reality, (think happy thoughts and you will be happy! think sad thoughts and you will be sad!) but not to the extremes that some people seem to think it goes (think of having a heart attack and you will have one! sorry suicidals, life's not that easy).

    That being said, the human brain and imagination are very interesting things. I feel that with enough trauma and/or stress, and even focus and intent and belief... you can cause some misfirings in your brain. Which can cause you to hear things, see things, smell things.


    I personally strongly believe that dreams should be kept separate from reality. I have experienced first hand the trouble and stress and trauma that can occur when you take your dreams to a dangerous level of trusting them as a guide of sorts. So I disagree with Christian Scientists and their claims about dreams.

    I used to think that dreams were where we hung out after we died. Whether we created our own or shared them with others depended on the individuals involved. Even if that is true, I feel it unwise to trust dreams as more than anything than dreams. You do not know who you are dealing with in dreams. The characters in your dreams are either your own imagination, or they are not. And if they are not, they are either deceased people, or other dreamers... and not all dreamers are very intelligent or even care what they're doing or saying when they're dreaming or even have any remorse for anyone else around them because they think the other people are just dream characters.

    I am more comfortable thinking that all or most of the characters are my own imagination. Because if not, that would mean that people in the "afterlife" do not hold the same morals and values as the living. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as monogamy in my dreams. There doesn't seem to be such a thing as modesty in my dreams. Basically, anything goes. Like a playground where you can do whatever you want and no one cares... or they do care, there's just nothing they can do about it except leave the situation.

    I've fought with myself on many occasions about whether or not people are real or not in my dreams. Specially when I have dreams where there are literally hundreds of different individuals (I'm probably exaggerating, I know there's at least 50ish I've seen in one sitting, with others further in the distance)... I ask myself, "how is it possible that my mind can create so many different people? Some of them MUST be real and not just my imagination."

    But then I engage in conversation with these people. Either people are really fricking dumb in the afterlife, or they're other dreamers who just aren't "all there" because they're well.. dreaming. OR, they're simply my imagination.

    Either way, I have yet to find any sanctuary in my dreams. So I hope it's all my imagination. They're not bad places, they're just not ideal. I think it's because all the people seem fake to me.

    I've also seen how faith and beliefs can influence your dreams. And of course, it's your mind! But I am well aware of how much power we have in the creation of our dreams whether we're aware that we're creating them or not.

    At the same time, I am also aware of unexplainable things that happen in dreams like showing future events as it will play out in real life several years before it happens in life/death situations. And I'm aware how when someone experiences those types of dreams, they must be careful and not automatically believe EVERY single dream thereafter is of prophetic nature.

    Life changes when you start taking your dreams for reality, and not necessarily in a good way.

    They say that's what life is like for certain schizophrenics. It's a living nightmare. Most people wake up from their nightmares, but certain schizophrenics live that way and aren't able to wake up from it. But I would also think that they don't all necessarily live nightmares... some live "good dreams"... or a combo of both.


    To answer your question, I think our influence on reality is scientific in nature.

    • Thank you for your response!  I think we need to keep in mind that everything is energy.... When I build up more energy my dreams become more vivid. I listened to a spiritual scientist discuss how lucid dreaming occurs when you have enough chi. The 4th dimension is allegedly about force, so I would assume that would mean that it is closely associated with lucid dreaming. But I get your perspective. From an objective standpoint, what I have come to realize is the mind is just much more powerful than we know of at the moment. I find that to not even be up for debate.

      • When it comes to dreams they are real and should be trusted, but there is to a balance with dreams, and sometimes a sifting through the dreams is necessary. When I have a dream i can see what are issues I need to work on and what is an overlap or maybe even astral travel. I think that it comes with experience the sorting of dreams. I learned that about 2-3 (early in the a.m time) the serotonin of the brain drops low so the nightmares, so chalk those up to low serotonin. Now if you dream of an archangel that could be life changing!
        • If I trusted all of my dreams, I would be dead right now.

      • While your view on chi might be true for some, I do not find it to be true for me. I have vivid/lucid dreams just about every time I sleep (even when I don't even want to dream) and sometimes even more so (what some call obe/astral/etc). It started before I was school age so my mind has had almost my entire lifetime to develop the level of detail and such in my dreams that I do now. I don't work on my energy. I don't do anything special. My dreams are vivid regardless of my physical or mental state.

        It was only until these past two years that I started experimenting with whether or not the people I was interacting with were real people or not.

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