How Would You Like Your Eggs?

I thought it would be nice to see how everyone envisions the future after the change. If this indeed happens as we would like it to. How would you picture Gaia, your self, your abilities? Let your imagination free, tell us your dreams. At the least it will help to release some positive, loving thoughts into the thought field that surrounds Gaia. It might do you some good to write it down and to daydream about it. No negativity on this post, just love and beauty. After all isn't that what we are looking for? So how would you envision it all playing out?.........The sky is the limit.

I wake up one morning, laying there in bed with my eyes still closed, thinking what a wonderful nights sleep I just had, reveling in the moment. My senses start to come alive. I start to smell the most wonderful smells of flowers (lilacs) along with the smell you get right after a good rain. I'm laying there feeling as comfortable as I've ever felt in my life. I sense a brightness through my eyelids, thinking that's strange, as I don't have enough windows in my room for the amount of light that I'm sensing? I hear the sound of birds and the far off laughter of children, am I still dreaming here?

I begin to open my eyes and am greeted by a kaleidoscope of beautiful colors, by the feel of a gentle breeze blowing across my body, by the feeling of the most heart felt joy that I could have ever imagined! Please someone pinch me, as I surely must still be dreaming! My eyes are fully open now, and I am in awe at that which is around me! I'm not in my bedroom, rather in a beautiful meadow full of the brightest green flowing grass that I have ever seen. There are huge butterfly's zipping about, rolling hills that seem to touch the sky, babbling brooks with the bluest water imaginable. My God I think I'm having a seizure, or surely I have died and gone to heaven!

I jump up with a start, I look around and see many other people in a state of awe, just as as I am. I can hear their thoughts, their excitement and joy! ...Wait...I am hearing their thoughts, what the Bleep!....I'm not sleeping, I did not stroke out and I feel so, so..... Loved! It has happened, it has actually happened! We have changed, all that talk about 2012, OMG it's actually true. I feel a rush of information coming into me, everything I've ever wondered about, thought of or wanted to know, I now know!

I see people flying through the air, laughing, talking without moving their lips. It is amazing! But wait I have to tell my wife. Where is she? I feel a whoosh...Now I'm standing right beside of her, she looks at me and I can feel all the love that I could have ever imagined possible. Just looking into her eyes I knew that she too had awakened, she knows everything, just as I. We can but think of someone and we are there with them.

But wait there are no building, nothing man made in sight. I think of our home for a second....and Bam...there before us is our home, only more beautiful than I could have ever imagined it. So as we think, so it is. OMG thank you, thank you, thank you. This is just the beginning of our new beginning. What else can we do, what are we capable of doing now? I feel as though we have all the time in the world to explore these possibilities..........and so it is.....and so it begins.

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  • What they are not understanding is it takes alot of time to manifest in an instant meaning the training of this technique will take them thousands of years of hard training, or possible in hundreds maybe, because we are not a 9th class planet it is only in a 9th class planet we have acheived earthly potential.

    And that would be the stage JUST BEFORE we are no longer using physicality the next phase would be etherial entities on a physical planet that soon would be crossing over the threshold from a physical light planet to a etherial energy planet!


  • That was very nice!
    I imagine viewing the world that has slightly brighter colors because after all we are not any where near a class 9 planet which would be so bright because of the degree of auras you would view around everthing and everyone ,
    I see people living in communities of their choice working for the same purpose with no bills to worry about food is growing in hydroponic gardens,
    because it is out of respect for gaia they no longer till the ground and plant and rip out the gardens.
    I imagine feeling like I did as a young girl when I would talk to the trees and the rivers and plants back when I would put my hand on anything and feel magic flowing through all life forms and even through the dirt.
    I used to pretend I could walk through the energy in certain places and reach other dimensions and realities my family thought I was practically insane,
    aside from being extremely abused I had some really wonderful moments of clarity and a strong connection to the earth and nature I long to feel that way again but as an adult.
    I also imagine being around people who only want love all around them and help each other giving selfless service to another.
    And I imagine being able to feel and look younger with a disease free population and no stress living and finally being able to find the type of love I have always dreamed about,
    the kind that when you see it in others always makes you cry because it is so devoted and touching and strong enough to emanate from those who posess it.
    And I imagine the yeshua entity coming to visit me again at the end of my life cycle agreement but this time not in a dream in the flesh,
    and saying see christina I told you you would end up in the light and asking me now what would you like to do?
    I would opt to time travel and travel to other worlds and dimensions in my etherial form and then take a rest in the waiting room before incarnating on a new world,
    with new experiences and new species to experience another changing of an era from a completely new perspective and under better circumstances,
    so it will be much more enjoyable than my earth experience was.
    Maybe a planet that has contact with other species right from the start and is more leaning towards the positive through out their history.
    I would become a geneticist on my new home world and I think I want to be a female still I prefer the female gender.
    And I would like to experience having sister wives that are loving and kind and very close through out my next life and then also maybe polyamory in the latter part of that same life and maybe the crossing over of multiple generations that are great and significant.
    Everyone of them being greater and mor exciting than the last era!
  • kaleidoscope .................... OMG   i did mispell it earlier     lol


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