When the voices in your head are SCREAMING..





do that.


we are divine sovereign beings of light.

see also - karmic intent

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  • I will only add one comment to this post in regards to Karma,it was told to me in 2009 from a very dear soul of light who is a very dear friend of mine on facebook,and a mentor Spiritual mentor for many,this is what is written from source to her to pass on to me,it makes alot of universal sense,and it is also referring to the present time we are currently in of Earths Evolution.(  Spirit shares that karma is simply the cause and effect cycle not good
    bad just simply the results of energy whatever perception of energy we
    out there that comes back to us. In Spirit there is free from being such
    things as good or bad, right or wrong, there is just what is, and in the
    case of karma, karma is simply the universe natural response of bouncing
    back to us the energy we place out. We on the earthly life perceive such
    labels of good or bad right or wrong, when in essence it is neither as
    energy is simply energy. And energy coming back to us is energy coming
    to us in a completion of a circle. the moment we take such energy and
    a label on it as in a judgment, is the moment that we are within ego
    it as something other than what it is which is simply energy. Thus, we are
    free from ever being a victim of anything as all that is is simply
    experiences, it is our judgment of such experiences in ego which makes us
    believe that it is good or bad, right or wrong, it is free from being
    It is just experience.

  • And don't be so linear.

    You think time time only travels forward?

    You think the divine in us is constrained by the 3d limitations we place on ourselves?

  • The divine is.

    You unpin your consciousness and work it our from there.

  • Agreed.

  • we become Co Creators.

    where all potentials are on the table.

    And all you need to do is resonate at the frequncy that attracts the potential you are after.

    and that my friend, is how you jump timelines.

  • Doesn't bother me lol I like being grounded. Better than having your head in the clouds all the time.....and sex is good too lol

  • The divine is neither. The divine just is.

    When we, as divine replications of God, make a choice, we become the cause. and we experience the effect pf our own choice.

    However, if that choice is not guided by a pure intent, you have no opportunity of experiencing the divine.

    Because pure intent is the price, the vibration of divinity.

  • you're talking lol

  • And I think there's a whole slew of lessons people could learn, from being raped. Number one, acceptance. Not letting it ruin your life, not letting it define you, not dwelling on it all the time and feeling like a victim. That's a huge lesson to learn, acceptance. Accept life as it comes....good or bad.

    Number two...forgiveness. That's part of acceptance, and part of healing. You want to carry around the pain and victimhood for the rest of your life and have it ruin your life, your best bet is to hold the grudge and not forgive them.

    You're saying how can you forgive someone like that, well look at Robert Rule. His daughter was raped and killed by Gary Ridgeway, the infamous Green River Killer. But at the trail, when every other family member was venting their hate for him, he went up there...and've made it very difficult for me, to practice what God tells us to do, and that's to forgive....but you are forgiven, sir.

    So if he, can forgive that man, who raped and killed his should be able to forgive a man who rapes you, that takes courage, that takes inner strength....and also compassion. And all these things, are important lessons to learn.

    There's something to learn from everything, and if you can see it that might not be so challenging, life might not be such a struggle. I've learned....most suffering, and most self created. It's not what happens to you, it's your perception of it, your definition of it that you put on it, that's what you'll glean from why not make it not so bad.

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