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Hi AC. I am just curious to know how you are ALL feeling with the increasing energies hitting the planet what feels like continuous now. I'll start with how I am feeling, well today exhausted again :(.. I find before massive solar activity my energy levels go through the roof, I feel great almost invincible, happy (really happy), and then after when we have a strong solar flare or massive influx of energy, boom I hit the deck and ascension symptoms start again.

They don't always last long but when they hit they really hit, and when we have to work and if there are children to look after you can't always just go and sleep for three hours in the day, something that sounds so sweet to me but not at all possible for the next 6 weeks. I keep feeling excited like it's really about to kick off soon, what's about to go down not sure there are just so many theories it's hard to know what's fully going to happen. I know I just keep visualizing a smooth ascension for all and keep praying the mass of us are doing the same and not focusing on the fear being projected by the many. 

Anyhow I was just wondering how you are all getting on if anyone is feeling similar and if anyone has any good tips when the fatigue strikes?


Louise :)

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Wow, can that be done 1HK?  I sure could use some positive retooling and tweaking.  The retooling and tweeking I got previously was not helpful and now I would like to be put back the way I was before all the abduction stuff.  I was happy little kid once.  I would love to get back to the innocent and unaffected state I started out with....If that could be done etherically I would be more than thrilled.  So all I have to do is ask?  I think I must have chalked up some good karma or worked off bad, or both....


Yes, Marique.  The Arcturians are the ones to talk to.  They're telepaths so they will recieve any direct instructions from you.  Ask for the "bath" lol- it's like this pink viscous fluid you get put into that revives your body... at least thats what I've heard from a few people. 

I would remind them of who you are (they have a database of all of us) and ask for some specific because you don't want them to misunderstand your needs. 

Remember these guys didn't harm you and probably would love to help... there is an Arcturian named M'Zupa who has been very helpful for me, she is a friend of Drekx's and his daughter.  Ask for her by name and you will feel a gentle feminine presence. 

Good luck :) 

Everyone I know of is feeling it, many in negative ways.  For instance my son was on top of the world and had a whole lot (he thought) figured out and was really happy with his daughter turning five in Sept. and starting to feel great after a massive kidney infection that he could not tell his girlfriend about, even tho he had to take super bug antibiotics that were eating up his income to the tune of $48 every two days, but they were working and his appetite, energy and kidney were finally working and the docs had told him he was NOT going to lose the kidney... his girlfriend surprised him with a temporary restraining order that he violated, got arrested for, pled guilty to and subsequently did two weeks in jail only to be released missing two check books, without a place to stay, with almost a full beard and he showed up here this morning after spending the night under a freeway overpass.  At least here he could shave and shower and change his clothes.  We all know she lied to get the tro in the first place but he has to wait until Aug. 22 for it to expire.  We gave him about $20 and hope that he can find somewhere to sleep that is not so dangerous, but we live a distance from town and right now he needs to look for work since this is the second job she has screwed him out of.  My energy has been low, drifting off to someplace other than here quite frequently, losing huge chunks of time, missing conversations but that is how I do manage to detach from the world and it works quite well.  I look forward to the final shift and hope to find it all changes form in the blink of an eye... I will know that what I am feeling in my heart source is that all will be according to divine plan.  It seems to be like that for a lot of people.
Nature.. the place to be :) From time to time.

( And one of the few ORIGINAL 'things' left on Earth ; )

Do you ground energy, skywatcher?  Next time you try to meditate and feel that way, open your hands and hold them apart from each other- you'll feel the magnetism between them- build the energy consciously between your two hands and then envision the earth between them... fill the space between your palms with violet light, or pink or whatever moves you... and engulf the little planet between your palms with this light.  The excess energy you are accumulating into your field will be fruitfully used to help the planet rather than bouncing around your innards. 


I normally don't jump on this bandwagon, but have felt anxious as s*** today, all day.

Well me too, I have been feeling very energetic lately, and very empowered. I feel like I can do anything! I didn't even sleep for two days, I just have felt so energized. I also have been can I put this...very grand. Very divine. Not just me, but all of life. All of life is so grand, so majestic, so wonderful, so amazing! I mean, we are ALIVE! We are IN LIFE!


We are literally living in a world. We are on a planet, that is huge, from here to China is long! It is a long way away! Cities are huge, I love big buildings and big bridges, the marvel of what mankind can create! It really is awe inspiring. There are so many people on this planet, you drive down the highway, and just look at all the cars and all the people, there are so many of them! How can we manage to count them all? lol


This world is grand. We are on a planet! A planet that is jetting thousands of miles an hour in orbit around this huge sun, we are in this universe so grand, so infinite, it is mind boggling! This is life! This is GODS CREATION! Everything God does is grand and majestic, everything is divine! Every move you make is divine, every thing about life is divine!

Even an ant. I was sitting outside the other day, and I saw this ant, and I was following it around, and it is just amazing. This little bugger was running around looking for food, and he had a bunch of his buddies with him, and I followed him back to his h*** and I thought, wow, this is amazing. This is one of Gods creations, a little ant! And they can do so much, they build underground ant cities that stretch out for hundreds of feet sometimes, they all have their own job to do and their own role in their society, they have their own specialties, some guard the entrance, some take care of the babies, some are workers and dig and repair their base, some ants even "farm" and raise "livestock" which they "milk" for food, it is just amazing! Little ants!


Everything about life is grand, and amazing. And awe inspiring. I am wowed all the time. Life is beautiful. Life is divine! And I think it is this spirit, this consciousness of purity that kids have, we have this spirit as a kid, where everything is so grand and makes you go wow! But as we grow, we lose that, and life becomes ohh so small, and so insignificant.


I just feel bad for people who are stuck in "oh little me" attitudes, and feel like everything is pointless and worthless, including themselves. Come on! Love yourself! Love life! You are great and divine! You can do anything, you are God made manifest! This whole universe is God made manifest! Start taking it in, and enjoying life, and being part of life, it was meant for you to enjoy!


I love ants John always have since a child they are amazing and their strength and team work is an example alone. I went to see a singer that did make it big in America too but years ago called Adam and the Ants. He called his his music ant music and his fans were ant people in his ant family lol. He had a breakdown after huge fame, got locked up for years fed lot's of pharmaceutical drugs and my sister and myself were willing him to get better and make a comeback. Well he has now we were at the show I was up on my guys shoulders doing his old famous dances and just had an awesome night. Must have been his belief in the ant kingdom that gave him his strength to get well lol..He looks like captain Jack Sparrow now and is nearly 60, love him :D


Yea ants are great creatures! lol I always was fascinated by ants. And ants actually wage wars too, so it isn't just humans that wage war lol Even some chimps wage wars and form armies and go attack other chimp groups, killing woman and children. It's amazing.


I don't really buy into the idea that nature is so great, and beautiful, and only we humans are screwed up. Nature, as it is here on Earth, is a cold, cruel, rugged, unforgiving thing. It is survival of the fittest. Some plants, will kill you if you eat them lol Some animals will rip you to pieces if you come near them. Don't believe me, go up to a bear and try to pet it, that bear will rip your arm off. Go live in the wilderness for a week, and you'll see how much you'll be clamoring to get back to civilization, where life is easier and you can just go to the store to buy food and live in your nice house with your nice accessories.

And yes Louise, though I never heard of this guy lol Is this someone you know? Apparently so lol But if ants helped him get big, and get through tough times, well more power to him lol
I always loved this guy and his music Louise.  You are right, he does look like Captain Jack Sparrow.  I am very happy he is doing his music again, and sorry that he lost so much time to being institutionalized.  I think he was ahead of his time.  Glad you had a chance to hear him perform again and sounded like a really great time.  I would love to see him perform now that he is out and about again....


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