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Hi AC. I am just curious to know how you are ALL feeling with the increasing energies hitting the planet what feels like continuous now. I'll start with how I am feeling, well today exhausted again :(.. I find before massive solar activity my energy levels go through the roof, I feel great almost invincible, happy (really happy), and then after when we have a strong solar flare or massive influx of energy, boom I hit the deck and ascension symptoms start again.

They don't always last long but when they hit they really hit, and when we have to work and if there are children to look after you can't always just go and sleep for three hours in the day, something that sounds so sweet to me but not at all possible for the next 6 weeks. I keep feeling excited like it's really about to kick off soon, what's about to go down not sure there are just so many theories it's hard to know what's fully going to happen. I know I just keep visualizing a smooth ascension for all and keep praying the mass of us are doing the same and not focusing on the fear being projected by the many. 

Anyhow I was just wondering how you are all getting on if anyone is feeling similar and if anyone has any good tips when the fatigue strikes?


Louise :)

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Love butterflies, look at that pattern it's beautiful thanks Annaja and a lovely message too. 


Hi Louise,


Great advice to be in joy and ignore the doom and gloom of a failing paradigm....


Well I did suffer with the flares back in June, but have learned to align with their effects on my don't get the involuntary muscles spasms I once did....

Drink lots of fluids to aid with the flares, it helps...

Feeling physically energetic today, just some slowness with mental function earlier, but I just put that down to being head over heels in love with my Soul know her...


Over the last few days I've had some fatigue, which sleep addresses...I note that some report sleeping problems (MOL did)...I've got over these now and sleep like a log....  :-)


Cheers, Drekx x

Hi Drekx,

Yes June was a fatigued month and I am hoping this won't last long. I've had a few realisations recently and have adjusted vibrationally again and I think this is what really takes it out of us and causes the fatigue. It must use some energy, on a good note it doesn't feel as intense as it has before. 

Really flushing the system too with fluids especially my coconut water ;)

I think I might know this soul mate you talk about, just call it a hunch lol but does her name rhyme with belly :P 

Thanks, Lou X

That's her.....shucks....!!  Thanks Lou..... Drekx x
You rang?  :)  I love you too! 

Good blog, Louise :)  I am always happy to hear about others symptoms, it sure helps when you feel like you are going mad, lol.  I have a little one too and with work, I have narrowed my life down to the bare essentials... and do not have the social life I once craved, and even music and art take a back seat these days to a quiet book and a nap. 

Since the flare last week I feel awesome...tired... but peaceful, giggly and loving. 

This article is really informative and spurred me to take note of the action on SOHO closely.  You may like Tom Kenyon, I just bought a new CD of his, great for meditation.

This message deals with the KA body (a term from ancient Egyptian Alchemy), and discusses how you can utilize this unique energy-body to draw to yourself ascension-energies from increased solar activity. For those unfamiliar with the KA—your KA body is an “invisible” second body that is the same shape and size as your physical body. This energy body both envelops the physical body and interpenetrates it. This body is sometimes referred to as the etheric double or spiritual twin. The KA shares similarities with what is called the Chi body in some traditions (Taoism) and with the pranic body or etheric body in certain yogic traditions. By its nature, the KA can draw to itself, and then into the physical body, highly benevolent energies that accelerate one’s spiritual evolution.

The Message

You are now entering a more volatile time in terms of planetary change.

Your Sun, the solar star of your planetary system, is increasing its energetic potential and is entering a period of increased volatility, solar flares and magnetic storms. While these actions will create real problems for you in terms of your telecommunications and weather patterns, there is also an immense evolutionary potential within this solar activity that we wish to discuss.

Like you, your Sun has an etheric body, a solar KA, if you will. This etheric body of the Sun extends millions of miles beyond the boundaries of the Sun itself. Your Earth is well within this auric field of the etheric sun, and, as the solar flares and solar winds that drive charged particles through your vicinity affect you physically, they also affect you etherically. Indeed, these very charged particles that pose a challenge to your physical dimension are a type of nourishment for your KA, your own etheric body.

Your mental attitude and emotional/vibratory state is what determines whether these solar particles are a source of nourishment and evolution, or rather a source of annoyance and de-evolution.

In this message we do not intend to discuss the many physical challenges that will emerge for you during this period of increased solar activity, rather we will focus on things that will assist you to take the greatest evolutionary advantage of what is occurring with the Sun of your solar system.

Just as there are eruptions of fire and photonic energy from the Sun during solar activity, so too, there are bursts of spiritual or interdimensional light from within your KA body. Indeed, from one perspective, increased solar activity equates with an increased activation of your own personal KA.

There are several things we suggest regarding taking advantage of this evolutionary catalyst. This catalyst of which we speak will extend well beyond 2012 and has to do with the flow of what we call the solar winds. These are distinct flows of photonic and magnetic energy that pass through and around your Earth. By opening yourself to these distinct forms of energy, and by incorporating them into your KA body, you strengthen your KA and greatly accelerate the ascension process for yourself.

As these solar energies increase, so will the volatility and uncertainty of your physical world, as well as your mental and emotional worlds. Irrationality and impulsive behavior will be on the rise. Challenges to cognitive functioning and memory will also take place during heightened cycles of solar activity.

The first step in utilizing these solar energies for your ascent in consciousness is to understand their nature and not to resist their effects.

It is important to understand that the causative agent in the increased solar activity at this time is not originating from within the Sun itself, but rather it is originating from the Central Sun of your own galaxy. This flow of highly catalytic energies from the Central Sun to your Sun is the primary reason for the evolutionary potentials of this particular cycle of solar activity. In turn, the Earth herself is also being affected, especially through her KA—her own etheric body.

So the first thing to understand is that there is no escape from this evolutionary catalyst. You are here to ride it out, whether you like it or not. So the first step is not to resist that which is imminent.

The second step is to embrace it and to utilize these energies with mastery—to ride the tail of the dragon, so to speak. In this instance, the dragon is referring to the Sun itself and the tail to the solar winds. You can ascend to great heights in this period, if you but find the courage and method to do so.

The third step in this utilization of the solar winds is to allow them to affect your KA directly, through an invitation, and this is done through your heart.  Specifically you choose, through an act of personal will, to enter into the vibrational harmonic of appreciation or gratitude.

It is important to understand why we are suggesting this. You are not expressing appreciation or gratitude to the universe for the solar winds, per se.

You are choosing to enter into one of these high emotional states because they will create an Energy Attractor. In other words, you are entering into a state of appreciation or gratitude for pragmatic reasons.

These emotional states increase the receptive harmonics of your KA, which transforms your entire KA body into a receptive vortex, drawing to itself the photonic and magnetic energies of the Sun, rapidly accelerating the rate of vibration within your KA, your own etheric body.

And it is through your KA that you enter into the ascension process. There are, needless to say, many paths and ways to enter the ladder that leads upward into higher states of consciousness, but regardless of how it is done, or through what spiritual lineage it is accomplished, the KA, your KA, is the foundation.

Creating an Energy Attractor

In this simple but highly effective method, you place your awareness in your second body, your KA. This energy body is the same shape and size as your physical body, but it is energetic in nature, rather than made of flesh and blood. It permeates every space of your body, and thus every cell of your body is within the KA. Your KA is also highly receptive to subtle energies especially to all forms of light and to the charged photons and magnetic energies that comprise the solar winds.

As you rest your awareness in your KA, you consciously and intentionally generate the feeling-state of appreciation or gratitude through an act of personal will. This shifts the harmonics of your KA to a higher vibratory rate, which is necessary for it to become an Energy Attractor.

As you continue to hold yourself in the emotional harmonic of appreciation or gratitude, know (realize) that you are immersed in the photonic and subtle energies of the solar winds. You are literally bathing in these energies whether you are consciously aware of them or not. As you hold this awareness, along with the emotional state of appreciation or gratitude, your KA will automatically draw into itself the ascension-enhancing energies of the solar winds.

Spend as long as you can in this state of high receptivity, partaking from the solar winds, and allowing your KA to receive these potent transformational and uplifting energies.
You will benefit greatly from the solar winds if you regularly and often engage this simple method.

Thats beautiful, I love your name :)

I so love divine synchronicity Kelly it's happened three times all today, so awesome. I was thinking in my kitchen earlier about my KA body and what Tom Kenyon wrote in this article. I love Tom Kenyon and often read his messages from The Hathors.

I have read this article by him on the KA body some months back, and was going to look it back up when I was up to it. So THANK YOU for divinely intervening and posting, it what a gem you are. Will get working on this and strengthen it more :)

LOL, that is so awesome :)  It's been happening to me alot lately too, the queen of coincidence am I :)
yes you sure are :) Looks like it's been a hectic day on here whilst I have been at work lol.. Hope your all good will be trying the "bath" myself sounds wonderful :)
Great information to have, thanks 1HappyKelly. I had heard about Ka a long time ago....but forgot what little I remembered, lol.  I have been having memorie issues this last year due to ascention stress I am hoping and not onset alzheimers or dimentia or just plain I am getting old, lol.
Thats great Marique.  You know, it occurs to me that you are owed big time, maybe you should call in some of your karmic debt and ask to be etherically healed and tweaked.  They can do it, maybe they need permission first.



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