How's Everyone Really Feeling???

Hi AC. I am just curious to know how you are ALL feeling with the increasing energies hitting the planet what feels like continuous now. I'll start with how I am feeling, well today exhausted again :(.. I find before massive solar activity my energy levels go through the roof, I feel great almost invincible, happy (really happy), and then after when we have a strong solar flare or massive influx of energy, boom I hit the deck and ascension symptoms start again.

They don't always last long but when they hit they really hit, and when we have to work and if there are children to look after you can't always just go and sleep for three hours in the day, something that sounds so sweet to me but not at all possible for the next 6 weeks. I keep feeling excited like it's really about to kick off soon, what's about to go down not sure there are just so many theories it's hard to know what's fully going to happen. I know I just keep visualizing a smooth ascension for all and keep praying the mass of us are doing the same and not focusing on the fear being projected by the many. 

Anyhow I was just wondering how you are all getting on if anyone is feeling similar and if anyone has any good tips when the fatigue strikes?


Louise :)

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  • Things have changed with me over the past year dramatically.  Life is very joyful these days.  Dont really need much sleep anymore maybe 4-5 hours, wake up feeling fantastic and ready for the day.  Dont eat alot anymore - wierd i love food, well i thought i did lol, have absolutely no idea what direction i want to go in with my work life :-o was offered a new job a couple of days ago, quite good money etc i should take it, life would be easier except something in my gut is telling me to just say no?  WTF is that all about?  I put it out there to the universe last Thursday, got a phonecall Friday, went for interview and got the job Monday and now Im going - hmmmmmmmmm i dont know!!  Manifesting stuff at a ridiculously fast rate, good and bad lol, it is always a reminder that what you resist persists, or you get what you think about.  Crazy wild dreams. Crazy wild dreams.


    It has been a bizzare past few months, the whole city where i live has been under a veil of fear with all the quakes, over 8000, yet in the past few weeks i can feel a change - the fear has gone in many, the mantra now with people you talk to, even strangers is 'what will be will be' we have 5000 people being kicked out of their homes because the government is telling them, even though they have full insurance, that it is too expensive to fix the land - even that which was predicted to cause rioting in the streets, has not had the same effect - people dont seem to care anymore, its like they have surrendered or something - the anger has gone - not with all of course but with most, it is a very interesting place to live right here, right now.


    Sleep helps Louise when your feeling fatique, and something that I used to do when the children were really young and you live in a state of constant exhaustion is to sleep with my legs up against a wall, yea i know it sounds ridiculous but years ago i read it somewhere and the article said that you could double your sleep time and triple the quality and at the time i would seriously of tried anything, and well i have been doing it ever since at times of real need, so the best way i can describe it is to sort of sit on the wall, so how you would sit on the floor with your legs straight do that against a wall so your legs are leaning on the wall, it has something to do with the blood in your legs, i dont really know the ins and outs all i know is it works for me lol.


    If anyone wants to give me any career advice OMG please.  Any physics out there more than welcome lol.

    • An old Yoga asana, Inverted Lake Posture or Viparita Karani, restores and relaxes by running legs up the wall.  Props support other body parts.  Long list of benefits. Malechite
    • Thanks Karen thankfully it's seems to have passed again today so this is good as through June/July I was whacked. I know what you mean too about manifesting at quick rate it really is speading up everything. 

      I have just moved jobs and it's tough knowing what's right I kept asking for more signs if the job I got offered was right and more signs kept coming. It feels a really good place to work so fingers crossed. Try it and see what happens (the asking for more signs).. :)

      • Thank you. i did try asking for a sign and got into a massive traffic jam on the way yesterday, lol and we dont get traffic jams here! seriously!  thing is that i know the answer, i shouldnt take it, i would be miserable, i didnt like the energy of the woman who would be my boss, i am sort of unofficially on the books, but i havent signed the contract yet because it has a restraint of trade clause in it.  I need to put my big girl boots on and trust in myself :-)
        • WOW that is a sign then, and you know if what your feeling is right Karen. It's not looking good if the energetic's are all wrong. Get those big boots on he he, but start putting out there what job you would love apparently though we really have to be specific really specific lol :)
  • Try not to watch the mainstream if poss....keep those vibes high...x
  • Yeah it's probably best we not tune in to anything that makes us feel fear at the moment. It is sad but one of the streets it kicked off on was called 'Free Mason Street' how uncanny is that Xx
  • Liverpool too, kel...?? Yes the energies coming in now are potent...the reactions in people are to extremes..if not aligned properly with cosmos.


    Let us all remain calm, happy and focussed...  :-)


    My love and blessings to all....Drekx x

  • That it is Kel guess this is why what Drekx said concerning detachment is true.. I also believe these are like tests in whether we can remain as lightworkers centered and calm in amongst the fear and panic of the public.

    I could see it today in peoples faces but still felt calm so that's good and I was able to keep the mood lifted. :)

  • I have been dealing with a rollercoaster of mood swings. About a year and a half ago, I started getting nosebleeds for the first time in my entire life. In April I had this supernatural beam of Light infusion into my left palm.

    Lately, I have been bombarded with dark forces challenging me. Or at least I am becoming very sensitive/intuitive when the lizzies are trying to attach to me and suck my energy. 

    Lately, when I sleep I seem to go Very very far away, and I wake up feeling like I was just mugged and disoriented. Something is going on while I sleep, it could be that some work is going on in another dimension-i don't know. 

    Tips: bubblebath, stretch, 3 deep breaths, nature, breath in the fresh air and truly notice what mother Earth is doing to bring us life. 

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