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Earth(Continued from Part 1.)

Star Beings Saved Gaia from Death


Most of this series is concerned with the extraterrestrials saving Earth’s inhabitants. But in this part we look at how they saved the Earth itself.


Most people have been conditioned to accept the socially-dominant paradigm of empirical materialism. They believe that only what they can see, hear, touch, and taste is real. Given that, of course, even the soul is not real.


So it would be very difficult for them to accept that even a planet has a soul. But Matthew Ward tells us that “Earth [is] a sentient soul.” (1) The notion that Earth – or Gaia, as she’s better known – is in fact a sentient being is one of the pieces of knowledge that we’ll be called upon to encounter in the years ahead.


There were many reasons why galactics came to Earth in large numbers after the Second World War – to subdue the dark ones who were now armed with nuclear weapons, to assist with our Ascension, etc. But another reason was to prevent the the sentient being called Gaia from dying.


In the part of this series posted yesterday, we heard SaLuSa say that “the dark Ones [hoped] to go out with a ‘Bang’” (2) and “we have stopped the total destruction of Earth on a number of occasions since the end of your last World War.” (3)


We also heard Matthew Ward say that the dark’s “relentless barrage of negativity would have destroyed Earth” and that “Earth was in her death throes—that her planetary body is alive and you are living on it is proof” of the galactics’ work to save her. (4)


Apparently, these statements are not metaphoric. Let’s listen to Gaia herself on the matter because, sentient being that she is, she can also speak. Geoffrey West interviewed her on An Hour with an Angel, April 9, 2012. Gaia revealed that she’s a being of archangelic stature.


“Eons and eons ago, I emanated—was created—from the heart of One as an archangel. So my birth into a planet was very unusual, for planets, galaxies, universes are birthed through the Mother in conjunction with the Father.


“But when this beautiful planet—that you call Earth, that we know as Terra Gaia—when it was time to create a planet of love, I offered my essence and my being, which has always been very large. … And so, I asked the Mother to allow me to incarnate, to change form into this planet.” (5)


However down through the ages, Matthew explains, Gaia found she could not endure “any more assaults of the negativity being continuously generated by human brutality to each other, to the animal and plant kingdoms or to the physical body of Earth.”


As examples of this negativity, Matthew cites “wars and other violence, famine, disease, ruthless leaders, environmental destruction and economic strangulation,” all of which “have been instituted by the influence of the dark forces.” (6)


Matthew tells us that Gaia’s “body spiraled ever downward as more and more human and animal blood was shed and the environment ravaged.” (7)


Relief from the suffering caused by these conditions “was essential or your planet would die. Over half a century back in your counting, Earth had reached that point of damage to her body and soul.” Matthew says she faced a choice.


“She had the choice of her soul ascending and allowing her planetary body to die, or surviving intact. Her soul chose to survive in its physical planetary form, but in her greatly weakened condition due to the extent of trauma she had long suffered, she could not do it without massive assistance.” (8)


She had patiently allowed her human inhabitants many chances to complete their karmic lessons.


“Earth was depleting her own light by giving it to her residents time after time as still one more opportunity to complete the third-density experiencing cycle, and, because of this, sixty-some years ago her planetary body was near death. Rather than let her body die and her soul ascend, she chose to give her humankind one last chance to wind up their karmic lessons.” (9)


According to Matthew, “that is when she cried out for help.” (10) Menta, a higher-dimensional galactic being who channels through Suzy Ward, says that “a cry for help from Earth herself reached throughout the heavens.”


Asked to describe the sound, Menta replied:


“It was a weary sound of resignation, like a faint echo of a once healthy life that had become too feeble to call out loudly. That weak sound signified that Earth was near death due to her environmental conditions and we wanted to help her survive and be restored to health.”  (11)


Gaia herself described her call on An Hour with an Angel.


“It was a universal call. Yes, of course my plea went up, but it was also a plea that was delivered from the archangels, and particularly Archangels Jophiel and Uriel as well as Michael. So, it was a collective call for help.


“But yes, I have called not only to the star beings, but to my brothers and sisters of other planetary systems as well.” (12)


Hearing that cry, higher-dimensional light beings responded. And they enlisted the help of the galactics. As Sheldan Nidle’s galactic sources phrased it: “Heaven summoned us and we came.”  (13)


Cdr Hatonn explains that “as part of our own evolutionary progress, we are in service to God by helping lower-density worlds evolve when they ask for assistance.” (14) SaLuSa adds that “we protect you and Mother Earth and have done so for millennia of time, and shall continue to do so.” (15)


Menta gave details of her collective’s response:


“Out of concern for this once beautiful planet, whose soul always has been pure and radiant, we responded.  …


“God authorizes a genuinely unselfish response to such a request for help, but no intervention is permitted except by invitation to participate jointly in the venture.


“Our governing body approached the Intergalactic Council high authority and volunteered our services. Understanding Earth’s condition and her ‘cry of invitation,’ the Council sanctioned our participation after being assured that our interest was not self-serving.”  (16)


Thus, Matthew tells us, “it is by Earth’s request for help that these beings, in conjunction with Earth humans, are performing their various missions on and off-planet to get this vast, vital program underway to rejuvenate physical Earth and enlighten and uplift her people.” (17)


Gaia was rejuvenated by light energy beamed from many sources throughout the universe. Matthew says:


“[Mother Earth's] cry for help went out into the universe and instantly God authorized myriad spiritually advanced civilizations to respond by beaming their own vast light into Earth’s body.


“The massive infusion of light from those distant sources stabilized her orbit and enabled her to jar loose from negativity’s stranglehold, start to ascend out of deep third density and continue toward her ultimate destination in fifth density.”  (18)


SaLuSa also say that  revivifying light was beamed to Earth. “Powerful streams of energy are reaching the Earth from many other sources and Galaxies.” (19) “All around the Earth and far beyond, different sources are concentrating on sending higher Light emissions to you.” (20)


Matthew explains that “God authorized our space family to intervene with the infusion of light that kept Earth’s body alive.” (21) Of it he writes: “If you could see this brilliance from our vantage point, you would be astounded. But you cannot see the abundance of light from those myriad sources on the planet or beaming to Earth from far distant worlds.” (22)


As part of this effort, the galactics placed Gaia in a cocoon of pink, pink being the color of divine love.  Gaia herself said: “For a long time they kept me in a pink cocoon while the archangels redid my grid.” (23)


She described the role of the galactics in that act of protection and rehabilitation:


“So yes, there have been many, many layers of assistance from your star brothers and sisters, from my star brothers and sisters. For many, many, many decades, they held me, they created a, what you would think of as a pink cocoon, so that I would not continue to wobble.


“There have been, in my journey, throughout my existence, … several pole shifts, you know. Yes, your history does not capture everything. …


“For a very long time, not simply 70 years, I felt as if I was in chains, in prison. If it were not for the beautiful, pink cocoon that the star beings placed around me to keep me safe and solid, I probably would have simply chosen to return home. And that has always been a choice open to me.”  (24 )


Grener, President of the Intergalactic Council, also says the pink cocoon has been removed:


“Yes, the cocoon of pink to keep Gaia from tilting has been removed. The grid is strong, golden and polished by the mighty archangels themselves. But we constantly are assisting Earth, assisting Gaia.”  (25)


Archangel Michael also referred to this work by the archangels and galactics:


“There are many of these beings that have been waiting, not just hundreds of years, but who traveled here thousands of years ago, whose entire life has been on board ship. They come. They hold Earth in a golden pink cocoon, for what seems to them like eons. Finally, that cocoon is removed, the grid is shined up, [and] everybody’s ready to go.” (26)


So the galactics responded to Gaia’s call when she was dying. They played a role in channeling the light to her which came from higher dimensions and great light beings throughout the  universe.  And they placed a pink grid of light around her that prevented a wobble and pole shift and allowed her to ascend from her perilous condition.


But as we’ll see in successive parts of this series, the galactics have attended to many more tasks than simply bringing the revivifying light to Gaia.


In the next parts of this series, we’ll look at some of the plots that the dark forces launched against the inhabitants of Earth and how the galactics foiled them or neutralized their impact.


(Continued in Part 3.)



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