Im looking for answers ! I don't want this 3D world ! I hate it ! and I want to go back to 5 D ! I don't trust the changelings since many of them like salusa Zorra and others affirmed for years that dec 2012 was the timeline for ascension and nothing happened !

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  • We are all patiently waiting.


    But during this time, it is a period to raise our vibration, grow, learn to love and forgive and keep working on ourselves - while we have the time to do so.  Overcome any bitterness, unforgiveness, hatred, addictions.


    This is Earth school and it is a painful place to be in until we graduate to a better place (or a world of paradise). 

  • The ascension is going to happen soon but remember in the Bible's revelations chapter it says we will neither know the day nor the hour this is also referred to as the rapture only those who have truly worked through all of their karma and sucessfully lifted their etheral veils will ascend my dear friend keep working on openning up your pineal and let the holy spirit guide you listen to your heart it will never lie to you may the divine spirit guide you and protect you always love and light to you my dear friend and brother in the light love Sally

  • on the personal level you can achieve that at any given time but on collective, global level no one really knows..............

  • Unfortunately, it is next to impossible to give you an answer that will ease your pain in the moment.

    The ascension is about Gaia and the human beings soul.

    It has been in progress for 18 years And it is continuing as an ongoing process.

    The ascension we all desire however is vibration dependent.

    And whilst it may sound like rhetoric, it is ultimately up to mankind to awaken and get out of fear So the vibration level raises sufficiently for the fire works to start.

    Herein lies the problem. When you are dealing with an event that is unique in the history of the universe. coupled with the fact that this exercise called the "test of free choice" has been going on for 200,000 years, as well as humanities fickle nature with respect to such things, giving you an accurate date is not an easy task. 

    A 1, 2, 5 10 year discrepancy is insignificant in that context.

    The ascension is happening however. Undeniably. And the true power of ascension at personal level manifests as being at peace with your life. Regardless of what is happening in it. 

    To be ale to look at your circumstances and find solutions from within. Not without.

     By facilitating the discovery of your mastery. the claiming of your power.

    The attainment of this has been, as far as I AM aware, the primary subject of channellings.

    May your solutions come swiftly.



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