As the title says, in the still physical dimension/densities, how do you greet someone physically? Is there one "standard" that applies for all this galaxy or universe, or is it just energetically without a physical sign?

Let's say I bump into Ashtar, how would I normally greet him? :) I'm very curious. (I have seen pictures of some just holding up their flat hand close to their body)

A side-subject I'm interested in is also this of language. I have read that even though telepathy is common and used everywhere except Earth obviously, there are still usage of verbal communication amongst star systems in the universe.

Would it be far out to believe that some of our starbrothers/sisters have actually studied and learned to communicate earth languages as well? I'm getting thrilled by the thought to speak Swedish/English with someone coming from another starsystem when not using telepathy. I have yet to understand how telepathy works, basically the brain translate a thought coming from someone else to the most suitable language learned and therefore heard in your head as a sentence? Let's say I don't know a word for a thought in swedish, but I know the english word, then I automatically use it. But what happens if a thought is totally familiar and I don't know a word for it, how does the brain translate that? Into a feeling? Into something percieved by the 5 senses, or even more unexplainable beyond that? Or.. what exactly IS a thought? someone have an explanation for that, and maybe this is key to understanding telepathy?

My head hurts now :)

My friends please share your wisdom and knowledge! It's very much appreciated to stimulate my philosophical thoughs that pop up xD.

Love you all! ~

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  • Indeed, things are veery deep when you start to look :)

  • I love that way :D everyone should understand that greeting ^^ I love hugging to *hugs*

  • Glad you liked it :) Nice picture! :D Namaste

  • A SMILE :) :) :)

  • They have easy access to Universal Language Converter on their advanced computers and they will download Earth Languages to their brains and so will be able to communicate and understand any Earth Language ... they are not dummies like us but highly advanced AND THEY WILL READ YOUR MIND and LOOK THROUGH YOUR BODY ON YOUR LIGHT QUOTANT and SEE YOUR AURA CLEARLY
  • They will ask you on First Contact... Please take us to your Leader and you should reply...What leaders? We haven't got any good leaders on this planet
    • ;) the wise and old souls are the leaders :D

  • With a machine gun....I am joking
    Sheldan Nidle has explained it very clearly in his book YOUR GALACTIC NEIGHBOURS and YOUR FIRST CONTACT available @
    Planetary Activation Organization
  • If you say 'hi' in your head, they will receive the 'hi' in THEIR receptive language and know what you're trying to say. There's an invisible 'automatic-translator' and when they will talk to you in their language, it translate to your local language. That's how telepathy works for me generally. Sometimes it's not only 'thinking' but 'feeling'. On the upper realms when I meet my master I don't need to open my mouth to speak, I just think and he gets it. However for incoming messages, at this moment me I can't recept him 100% and he needs to talk verbally with his mouth movements in the other realms.

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