How do you define ascension?

Many people on Ashtar Command think of ascension differently.
I like to define it as gaining a better emotional dispositon and thinking more from the heart.
What's apparent is that since the days of World War 2 we have developed more peace, love and understanding. We have lots of potential, but we are also filled with many energy blockages preventing us from ascending and feeling all the good emotions that are inside us.
The ideal divine plan would be if all of the Earth went through ascension as a whole, TOGETHER at the same rate.How else can we measure the progress?

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  • We are going through ascension together.  The fact that you and I are separate beings is an illusion.  That is why we are always saying stuff like We are One, lol.  I like to think of it as a giant tapestry, we each are different colored threads, we meander here and there living our lives, not understanding that we are interwoven into a giant tapestry that connects each of us into one beautiful multifaceted piece. 

    So if one, ascends we all ascend.  And we are all levels of growth, we won't do it all at once, once the indigos and starseeds etc. do it first, the others will follow.  Metatron said we won't do a mass human ascension for three hundred years, but I am hoping we'll do it sooner... either way, it's quite a trip, wouldn't you say?  :)  Much Love, you are on the right path :)

    I am ascending because I am not the same person I was just a few months ago, I am changing and learning and growing into my Light body.  I can feel energies I didn't before and I am growing into awareness of my star heritage...

    • Bravo, well said.  It is just how I look at ascention.  Can't elaborate any more than what you have said, you did it so well for me, lol.


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