I am writing this and hope others join in as it's a real main topic for the spiritual path is the blinking ego. What I have learned is the ego is made up from our beliefs in life we have gained from our experiences. If an experience was bad it will gain a belief that will try and protect us from experiencing that again to protect us so to speak. It will also seize good experiences, achievements, spiritual experiences etc. and will claim them for itself, so these experiences will if you don't recognize what the ego is up to feed it and make it stronger.

I am going to open up here a bit to all that read this as I thought my ego was doing well ha ha, guess again... When I joined AC I will say it was quite a turbulent time with many conflicting with each others views, and disagreements getting quite hostile on times. I tried to stay out of it and just observe but when I thought all I was watching was ego and hostility I got dragged in. What I didn't realize was it was my ego dragging me in and I was forming judgments too so also acting from a place of ego (shame lol).

We all have opinions in life we do, it's normal but something I have learnt and is true to me, if we really clash with an aspect of someones personality it is an aspect that we should look at in ourselves too. If we can't agree to disagree in a detached way than there is something going on that needs looking at deep within ourselves. Any deep emotions are generally ego driven, as is a lack of humility and a lack of forgiveness. So I would now like to be humble enough to say a REAL sorry to any I judged on AC. That is not who I AM generally but I would like to thank you mind for being part of a good lesson that I have learnt, and for being a vessel in some real self growth that can only benefit my path to be fair. So much love, light and respect to you ALL. 

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  • Thanx :) One of your best posts ( ..of the one's I'VE read.. ; )
    • Like a roller coaster that should be named Gollum lol. ;) It is a daily job working through the endless thoughts that flow through the mind and learning to control them to a degree. The amount of garbage that flows through the mind is unreal and it's quite a shock when you become more aware and start seeing this in all it's glory (warts and all). 

      I am using the japa technique at the moment which is repeating a mantra or the name of the deity/God or ascended master you believe in. This is good discipline for me anyhow as it stops the monkey mind activity. It's also good as you are going off to sleep or in meditation. ;)

  • And..

    Speaking from the 'no so enlightened state of being'? Can be weird - too :)
    CERTAIN aspects of the 'ego'? Is -like- SO not of theOne soul..

    My ego and tainted energies fainted yesterday :-) It was MARVELOUS :-D
    All the people I met - and even.. the resonance of plants and trees.. :)

    But then this morning?..

    'He he, Gollum wants to be in masster..'

    You are.. ..a blob of comprised consciousness.. of negative energies and thought patterns
    I've taken in from other people.. You're nothing.. a 'mind'.. not of my true self..

    'He he, Gollum is stronger..'

    DONT! think so!.














    Ok, THAT'S IT! - Let's try marianinia 's 'drowning' approach!.. :-|
    ( Splashing n' gurgling sounds.. "NOOH!:. Gollum FRIEND.. Gollum HELP Masster..:-(
    You kill mee.. you kiill your self!:. blob... blob.." ) ..soaked Gollum.. crawling into the corner..

    The drowning approach? Doesn't seem to do the trick.. ;-/

    A VERY OLD FRIEND ( Can already 'hear' her say: I'm not THAT old - I'm sixty ;-p )
    Anyway, an old soul. Assisted me a few years back in trying another approach.. -Nudging the ego. :)

    "..It is no use 'fighting' aspects of your 'incarnating self'.. You have to nudge it 'from a higher state of being'..
    Like pocket wool.. Something that's 'there' - but 'not relevant right now'. You understand?.. :)
    Then you meditate.. and during your meditation.. you recall a moment in time.. when you were TRULY 'YOU'..
    And say to your self: 'YES! :-D THIS! is ME!..' ..take in all aspects of the experience. ."

    "Waw :-) it works!.. :-D"

  • OK..

    Speaking from the TRULY 'Enlightened' state of being IS a little 'weird'.. ;o)
    ( From the AM - behind the 'I AM' - behind ( all aspects of ) the mirror consciousness. )

    You open your mouth.. and it feels.. pointless.. to utilize the word 'I'.. There IS no 'I' speaking..
    Again.. And this is REALLY important. THIS state of mind?
    STILL doesn't prevent one from having sex or eat popcorn - gracefully ,as well. ; )
  • I usually never get 'dolled up'.. ;-P
    ( I have Robbie for that ; ) Ashtar Channeling - 'Ok.. ONE time - in high school' *LOL* )

    Apart from that ? I can totally relate to 'how you feel in the morning' :) as a human.
    Was once 'ordered to love my self in the bathroom mirror' ;-D And, Loh and behold - it worked :)
    Your soul and original self is ALWAYS 'Enlightened'. It is not really that 'dangerous' :o)
    And it doesn't prevent one from having great sex nor munch popcorn ;)
    ( 'Some people - however - find it unattractive. To do both at the same time' ;-p )
    If, you know what I mean..
  • Sirius¤Commander.. coughing.. ( B S ;)

    "The dark subduing consciousness and energy create false identification with these
    - within the incarnating self.
    Through - what is ( now ) known in esoterical terms in DK
    - as 'Bullshit mirroring'..
    This subsides identification with theOne soul..
    The darkness 'calm down' - once accepted inside - thus giving the false sensation of
    'equilibrium', 'balance of the universe' & 'calm serenity' .."

    Jonathan LivingSun Seagull

    ..So you see Anja? I am really saying that you are NOT evil ;-D Simply passing on bullshit.

    Have a nice day :-]


  • lol, thanks Marianinia, that sounds like a good idea. Drowning it sometimes sounds a better one though :D
  • ( "Wish I could 'press' Love - instead of Like :)" So I did.. ;)

    Some 'orion person' told me to tease her - when ALL I wanted to do - was give her a hug ;-p

    .. (*SIRIUS Scanning*) .. No, wait.. he's not really from Orion - either.

    'I mean? HOW many people!? are REALLY?! from Orion!?'

    "..Puff..Orion girl 'manifesting'. . 'NOT, the question you should be asking - yourself! &..
    ( Somewhat un-attentional 'response' from the ol' Sirius geezer - going to Plan B )
    LOOK! I HAVE BOOBS! :-D .. ' .. "

    ( ALWAYS! Works for Andromeda girls ;-p SO not fair! & Ok. FINE, not like you didn't KNOW )

    - -

    ..I very much concur with Shaishannah's post :) about 'unlearning' and manifesting 'original self'.

    For the individual and common good :)
  • Thanks for this I totally can resonate with all you say here, what a journey ey :)
  • Hahaha...I'm on the same page Shaishannah ;P Its a daily battle for sure "I against I" but I'm grateful to be given a fighting chance lol :) Love, light and perseverance :D
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