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a foot so far

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Is that the good old USA, lol.

Yes panacea

this was just the beginning of it

Looks like you have a big storm coming there.  It is snowing here in Austria, too, but not so much as you will have....keep warm...


I just went to check on the family of course that means the cows chickens and so on I'm five ft 8 the snow is up almost mid thigh

It is no longer west Virginia it's Alaska 2 out there anyone wanna build an igloo...

We are under state of emergency I'm not I'm like a boys out lol always prepared

Today -before pic-expecting 2 feet in NJ -horrible Norbeaster

We got 2 feet so far

still going in w virginia Lisa-supposed to continue here until tom orrow morning some time-too much

after the carnage-worse than it looks-3-5 foot drifts


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