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Hypocrites Of The Century ...Hare Krishna Simple Living High Thinking ..Maharaja's In Rolls Royce Plus... Traveling First Class...Highest Divorce Rate Plus Poisioning Their Master

At this year's Hare Krishna's festival at Trafalgar Square their Maharaja's were sitting in Rolls Royce ...SO MUCH OF SOME OF THEIR NONSENSE ABOUT SIMPLE LIVING HIGH THINKING 

They should be humble and choose to come in simple cars and choose not to sit in Rolls Royce to set an example ...shows do not trust some of their fake false Maharaja's.

One of their Maharaja's was sacked from Iskcon for blowing donation money on the stock exchange.

Their are other quiet crazy ones.

Only few are actually genuine for when you look deeper into this movement you find 2 of their Maharaja's put poison in the milk of their spiritual master Srila Prabhupada so they can take over all of Iskcon the society set by their master.

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  1. 99% of the devotees don't wash their hands before eating ..they behave like animals as animals don't wash their hands before eating 



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