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Hypocrites Of The Century ...Hare Krishna Simple Living High Thinking ..Maharaja's In Rolls Royce Plus... Traveling First Class...Highest Divorce Rate Plus Poisioning Their Master

At this year's Hare Krishna's festival at Trafalgar Square their Maharaja's were sitting in Rolls Royce ...SO MUCH OF SOME OF THEIR NONSENSE ABOUT SIMPLE LIVING HIGH THINKING 

They should be humble and choose to come in simple cars and choose not to sit in Rolls Royce to set an example ...shows do not trust some of their fake false Maharaja's.

One of their Maharaja's was sacked from Iskcon for blowing donation money on the stock exchange.

Their are other quiet crazy ones.

Only few are actually genuine for when you look deeper into this movement you find 2 of their Maharaja's put poison in the milk of their spiritual master Srila Prabhupada so they can take over all of Iskcon the society set by their master.

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Why can't we let others enjoy their abundance? Our universe does not discriminate whether this was achieved by positive or negative means, because all ways lead back home.

When you look into reality with discrimination, you are ultimately judging yourself.


True mastery leads to Service to Others not Service to Self .

There are masters of either polarity. Light and dark, neither is truer than the other, but rather opposite sides of the same reflection. Containing each other, neither can exist individually. Yin-Yang.

Everything is contained within this universe, this would make an interesting proof of the unconditional acceptance of any given path. 

Meaning that their sole existence may be enough to understand that reality allows us to explore the whole spectrum of polarity, that is the entirety of possibility. All part of us.

You're talking about polarity and duality Not Oneness mate .

Good point, Immanuel..

And when I visited these places their treatment of the monkinies was terrible ; more like slaves than human beings .

I can agree with that ... I noticed at ISKCON Atlanta that there was tremendous infighting for positions of power (or positons involving less work), and I noticed that those who were more knowledgeable of Prabhupada's Bhagavad Gita (compared to other devotees) were usually given more favorable assignments when it came to begging for money at airports, cooking, housekeeping, or assisting in administrative duties..... and these same people were also usually the biggest snitches and the biggest deceivers in the movement, because the last thing you want to do is go to traffic lights and beg for money or sell books (and I have done this for ISKCON) ...this is opposed to people with college educations in the movement with less knowledge of the Bhagavad Gita than others, and these people were usually given the worst assignments because they were not "holier than others" (and these snitches and bums were anything but holy)... 

Indeed mate , just because you can recite the verses word for word does not mean you are in any way 'enlightened' . No amount of mindless repetition will get you to that point . And it's not just among these Krishnas either it's in all 'spiritual' movements even Buddhism nowadays . Sad but true . Neither Krish nor Guatama are very impressed at all this . 

HEY SURIUS: all karma in this lifetime leads you to a place based on your actions in this lifetime ... it does not lead everyone to the same destination, especially if you do not demonstrate real acts of love towards others in this lifetime .. 

They have the highest divorce rate they are s** they are well known for child abuse scandals although they claim they are controlling it  

I used to go to

Shree Muktananda Ashram

int the NY Catskills on days off and loved the meditation rooms and walking through the park like setting until I realized there were nasty cliques around who were rude-even having an air war against each other!!!

I was indoctrinated into the Goddess Saraswati vibe in a two day workshop and then never went back.

Sounds like bragging but I can understand all manner of escoteric teachings-she's always present as is Quan Yin from a previous lives in Bhuddist Temples and of course Mother Mary, being baptized a Christian and in the Christian Network of karmic debt payment/Christ Light cleansing-I have achieved multi dimensional shifting (actually I think most people do this at least unconsciously and have seen other people from other time lines or different astral planes) and I believe I have paid my debt to the '3rd dimension' the place where we have amnesia for various spiritual reasons-Christianity WORKS!!!

Since their master left his body after being poisoned ..the movement has gone downhill longer is it ISKCON BUT ITS A CON . .apart from a few genuine devotees the rest is under corruption.

They ban people who tell the truth and don't play their game.

The last words their master said after being poisoned. .  GOD FORGIVE THEM. One of the Maharaja's Tamil Maharaj who poisoned his master died in a horrific car accident and the other Maharaj Caru is under surveillance.

I would like to see corruption removed from this movement so the follow the correct rules and follow simple living high thinking ...then they would be the ones to follow 



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