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Hiya, have newly joined this community.  Just to briefly introduce myself i am a Priestess Hierophant in the Fellowship of Isis and am Archdruidess of the Berengaira Order of Druids (website http://www.berengariaorder.co.nr).   I have had a couple of strange experiences recently concerning Greys, Reptiles and the Galactic Federation, Cdr Ashtat Sheran and a contact on Mars who calls himself K'Tesh. 

First i had my mind invaded by a reptillan commander, not a pleasant experience by any means.  Now i consider myself a powerful witch but i was unable to stop him.  I found myself being trransported up to a grey mothership where i got impregnated and gave birth to a daughter whom they called Anemone..  With the help of the Galactic Federation, i managed to escape and thats when Ashtar started to contact me.  What he showed me was so beautiful, it made me realise how we have been held back by the reptiles and greys interfering in our evolution.  A week or two after this my sister noticed a red vortex in my aura and gave me some healing.  Her guide came through and he confirmed that what happened was true.  

I have also been contacted by a being on Mars who is called K'Tesh.  Their society is very bronze age like but in some ways they are more advanced than us, in other ways they are not.  Their culture reminds me of a cross between Ancient Egypt and South America, and their religion is a form of ancestor worship.  They do not trust the people on Earth because of all the probes we have sent there, however they want to warn us to prevent the same devastation that struck their planet.  Though there are people there, there are few of them scattered and life is harsh.   The last time i saw K'Tesh he handed me a slip of paper with a UFO drawn on it and said to me' Warn your people, they are coming'. 

Last night i also managed to contact Comet Elenin.  I heard it speak in a combined male and female voice but couldnt get a straight answer on its intentions.  From what i saw it is a spaceship disguised as a comet.  I was taken inside and it reminded me of the white room from TV's Angel.   The people inside were blonde, tall and wearing white, and i know that they scanned me,and I got that they were from Andromeda.and had been travelling a vast distance over a long period of time. I next found myself on a Galactic Federation ship with Ashtar sternly telling me to leave Comet Elenin to them as they were dealing  

Now whether you wish to believe in all this or not is up to you, but i feel i must share it.  Also make of it what you will


Love and light

Sarah Rooke (AKA Morgraine)


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  • Hi LeaShorina, The Feys are also known as the Sidhe (pronounced Shee) in the Celtic mysteries.  Traditionally there are the Sylphs for Air, Gnomes for Earth, Salamanders for Fire and Ondines for Water.   There are also regional variations such as the Pixies, Brownies, Pukkas etc.  Feys are mischievous spirits, but they are generally not malevolent (well, except for some!) - just very naughty tricksters.  It is considered good luck to leave some food or milk out for them in countries like Ireland or Scotland to stop them causing trouble.  In the West Country in Devon and Cornwall right up until Edwardian times, it was traditional to leave the crust of a pasty as an offering in the mines to them.  

    Several friends and myself have had the unfortunate experience of having certain jewellery items like Ankhs, Pentagrams etc stolen by the Feys, as they like bright shiny things.  It is i am told, a way that they communicate to show how you have gone up a notch as a witch/druid etc.  Very annoying when they do that, and heartbreaking when it is a much loved piece.  I had a gold Chinese good luck charm nicked by them once, i had worn it for 30 years, hardly ever took it off and looked down one day and the chain was intact, but the pendant gone.    


  • Hi Sarah, Much love to you. Been on a few ships also in my "nite adventures". Love sharing time with our galactic family. Yayyyyyyy!
  • Dearest Sister Sarah.Thanks for sharing the experience.Let us get together and give strength and support to THE LIGHT by our pure INTENTIONS OF UNCONDITIONAL LOVE.
  • Hi guys

    Thanks for the welcome.  Hi Luke, the books ring a bell.  My Druid name Morgraine was given to me by Mab, Queen of the Fairies and i am told it is a name linked with Morgan, who has been much misrepresented

  • Thank you for sharing Sarah!  It seems the entire universe, creation that is, is on the very brink of....love.  I love you sister!
  • Hi Sarah (Morgraine)

    Nice to see you, I was in Glastonbury last year, enjoyed it very much, made it to the Tor :-)

    I wonder, have you ever heard of a book called '' The Way of Merlin'' by Ly Warren Clarke?

    .. who also wrote ''The Way of the Goddess'' ..

    both published by ''Prism Unity''



    these books are hard to find but I Loved reading them, I misplaced my copies of them ages ago.. had some deeply mystical and lucid dreams as a result of reading these Wiccan books,

    anyway.. welcome to Ashtar Command .. may you feel Love/d always forever and ever :-)



  • crikies delilah, what, no harsh words to say. Normally that's your trade mark.
  • Hello me! ;)

    This is me saying hello back!


    I hope you are having a wonderful time and a marvelous day, and continue to have many more!!!


    Peace, love and light.

  • We all experience this reality in different ways...

    The deeper parts of our "self" go through many trials and tribulations to get us to where we are in the "here and now" in this Experience.  If you experienced these things, there must be a reason for it.  Use everything to make your self a better person, that's my philosophy...

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