After spending a week checking out the site and content, I thought now would be a good time to make my introductory post, as well as get a little information.It took me so long to build up the nerve to post, as I am usually a very shy and unsocial person. I've never been a religious type, nothing seemed to resonate with me. I felt like I was just floating in a sea of purposelessness. I still feel that way, to be honest. Wake up, go to college, stress and worry all day, go home, go to bed. There has to be something better than that. I've never seen a UFO (even living in Arizona, with its famous Phoenix Lights) but I've always been a big believer of there being someone out there and I've always been drawn to looking at the sky, without really knowing what I'm looking for. While I've heard of the Galactic Federation through Youtube videos, I had no idea how vast the group actually was, or that there was even a website about them. I was pleasantly surprised with what I found. This is something I could believe in, and this is what resonates with me.I very badly want to awaken and become one with the group energy, but I am still very unclear on the process. I am under the impression it involves meditation and focus, but my mind is extremely active and it's hard to keep it quiet and calm. I've always had an active imagination. Does anyone have any advice they could share with a complete beginner? I am looking forward to joining the family and would appreciate any advice.Also, this may be ridiculous question, but is there like a Frequently Asked Questions section? That might knock out a lot of the inquiries I have.Thank you, looking forward to integrating myself into a new lifestyle and getting to know everyone.~TigerB

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  • Hi Tiger!


    Simple is best.  


    When did you start having panicked thoughts?  When did you start to lose control over them, to the effect it affected your body?


    Meditation is a word.  What you need to do is free yourself from the fear you've built up in your mind as truth.  The reason one needs to be still in order to do this kind of work is that, when you feel uncomfortable, it is because your higher-soul (5th dimensional self) is telling you there is something you are avoiding/not dealing with/should be confronting etc.


    I suffered from generalized anxiety until a month and a half ago.  Now I am at complete peace.  You can do the same, if you forgive yourself and let yourself heal =)

  • Hi TigerB :)) ..Welcome home, its been ages lol...

    My sister, within the pages of this website lay avenues and pathways that offer you methods to assist you to assist yourself into the deepest levels of your own being.. it all comes from the sharing that we all continuosly do adinfinitum in blogs and discussions, videos, paintings, group forums and links, visiting each others profiles and dropping our Love on each others pages along the way..we are all learning from each other all the time.. we are all re discovering about who and what we are, our Cosmic and deeply Spiritual nature. There is much to learn here and everyone on board is continually learning all about what Spiritual awakening is all about .. right now :)

    Everyone is on a different level of awareness of Conciousness to that of their neighbour and its all heading towards something beautiful ... complete and absolute expression of the mighty I AM presence/God / Prime Creator / Source Energy or Pure Love embodied within every living being.. we are indeed unified, we are Multi Dimensional ground crew with our origins in the stars and we are co creating Heaven on Earth by learning to Love ourselves without conditions .. its all about letting go.. and letting God !

    Have fun as you explore your divine cosmic nature and feel free to open and contribute in discussions, open blogs and interact with your family here who are all deeply supportive to one another in our own unique ways as we all sail towards 2012 in our Ascension boats and into the fifth dimension and beyond..

    .. and as humble as I can, about the only advice I can offer you at this point Tiger is to completely and absolutely surrender to your divine mighty I AM presence and not to worry to much about wanting to see UFOs - they are on the way and will be visible to all once we are all aligned with our Creator :) .. and the other thing is dont worry about wanting badly to awaken.. its happening for you already and everything is in divine order.. so have yourself a blast in Ashtar Command .. as krissy says.. folllow your heart and listen to your intuition.. you are Loved more than you can imagine, you are a pioneer into illusions and you are exalted by billions in the unseen..

    Blessings of Pure Love and Light to you eternally....

    Love onwards and inwards always forever...

    your brother,









    • yes! ty luke,I couldnt have said it better! (tiger, add him he's awesome ;D
  • hi tiger and welcome to GFL, you and me are very much alike and im fairly new here too. but so many people have been very helpful and have such a diversity of beliefs and ideals. i've been ascending rapidly and still learning at the same time, so i almost feel like an infant discovering kindergarten, lol. if you read one of my discussions "siriously, ashtar?" you will find some helpful insights there from others as well. i'll check my past posts for more info in other discussions that would be helpful to you too. Most of all, follow your heart and listen to your intuition, lots of people have their own beliefs and you'll find that what feels right to you and makes you feel good, is more significant to you than anything else. we share a lot, learn from each other, and become our own leaders. hope this makes sense to you, my words have been getting jumbled up and things come out unclearly for me. so happy you joined AC! =D


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