hello everybody!

Hello to everyone :)


I am new on this site, and am having a proper look around it, a nice community here :)


My spiritual awakening was in december last year, and over the past 2 weeks i have been purging negative thoughts and patterns.


It all began when looking for some meaning to some events that occured in my life, including finding an old friends number in the phone book, by "accident" when i realized that out of the 100000s of numbers how could i possibly have come across that number by "accident", and i noticed everything is so precice like a jigsaw.


i began researching life after death and can we live independent oof the body, after remembering some conversations from when i was young, and have learned about other dimensions and am beginning to perceve that they exist.

Since my awakening i have had prophetic dreams, and the past 2 weeks have released many negative patterns, thoughts, habbits and loosing most desire for material posessions, as i used to be a collecter of old audio equipment...


I have been drawn to metaphysics from a young age,and science no matter how i got into it couldnt quench my thirst for answers.


I have researched, learned and also felt about events like 2012, 11:11 and that sort of stuff, never saw 11:11 much but 33 and 333 i see quite alot now,i woke up one morning to find it was 3:33 AM..



But here i am now!


I send love and light to everyone here!:)

Love and light to you all!

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  • Welcome here, we are always glad to add people to our loving family. The light has lead you here, and we look forward to your growing with us and sharing with us. This time is such a wondrous time to be alive and it is so great that people are waking up to a better understanding of our purpose, where we have come from, and where we are going. Love and light to you also, and sincere welcome. Share of your thoughts, hopes, dreams, and visions. That is why we are all here. We all are like this gigantic patchwork quilt of experiences, outlooks, opinions, aspirations, and sharing. That is what makes this haven so wonderful. Enjoy.

    Love and Light to you Jake, welcome to the family.
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Any Dis~ease

When vibrational frequency is beyond 3D there is no Dis~ease within...you have and are dissolving the Matrix which is where disease exists..within the Matrix, a low vibrational dimension  

keep body alkalined, for disease is only in an…

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