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Have You Noticed The False Fake Hypocrites That Go To Sikh Temples, Hindu Mandirs, Buddhist Temples And Churches Wearing And Carying Animal Products

Let’s start with the Sikh Temples which give out vegetarian meals daily and their founder Guru Nanak was a strict vegetarian and never wore or carried animal products like leather and fur yet most of their followers wear leather shoes and belts carry leather wallets and purses. Those who wear or carry animal products  are not god conscious beings but already half animals. The last place where they should go wearing and carrying animal products is at their places of worships.

The same applies to Christians going to churches wearing and caring animal products and Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhist followers going to their places of worship wearing and carying animal products.

These are fake false devotees as none of their spiritual masters wore or carried animal products.

There are alternatives available and the least they can do is not to go wearing and carrying animal items to their places of worship. 

This observation is a guidance to sort out between fake false devotees and honest devotees that neither carry or wear animal products. Here you have eliminated the good from the bad.

You found the good ones to a certain degree as more observations are required to sort out the really genuine good devotees. 

All animal items are really forbidden by spiritual masters and real devotees follow this principle.


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