Have you discovered yourself?

Hello gentle people,

You know I am not the type to come up with actual info through these discussions, but I prefer active debate on here, in a good sense. I like to hear opinions and people's stories.

So, as I'm a complete enigma to myself, I won't even get to say anything in regards to myself, but, I'd like to ask you all, have you discovered yourselves thus far? Was it a tough journey for you to figure out who you are? How long did it take? Just tell me how your journey has been thus far, I'd really like to hear it.

Signs, feelings you had, meditations, revelations, anything normal or out of ordinary you went through that prompted you in your self-discovery journey. Anything you'd like to share.


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  • I think it is really quite easy for people to find out who they are, not just some people but all. I think the problem is that over time people begin to block out who they are, they start copying other mammals like mammals do, and they become distant from the truth of themselves (their zero point). If you really can't find out who you are through yourself there are many ways of thwarting this issue such as reiki (clearing out the appropriate blocks) and astrology (to see what about you is written in the stars). These are only two examples of many.  In this, I am referring more to a life purpose. If you are trying to find out who you are in regard to your "higher self" that will result in a more difficult path.

    I say this because I always knew what sort of thing I was supposed to do, but it didn't really seem to be right in this industrial, capitalistic, cultural world of ours. I ignored it for some time. That isn't a good thing to do in my perspective.

  • Clearly you people aren't taking my discussion questions seriously. You KNOW what I'm talking about, don't make fun of me now.

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"ok Roaring, please except my apology to make you feel that way."
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""Roaring that's funny i am not assassinating your character at all, you came across more 'frustrated' with ppl - including myself than humorous"

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"if you take an image of a car and spin it infinitely - what happens to the car?"
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"Roaring that's funny i am not assassinating your character at all, you came across more 'frustrated' with ppl - including myself than humorous. Between the two of us your are the scientist. I understand the concept, but to have a dissent…"
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Stop making my…"
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""Those institutions are all lies created to enslave beings. They are all part of an illusion. I stand by my statement. Do me a favor though. Stop arguing with me and adding your spin. It is a waste of time."

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