HAPPY 2012 TO ALL READERS and MEMBERS of Ashtar Command Crew.

Ashtar Command Crew is growing like never before. I remember when i started the website May 15:th 2006, it was 5 years ago.
We grow from a few people, i shared my feelings, my thougths, and others started to share their ideas and so on, and this year of 2011 AC got 1,2 MILLION visits from various sources

Dont forget about all these people who dont choose to become a member, but who is stopping by each day, just to check things out. I know that Ashtar Command Crew Community will play an Essential role, when the "appearances" of the Galactic federation will become more and more frequent. People will "run" to google and educate themselves and evetually end up on this website. So be prepared.

It will not slow down, im sure of that, it will increase even more. As an admin I do my best to keep this place inspirational, but as in life, we go downward sometimes, nothing to fear. Be patient and know thyself! As an Admin I will not please everyone.

Its not always easy to Run a big website as AshtarCommandCrew, but its a part my highest joy. You have all helped  to "hold the vibration" of this website and you didnt went paralyzed by the negativity, you just continued and changed focus, thats to be celibrated. There are so many Levels and Storages of information on this website. It will effect everyone in some way. Love and light cannot be put in a little box, its so expansive and includes everything. Ive been tested on many levels, but ive learned alot from it and the learning never stops. Be humble, have patience.

Ashtar Command is a "Information - hub - Network " which connects people.
This website is just one of many that supports the awakening.

It may come to points where i have to decide to "shake" the bottle a little, people leave, new people come in, everything is in flow. Everthing is changing.

I will receive emails from people saying that this should be removed, do this and do that, but its time for ALL to take self-responsibility on what they Focus on and where they give their energy.

If you only knew how many emails i get, where people want help, and I cant answer everyone. But ive learned to Be in my heart and know that they will Know when its time to know.

With these simple words, i wish you a Happy New Year filled with "Self-awareness". =)

PS. Be the Hghest Vision of yourself in every Now & Thank you for your Loving Support.

Ashtar Command is a Free website and it will always be, but for those who feel they want to contribute, are free to donate:


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  • Blessings and much love to you Ben. Your are an inspirational light helping the rest of us shine more brightly. I am ready for the most amazing year in 2012. Fear has left me and joyful anticipation fills my heart. Even if nothing exciting happens on the world stage, it will be a year lived in peace and love. Happy New Year!

  • Have a happy 2012 to Ben!


    And also stay positive yourself,this website is great you have done such a great job!

    I have respect for that.



  • Happy New Year to you Ben and all others



  • Happy Happy 2012 beautiful Ben  <3  

    There are so many people who you've helped through this wonderful website, me being one of them :-)

    I will do everything I can to support you and Ashtar Command in the future.  You know whats real when you feel it and there is a genuine energy that many feel who come here.  

    I will be sending you and others as much good Energy as I can.

    CosmicLove.gifKeep up the great works, it's an honor to be a part of it all.

    Love to your Soul :-)


  • Hey nice to see you Louis lol :P

  • Well Ben it's a great site, and I'm proud to be a member and to be connected to all of you, my family of the light, here on Earth! It's my refuge, where I can come talk about spiritual galactic things with like minded people from all over the world. It's not something I can do much with the people in my real life, and I'm sure many people can say the same, so thank you's a great service to the light that you've created here!

    And I know too when the time comes for the disclosure and announcements....this site will play a pretty big role. I can just see the flood of people coming to the site, and we will be ready! At least I'll be!

    Ooooo this is so exciting! Imagine that, 2012 is's just a few hours away, some might already BE in 2012! Wow amazing....I mean this is it......the time we all have been waiting for.....I remember back in 2005 thinking...ah 2012 is so long from now....and now look, we are right there! The magical year where it's all going to begin....hopefully lol Something big is bound to happen, and it's just so exciting, and it's an honor it really is to be alive now. I love you all!

  • Hello here, Dear Ben-Arion...

    I remember the time when I was given an opportunity to be a member of this great site.

    It was truly a signpost in my life.

    I still learning here, although I do not come here often.

    Thank you very much for starting this site and all the great people who coming here!!!

    I wish all of YOU Happy New Year and be all your wishes and mine come true...

    With Love and Light,


  • Also, happy new year 2012 and still enjoy all

    the beauty of your blog ASHTARCOMMAND


  • What a pleasure it has been to come across this site, with such like minded lightworkers........... I know in my heart that this is the journey for all of us and I know the new year will bring us great joy and harmony.................. I send all of my fellow brothers and sisters across the worlds and earth my love. And to you Ben-Arion I thankyou for your tireless efforts...May we all have a blessed New Year and an enlightened 2012......

  • What a wonderful message and such beautiful people you all are. I am so happy to be a part of AC. Thank you Ben! May all find the joy and Love that awaits us in 2012 Happy New Year!

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