Happy 2012 - From Me to You :-)

Greetings Ashtar Command Crew and Fellow "Humans"

I wanted to formally introduce myself, and say thanks - so much - to Ben for the amazing community he has created and to the members that make it a very special place to BE and Learn :)

As we set at the Precipice of 2012 a great change is upon us.  

We are transforming into something beyond what we could have ever imagined.  

Something more beautiful than can be currently comprehended.

This has been a gradual process, and it's different for each person, but inevitably every "human" on this planet will feel it and be touched by it.

~ WE ~ are all more sacred and precious than we can know!  

Somedays we feel stronger and like we're in the Eye of the Storm, and somedays we feel like we're being whirled by the outer rims of the tornados of our own personal change.  It's all a part of what's happening to us on a cosmic level.

I am learning through these experiences how to BE in the NOW.

I see great things happening in 2012 - and intend to do everything in my power to send good energy to this planet and each person I come into contact with.  I hope that we are all healed and transformed and the deepest parts of our souls see the potential and beauty they are capable of.

The human race has come so far and we will make it!

We are taking a leap of faith, each step we take is a leap of faith and is sacred.

I have so much respect for our space friends that have been assisting me personally, and so many others through out the ages of time.  I know there is a deeper reason we had to go through the things that we did, as a Human Race, and we will come out stronger because of it.

I plan to support Ashtar Command and our space friends in anyway I can, we are really one in the same energy, so when I help others, I help myself and the greater cause. 

I really feel and believe that.

And my life has shown me time and time again that I have every reason to Believe.

I am honored to be here on planet Earth at this time of great change, and you should be too.  So my advice to many of the people here and on planet Earth would be to lighten up, I know I've had to and it's saved me many times. :-)

There is more GOOD in people than we assume, and I will never give up on the evolution of the human race, and "human" being a word that really doesn't fully describe what we are, or what we will become.  I am grateful to be a part of this human experience.

I hope you all have a wonderful New Year celebration, always keep your spirits up, look to the beautiful stars and see the beauty in yourself :-)


Love to you all and thanks so much!


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  • Lovely message and happy new year to U as well ;-)

  • Exactly Lea, we are all a part of the cosmic puzzle :)  

    I hope you're 2012 is phenomenal and good energy surrounds you where ever you go.  :-)

  • Happy New Year to you Delilah!  Indeed a time for (more) transformation!

    [And I just found out like 3 hours ago that I'm pregnant! Yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay!!  What a way to enter the New Year with a New Soul aboard]  XD


    P.S. *I just love your energy!*  You are shining brightly my dear ;)




    • Congrats somesay!!!! :)  That's wonderful news, you are a beautiful soul and will be a great mother.  

      You take care of yourself and keep both you and your baby healthy, I know you will :-)

      Keep the light shining in your soul, and may the warmth in your heart continue to grow.



  • Most definitely James, have to keep the good energy flowing, always :)

    Great to see you back :)  <3 

  • thank you for sharing...............8113980494?profile=original this yr started great .......................went to a drum circle where 35 people showed up and we had so much fun. at midnight we all went outside to see if any ufos will show up but no show.

    • Nice esseya, I love drum circles, haven't been to one in years... being out under the stars is very magical :-)

  • Ivy :-D  <3 from Space sis to Space sis, let the love flow :)

  •   What a beautiful message to start the New Year, Very moving Thanks for sharing Delilah Love and Light Janet

    • <3  Thanks Janet! :-)

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