I had a dream that the Illuminati stormed my mother's house while I was visiting her and said I had to do something for them or they would arrest me and do things with me.


The things they wanted me to do was something that was quite impossible and too little time for it.

The first task was "Go into that street and then you see a yellow thing in the garage of this and this house number. There you find the next information of next task". When I came to that garage there was NOT what they said would be there and there was only one hour to complete the whole task, so it was like they wanted me to fail on purpose in order to be allowed to capture me or something.


I was not really afraid in the dream. It was more like I was thinking tactical in order to try to escape.


I know dreams has a strong connection to the awakened 3d world. Do you think I have to be afraid of this dream?


Much love to you all

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  • NO, of course not.  Fear is what the Bad Guys feed, & depend on for their very survival, & existence in the first place. Besides Nick, didn't ya get the memo?: The Bad Guys lost!, The Good Guys won!!!!!  The 13,000 year battle between Good & Evil (Live, spelled backwards) is over. All thats left, is reeling in the last of the Bad Fish, and some mopping up.

    Truly Wondrous, & Magical times are just around the corner for Humanity, where only Love & Light will prevail; where fear  & all forms of Darkness will not even be a distant memory. We are all in the best of hands, & well taken care of by Spirit,  The Heavenly Host, & our Angels and Guides, during these truly amazing times.

    Be not afraid Nick. There is nothing (no-thing) to fear. Be in Peace.

    Peace & Blessings...........Starman

  • Always look at the positive of things never that bad mabye its a challenge to over come your fears

  • The truth itself, Nick, something strange also happened to myself, it was Last Year, Nov- & December(s), respectively that I dreamt that my wife & I were 1st on vacation, very little to the N-West of Ottawa, Canada, maybe about 220 feet behind me, where there were 2 wolves, one, which was slightly nervous about me, the other one, just like that very brave to come for me & treat me like his good friend, apparently the nervous one's leader, later on Dec. that I dreamt that an ugly snake double bit me, my left hand, Place: The N-Eastern Part of The Mojave Des., California, her colours: White with red spots on her skin, a nightmare that gave me no idea, whatsoever that I could make out such a bad accident, since the case was that immediately, as I woke up, I felt a terrible chest pain, which reminded me of the word betrayal, greetings, 'J.A.,' note: Any advice information of mine is always meant for your own sake, extra note: My wife was always with me, when it happened, also any other & recent dream of mine, since 2007.
  • Good question Nick.. So i had to think/feel on it. Ok, we can not always  have joy or Peace when we have love. Love is a dual , for instance: You love someone but are afraid of loosing her because the love is so strong. But, of cource, we can have all these together. Maybee that is enlightement.
  • I've had so many messed up dreams, some disturbing, some wonderful. Honestly I don't think you should be afraid of anything, but you should be Aware... Awareness is all about seeing the deeper truth to your situation and becoming the master of your reality.

    You can conquer anything that you feel threatens you with positive energy.

    I've always thought of starting a dream journal, I think everyone could get some value out of it, but it takes effort, so if you are going to start to try to be more conscious about your dreams, I think that's a good first step....

    Do not fear :)....

  • buuuuuuuuuh! yes, you have to be afraiddd! They are going to catch you and eat you with chips and ketchup! BUUUUH!


    By the way, yesterday I farted. Do I have to be afraid????



  • Supreme reality is beyond "love", "peace", "joy", etc.

    God is beyond all of these things put together. God created "Life" and now we call God "eternal". But even then God is beyond "eternity" altogether. It's difficult to comprehend, I know. It's not really something to try to comprehend, it will come to you when the chakras are flowing.

  • Dreams have significance.


    When you are dreaming the other half of the world is awake.


    When you are awake the other half of the world is dreaming.


    Clear light is independent of day/night.

  • lol, Then sexy it is. I listened to the song you had. Nice, Thank you.
  • Change the rule Nick. You can change the outcome especially if you know that you are dreaming. Are you a lucid dreamer? If you are, tell them next time that they work for you. Order them to do something else and get away from you.
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