I had a dream that the Illuminati stormed my mother's house while I was visiting her and said I had to do something for them or they would arrest me and do things with me.


The things they wanted me to do was something that was quite impossible and too little time for it.

The first task was "Go into that street and then you see a yellow thing in the garage of this and this house number. There you find the next information of next task". When I came to that garage there was NOT what they said would be there and there was only one hour to complete the whole task, so it was like they wanted me to fail on purpose in order to be allowed to capture me or something.


I was not really afraid in the dream. It was more like I was thinking tactical in order to try to escape.


I know dreams has a strong connection to the awakened 3d world. Do you think I have to be afraid of this dream?


Much love to you all

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  • lol.. I know.. I mean God as in the Source..lol... the Christ Vibration is the expression of the Creator through the heart Chakra... our Love for ourselves and for one another without any conditions whatsoever.. complete acceptance or ourselves as we are without judgement.. complete and absolute surrender to the unfailing Love of God, the Source..  its our keys to the kingdom..

    and Ghosts.. fear nothing brother.. never ever.. Ghosts are a laugh :-)



    • keep replying..trying to REACH YOU ALL.. twice now..my messages have disappeared….can anyone help????????  Joyana Suwati
        • WILL KEEP TRYING..sadly so very much shared with ALL MY HEART AND SOUL has once again been lost~
    • oh..i am sitting here..unable to eat or rest anymore..now i am elderly..poor..isolated..i have for so long..against all odds..tried to rise above it..light all ways within..but outside everything turns against me..no matter how i keep trying..willing to obey/surrender to God..Michael..Source..from childhood always having to somehow survive..i stopped smoking for 15 yrs..then had to taken my adult son who was cast out of his home..marriage..betrayed by his wife..she traded him for another man who she could control..hoping he would die.  he drove across county..in blizzard..somehow arrived a wreck at my doorstep.  i had to take him in..not knowing if he caused his own troubles..now 13 yrs later..he is bedridden..back broken..heart ailment..made dependent on pain killers..smokes pot on top..is completely in denial..feeling doom..seeing we are at end..controlling me..yet i can’t leave him alone..to seek my own salvation..it is similar to Sophie’s choice..she abandoned her children to save herself..in the end succumbed to guilt..sorrow..I chose to stay..this is me..i am michael jackson.not casey anthony..i am a light worker..& it is no dream..now i am ‘criminalized’ ‘convicted’..worst of all by those who were the aware ones..because i still am ‘free spirit’..will not join w/others who are always ranting..raving..accusing..’it’s the illuminati’..it’s the black president..,etc.  they want ME..my soul..even my son..i am always alone now..i come here because there’s nowhere else to go..knew i was an ‘indigo’..pleadease..see how i spell..plead ease???  just weeping w/sadness..so unhappy..because nothing i do is working anymore..not even my body..now wrecked..useless..can hardly see..walk..always THINKING..LOOKING..SEARCHING..on angel sites..GFL..caught in the long hallway of ‘mystery’ doors in magic theatre..not knowing which one to open..to walk thru..afraid to die..but don’t want to live in a world where i don’t fit in..that does not want and IS destroying me..i begin each day bathing in the Light of God..taking frequent rests in bed..in my sanctuary..filled w/oracles and tools of LIGHT..my name is Joyana..(baby soul of joy)..Suwati meaning Truth as in: Genuine/Authentic/Natural..why is the once beautiful angelic child..a sweet angelic baby girl..always having to run from darkness..escape from physical emotional abuse..from her own mother & father who cast her out of the home..age 15..lest she be murdered..my father Abraham wielding a butcher knife over me..my obese taurus/aries mother pinning me down..demanding he kill me..  i pleaded to him w/my eyes..he put knife down..told my mother to let me go..i packed a little suitcase and escaped..never to go home again.. into the wilderness of life..find shelter..grow strong..and just as i am about to be free..to be of light..joy..in my gift of art..music..dancing..magical perception..just as in your dream..they come after me now in real life..not in a dream..i have been ‘convicted’ and condemned..they know i am helpless..and they laugh..filled with glee as they watch me disintegrate.  please pray that i can now go to sleep and never wake up to this reality show night/daymare of this world..this dimensionality.  the ‘wise’ ones..the buddhists and ‘cult’ christians telling me i have bad karma..paying now for all the evil i have done in past lives.. IT ISN’T TRUE..I AM FAMILY OF MARY..CHRIST..ABRAHAM..ARCHANGEL MICHAEL..GABRIEL..BUDDHA..and here in this world..the Dark’s greatest enemy..I am almost 77..have lived every fairy tale imaginable..an artist who can paint it..play the music..sing the songs..know the lyrics..a poet..a mother..grandmother..and now alone..afraid because everyone has turned away..and all i ever wanted was to be accepted..give freely of whatever gifts God gave me..and to be loved. Yet only ‘loved' when i am a ‘commodity’..then when they have sucked me dry..an oddity..to be trashed like useless garbage.  yes I am sad..negative now..hurting..smoking cigarettes again..a ‘ghost’..non-existent..not even afraid anymore..why?  because i am already destroyed..and you..mostly younger ones..would feel as i do..if you end up as i have..AND I HOPE AND PRAY THAT YOU, WHO COULD BE MY OWN CHILDREN..ARE SAVED..ASCEND..BE PROTECTED AND EMBRACED BY THE EXPONENTIAL LOVE OF THE SOURCE WHO BROUGHT YOU ‘LIFE’..  maybe I am the ghost of a Lemurian Priestess..who fell along with Atlantis..daughter of Mary..who witnessed THE SON GOD SENT HIS ANGELS TO ASK THAT SHE BEAR..she did with her Faith..yet watched HIM CRUCIFIED..IN SLOW AGONY..DIE ON THE CROSS~  I do not understand anymore..I know of nothing that will save me now..will disappear as only a ‘blip’ in the Akashik records..I HAVE FAILED THE TEST…fought as a Warrior Woman Of Light..servant to God..but somehow ‘tricked’ and defeated by the Cabal…  how would you feel if you were ME???  if this had been your experience????  even those dying w/terminal cancer, whose hand i held..could leave in Peace..God Bless Them for Winning..they left in Victory.  I don’t know if i will return to write to you all again..i just don’t know~AND I MUST TAKE RESPONSIBILITY FOR MY OWN SUFFERING..SOMEHOW..UNKNOWINGLY..I DID IT TO MYSELF..FELL FROM GRACE..   now babbling idiot..fool..demented…  if you all want me to not write again..even if i still can..i will leave the group~JSB



  • Hey Nick,

    You believe in God, right? .. so therefore there is never any reason to be afraid of anything, never ever, not in any situation or location... because God is within you, in front of you, behind you, to the left of you, to the right of you, all around you.. in other words, you are God so any lingering fears you may still have, just give them to God who is more than happy to take them away from you.. you are always safe when you are grounded and absorbed in the Christ Vibration... and the groove is in the heart !

    There is always loads of healing in dreams but I wouldn't worry a bit brother.. get yourself a rose quartz crystal and leave in beside your pillow before you go to sleep, make it your intention to have peacefull dreams and I gaurentee you will have some pretty nice dreams..

    A lot of people think they can define other peoples dreams and although sometimes they are vaugely correct, in many cases and very often, they are way off the mark and in my opinion only the dreamer can define his or her own dreams..

    also when you write your dreams down, if you read between the lines, you can often get clues to where you are blocked but might be oblivious to.

    for example, years ago, I used to write dreams down every morning.. I never bothered trying to find any meaning in them until once I made the effort.. here is how I wrote the dream down.

    ''I am in a smokey room, plenty of smoke, there are no windows and I see my brother Niall having sex in a chair with a rather large woman.. I think ''lucky guy'' ..lol.. I can see that she is really into Niall and she turns to me and tells me she is not giving up until the fat lady sings !''

    .. now, that was the dream and it was kind of funny but heres how I read between the lines.. I thought about the smokey room.. what could it mean? hmm.. cigarettes?.. yep, I was on 2 packs a day back then so ''plenty of smoke''.. perhaps a sign to cut down on the ciggies..(which I did, completely) ..

    and so, my brother having sex.. ok, what did it mean?.. I had no idea other than I wasn't getting ANY at the time .. but why in a chair, why not in a bed?.. of course, it was a dream !! .. so.. whats this chair? .. I thought ok, what was the chair made out of ? .. it was made out of wood ! .. so, a ''wooden chair'' - AHA! --------> ''wouldn't share'' <------ you see how you can read between the lines. ..  so, she is really into Niall... hmm.. into Niall??? .. AHA.. ''Into Niall''  ------>''Indenial''<------  .. so, ''not giving up'' speaks for itself.. a reference to quiting the cigarettes probibly..

    so I was ''Indenial'' (smoking) and I ''wouldn't share'' (sex) .. maybe... I was probibly indenial about sex at the time aswell, as far as the reference to the fat lady singing is concerned.. well that bit escapes me.

    So there is an example of how you can get clues to whats going on in your life that you can often overlook or be oblivious to.. (again, thats just my way of defining a dream, it may differ vastly to that of my neighbour)

    By the way, I dont smoke any more and my girlfriend only smokes during and after sex ....

    ...  because I can see her smoking body.. haha.. lol..

    anyway, PEACE bro.. :-)


    Here is my HOT girlfriend .. aint she a babe?

  • dear brother Nick,i listened to the song from your link above,I Saw The Light,it has exhilarating harmonics,and frequencies,which enters the ear,and flows to the middle of the brow,into all the chakaras in diversity,i also likened to the 2 blue icons displayed above in the Sky,above the bright circle of Light,the blue-star beings,it reminded me of,thanks for the song link,blessings eve(solaena) 8113809682?profile=original

      • ahhhhhhhh
        been listnin to same song for past while : )

    • I think it means he needs to stop reading conspiracy sites.
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