Digging deeper into our spiritual development we try to focus in on what we are drawn to.  Is it a word, a feeling, an emotion, a philosophy?  Is it someone who inspires us, a teacher, or someone you love?


Our experience is multi-dimensional but how do we handle all of this information coming in, and what do we attach ourselves to?  Grounding our true feelings and intellect into our physical body allows us to grow spiritually and evolutionally and share our wisdom with others.  


We should always listen to our inner voice, the mysteries behind the veil will make themselves known to us, if we open our heart and our mind.  There is nothing wrong with being intellectual, living in our mind, but you must also integrate your heart with your mind, they should work together as a team, there is no reason to keep your intellect disconnected from your heart.


Some people are going to lean more one way than the other, but trying to reach that balance will help us in our journey towards the Unknown, into the Real :)


We are all more beautiful than can be seen on the surface, and the decisions we make - make a difference and can determine where we go in the next levels of our spiritual educational journey.


The future can be something amazing, if we let it be, each of us are more powerful than we can comprehend, and the more we try to find a common ground with our spiritual friends here at Ashtar Command - and the world at large, the more we allow ourselves to grow, without judgement.


The path of least resistance, letting energy flow through us, letting every cell become illuminated in every way, letting the rapturous energy of love awaken us to the "Real".

Just wanted to share this with you all.

Rapturous love to you ~ in the deepest levels of your "Be'ing",



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  • Beautifully put thank you Delilah I love reading your comments and posts they do always uplift <3

  • thank you for the post

    thank you for sharing it is beautiful!!

    • Thanks so much tinyturtles ~ glad it filled you with some good energy :)  <3

  • Brilliant post Delilah!

    Since our higher self is 6-d or higher we "only" have to remember what the self know, and where the self have its many aspects. Is there one in Agartha, one on Venus..etc.etc. We must remember to ask, ask much, and make questions. I believe that as earth shift in consciousness we will follow. And Earth has so many mysteries. We have to connect the dots. Ascending is much about remember what we already know. It will be easier when the pineal gland is activated, when our Dna is kopled. So we has to be patient with ourselves to.

    Light, Love and Blessings !

    • Very true Rune, it is about being patient with ourselves, and yes our DNA activation will help greatly :)

      Blessing to you, always :-)  <3 

  • Hey Delilah7777,

    excellent post;)

    There is a saying; That Learning is finding out what we are already know. Doing is demonstration that we know it. Sharing is reminding others that they know just as well as you. That there is no such thing as a 'problem' without a gift for us in its hands. We seek 'problems' because we need their gifts as a life experience.

    Love and light

    • Thanks so much Ara,

      And what you are saying is so true as well.  I have attracted some very controlling people at times, and I think the important thing is to learn what you need to learn from them, and move on, because we will keep seeking out these things until we learn the lesson we're supposed to learn from them, and once that happens, that is a release for you and them...

      I think we are all still mastering our life lessons to a certain degree ~ it seems like it's becoming easier and easier on some levels with all of the transformations we've been through in this life :)....

      Love & Light to you as well ~ <3 

      • Dear Delilah,

        You know, I always try to remember that to me Life is a journey, being spiritual is a state of being, ascension is a progress in Eternity, and ‘our mastery’ expresses our inner state through our actions. So, to perfect our acts is to perfect ourselves. Our inner state is reflected in the simplest ways: like we eat, walk, express … with grace … as how we do things that matters, not how fast or how much get done … that there is a natural all-encompassing universal rhythm which is in the constant rhythm of one heart.

        Love and light

        • So true Ara, beautifully put! :-)

  • This is awesome, thanks Delilah for the great share.  It uplifted me.

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