• Greg, whenever I get depressed, angry, hurt, and any of those very negative feelings that I believe you are going through,  I sit quietly and sing the "HU"...pronounced hue...for 10 to 20 minutes at a time!  This is an ancient love song to the creator and is probably the highest vibration on the planet today.

    This puts you directly in contact with your "I AM" presence and on to creator.  I do this especially if I feel confronted with negative thoughts and energies around myself.  It's also good if you wake up with a bad dream. you are being hassled constantly because your mind is wide open...challenge everything and everyone with the HU sound.  If it is of the will still be there after a couple of minutes.  If it is of the dark, it will be forced to flee, and I'm NOT kidding!

    You may have to be VERY proactive in protecting yourself...I'm guessing you've already done that.  Hold on to crystals in each hand if you are opening up to meditate or contemplate, but chant the HU too.  See for yourself if that doesn't make you feel less vulnerable to negative influences.

    I've been on my spiritual path for over 30 years and I think you've got a classic case of having your aura blown wide open.  Of course you allowed it, thinking and believing it was of the light.  Don't be so hard on yourself though...we are all in this game of life and we all have "dark nights of the Soul".  I've gone through psychic battering that lasted for wasn't a pleasant experience, but you will come out of this much stronger.  You just need help in helping yourself.  I've had to ask for spiritual help many times...I've been very angry at God, myself, and everyone else.  It's part of the healing process to accept our own fallability and then pick up and go on. 

    You have exceptional courage in the face of this event and I know your are going to come out of this a greater and better man for it.  Good luck!

  • Good for you my friend,

    I've noticed that Americans like drama...I'm french Canadian :o

    I wonder if you watched the latest vid I posted here...or if you even read comment on this site.


    I think you are adorable Greg.




  •     Mr Giles, you seem to be rather rambling and confused.  That someone may have deceived you (and therefore us, if we bought into it) probably has nothing to do with Ashtar Command or the Galactic Federation (why blame them for your own credulity?).  Acknowledge your gullibility and lessons obtained and move on.  You (and we) invited this in at some level.  There were truths mixed in with the lies and disinformation.  It sounds more like a "secret ops" by the dark cabal than anything else.  I suggest you turn your talents to writing works of fiction (and specified as such) as that appears to be your forte.  Wherever your inspiration comes from.

  • I thought we were moving on from Greg Giles.  This isn't even a channeling.  He already admitted that he doesn't channel, the messages are not from the GFL or Ashtar Command and now just calls them "They who send me messages" because "they" won't tell him who "they" are.  It's obviously not beings of light and they "lied" to us.  He just made 2 more posts.  The first one says he told them to leave him alone and they continue to send messages in his head.  "They told him lies, they continue to not respect my wishes to type more messages but I don't think their bad or evil, I think they just want to help."  Yeah, Greg, if they sent you lies and if you told them to leave and they don't, then their evil.  He further says he is just as curious and interested where this is leading and sees this unfolding "over a considerable long period of time".  Translation:  More lies ahead!   The second one, Greg is trying to promote Glenn's book and gives a link to buy it.  Nice, Greg.  You dis-illusioned the few loyal followers you had, and now trying to make a few extra bucks with the last batch of blind sheep, I mean, bloggers you have left.  Go for it, Greg.  What have you got to lose?  You already lost all credibility, admitted you can't channel, the messages were not from the GFL or Ashtar Command and you stopped posting on the remaining sites you have left because they weren't true.  Great job!  I guess that's get's you off the hook for all those nasty, negative messages you posted before your "days off".  Do you have any more alibis left?   Just drop this guy!

    • Their mainpurpose IMHO is to steal valuable time and energy from us, that could have been used to cocreate with the forces of light.


      Your job is very valuable Darryl-thanks , someone have to do the dirty job to reveil the truth.

      CIA have tech to implant chip, so that the "channels" can recieve messages.

      GG can be aware of this or not.


      • I agree with what you say here Andonover

        Thanks to Darryl also

    • @Darryl ..he can be used as an example for others. don't you think?

      • @Aurix,

        Leave Darryl alone. He is a sad minion of the cabal.

  • This latest "ramblings" sound just like the prior ones which were self-described bogus postings.  Greg, do you just like to hear yourself talk, and why would anyone take you seriously when you were so gullibly duped by an unknown force talking thru you.  Methinks it's time for you to truly go off somewhere and IN SILECE contemplate it all...this is all just so much dribble.  Sorry bother, but it's time to step away from the limelight, which I know your ego craves....

    • We should also remember that if someone wants to go down in flames (or do whatever they need to do) in the limelight right in front of everyone, that path is also open to them. And the few who understand what is really going on will learn from that kind of climax as well.

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