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Clearly things are not right and something has happened to Greg. His site showed a message that something was to be announced and then a message came out that clearly is not from Greg and tells many lies that are obviously there to add confusion.

I know what is real or not and this message contradicts itself over and over.

The desperate illuminati will go to any lengths to deceive the people and have made a big mistake in their attempt to trick us.

They did not take into account that Greg is an actual member at this site (and perhaps others) where he personally posts his own messages. And he has not posted it here...which further points to a hack job.


It is true that we may not know what Greg even looks like...or if he even exists...but some of us know what we have experienced and learned over this lifetime and will not be shaken by the simple words of an agent of the dark.

I have forwarded the message in question to Sheldan Nidle and expect a comment by tomorrow from him & I will post it when I hear back from them.

Clearly Greg has never been MIA before.

Clearly Greg has never posted a warning for a post prior to posting.

Clearly the message contains many lies and contradictions within.

Clearly it is not the words or energy of Greg or anybody of the light.

Clearly Greg would not quit or retire from his life calling before the job was done.

More as it becomes available...


Ascension Earth 2012

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YES I believe he has been hacked! I hope he is ok.... And yes they will go to GREAT lengths to hide this info and keep us in fear and to confuse us etc etc. It would explain the absence of his internet presence and messages I think they have obv changed all passwords to all of his accounts so he cannot gain access to any of his accounts, then have spent days coming up with this message that is full of contradictions and mis information and it is obv it is a totally different energy coming through! And also when i posted a comment on the facebook post it came up with a spam warning! Saying that there is a chance what i am posting is spam! Wow they are going to such great lengths!

Telepathy not real?! Kiss my ass! It is as real as the air this pesty  illuminati,dark cabal elit breaths...I have been both telepath, empath and  psychic all my life and so I have been even in my past lifes... This is clearly  the pesty illuminati dark cabal, elits doing. That is for sure! I hope Giles is  ok so thous a******* have not put a bullet in his head, like they most likely will do if  they feel threatened....

I hope Greg is alright...It really sounds suspicious.

Hi Jake!!! Nice to hear you're back from your "Road Movie", feel my hug, amigo mio.

It's very suspicious, I mean the writing style is not even the same. I really hope everything is okay with him. The dark cabal is scraping the barrel at this point, how cruel it is to deny people the actual truth of the universe. But, we are better than that and we will keep our vibrations high! 

Peace and Light,


Greg was hijacked by dark entities a long time ago.

Agree...I love Greg Giles...if it weren't for him, I would of never found this site.  But those haven't been his posts for a while now...

Come on people... this latest episode in the ongoing Greg Giles Soap Opera only helps to confirm he is struggling with the shadows of a psychotic break. Please understand, I'm not taking the situation lightly... & I'm not making fun of him... Greg truly needs help. & for those of you pointing to this new change in writing style as the critical clue that he has been infiltrated by the Cabal... open your eyes! This is only the latest change in his writing. His 'messages' have been beyond erratic & filled with dark deceptive energy for the better part of this year. There is NOTHING surprising here given that Greg's primary drug of choice is attention... good or bad. This train has been racing toward a brick wall for months... consider this merely Greg's latest stunt to distract those of you who felt he was actually an authentic Channel for the GFL & Ashtar Command. Of course it's been beyond clear that he was neither for quite some time now. Nonetheless, this new info will merely add fuel to the drama that Greg has been creating for his own entertainment. It would be funny if it wasn't so sad. You can expect Greg to make an over the top entrance into New Agey circles in the next few days declaring he was 'hacked' or 'kidnapped' by the Cabal or something to this effect. For those of you foolish enough to buy into it... please keep in mind- It's ALL part of a low-grade game Greg is playing! Nothing more, nothing less. The deeper truth is the only person Greg has ever truly 'played' is himself. Hopefully he will seek out the help many here have been begging him to get. ~InLight555       

Exactly, this isn't new. This has been going on now...for a while. He was hijacked a while ago....if he wasn't a fraud all along....and, that's clear for most people to see, I think, except those with a loyalty bias.

People, this is true. I followed this message and it clearly states that they were lying to us through Gregg and he wasn't a willing participant. He is alive and well. Life will go on as usual, they were testing our abilities of discernment and to see if we could in fact show love to other human beings. The world will continue on and will NOT come to an end. We need to grow as human beings and learn to love each other.

Please follow the link and read...................

In Love & Light,

Rev. Rhiannon Yellow Star

I sensed it also, Uriel/Auriel.  I could sense it on his profile page and at time, on his blog site.  A really dense negative energy.  Greg wouldn't speak to anyone.  I myself, tried multiple times.  Go to his last post, "The Harvest".  He got caught in a lie about a book that the "GFL" channeled they told him not to published.  2 people on his blog site found it on Amazon and on Lulu.  I posted it.  Greg saw the comments, removed the book on Lulu, removed on of the comments on the blog site (yes, Mr. Ed, Greg removed the information), and posted an alibi story IN BLACK LETTERS!  If that isn't evil, I don't know what is.  As you have sensed, Uriel, it may be that Greg has been taken over by the dark.

@ Aly, yeah, and that's why he was banned by many sites, almost half of his languages translations stopped his messages, many of his followers left, his messages became worse and worse all because I sent Greg negative energy with my negative comments.  Yeah, right!  Maybe you should read what Greg just posted on his Facebook account.  

Some people can't handle the truth.  Don't worry, Aly, it'll pass.  There are plenty more channeled messages to read.



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