Hello iv'e just recently join Ashtar Command,and i'm looking to make friends

I've always loved the stars from a very young age,i feel like this has never been my planet or my home,iv'e felt alone all my life,but then i remember being about 6-7 roughly seeing beautiful beings, neither male or female,with long white hair dress in a glowing white outfits,all i can remember is them showing me things visually about earth & destruction of their's/or another  planet,of course i was too young to understand,but i remember one thing they said "Prepare yourself" you are a being of light??? But for years,i knew in my heart where i belonged,spiritual people have named me a Star person/ Pleiadian and i have just had regression from a lovely lady,using the same technique as used by Dolores Cannon,where your subconscious use's your voice box............I must admit i was shocked but i know where my home is it's in Electra,so i'm happy to speak to anyone who has similar experiences as me,because it would mean so much to me,        Thank you Love&Light to you all

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  • Hi I know what you mean i've allways felt connected too the stars myself especialy the orion constellation every time i look at them I feel so peacefull and so happy I joint a development circle the start of this year and it's been brilliant it's opened me up to lots more stuff also as for orion on my righthand I have a birth mark of orions belt just wish I knew why i have it i think it's all to do with why i'm attracted to the orion constelation.

  • Thanks,  I wish I knew how to upload.

  • CuteHug.jpg

    Here's a warm hug from me to you. Please enjoy.

  • Welcome, RP. I'm fairly new here too. I've been mostly just kind of lurking here to see what it's all about and where I might fit in... If at all. It's been interesting and sometimes a little disheartening to see some of the fighting and negativity that goes on...even in here where it's supposed to be more supportive and positive.  It's mostly positive though....or I think that people's hearts are in the right place and they mean well...even if they don't always communicate it very well. 

    I have always felt pretty alone on this planet too. I used to think that that song "Alone again....Naturally" was made for me. When I was just a child I would tell my mom that I was from another planet. She was pretty open minded (luckily for me) and she told me that I was probably right about that.lol  I've never felt any fear of ET's but I also don't have any real memory of an experience with them. Although, I did see a UFO when I was about 11 or 12 while walking in a small field with a friend of mine. She saw it too, but she had stepped on something and was distracted. I'm the one that stared and was amazed. There was no sound. It was huge. Just hovering. And then it was gone. Not too long ago while my husband was out of town. I was in bed and about to go to sleep but not quite tired enough yet, I was asking the universe for some kind of confirmation. I turned over in my bed and there was a shadow on my wall that I hadn't seen before...or since. It looked a little bit like a face or a head. I thought it might've been the way the moon light or street light was coming through the window and I've tried to think of many ways it could've been recreated but have been unsuccessful. So after much time and thought and not seeing it again, I've come to the conclusion that it was my sign. So that's my story...although, there is much more to me than that. Welcome here. I hope you find it to your liking and you make many friends. 

    Peace and many smiles.


  • i will be very happy to be your friend :))

    Welcome to this site <3

    Love and  Light to you my friend



  • Very warm welcome to ACC Rainbow Pleiadian. :D

    You'll find much info and kinship here. There are also many other superb spiritual websites out there, don't hesitate to join them. Though one mustn't get bogged down in surfing the net too much. You'll learn a lot on here and elsewhere, but most of our learning is done in real life, that's where wisdom comes from and where one can practice love/unconditional love. ;)

    I gotta say I love both Marina and Elena, very beautiful names, they remind me of European literature.

    Oh and don't worry about Facebook, it almost always ends up being just a great time waster and ego booster for the undisciplined masses.

    Here we can at least understand each other, and practice non-judgment and all those wonderful things/talents we are awakening to.

    So have a marvellous stay and I hope it is of as much contribution to you as you wish it to be. ;)

  • Hello Rainbow Pleiadian my name is Samantha and yes I do have almost the same thing happen to you when i was younger and very insighted dreams and even until this day. And yes i am also Pleiadian/starseed your not alone and if you thought you were your not anymore:o) I hope all is well with you!!! I give you much love and light to you until we can talk again


  • I can't say I have had similar experiences as you, but I can say: Welcome to ACC :)

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