Grand son today, strange experience.

My daughter whom is quite or was very psychic when young as I am, brought her 17 year old son to me today.  She has protected the boys from many realities you on this site would more understand. This boy is typical young man, into internet and all that many of you adhere to.  He did easily pick up on telekinesis when he was with me and is not impressed, even when I told him this is scientifically impossible.

Lately he has had an experience and he and his mom are looking for answers and so am I of course. A door has opened and his world has change drastically, never to be the same again.  Imagine playing video games with entities being a part of it, fantasy at it's best, this is becoming his reality.

It started a few weeks ago with him helping a friend put down plastic under a home for a moisture barrier.  He was alone down there when suddenly something grabbed his arm and jerked him quite hard to the side.  Startled, he looked at his arm and saw a hand print impressed on his skin and was till red.  He is fair skinned, not inheriting much native American coloration.

Later at home, he noticed two things happening almost every day or night. At night a red glowing orb would enter the bedroom and pester him. He ordered it to go, and it sometimes does as he wishes. They, he and his father tried the religious route and that does not work. Also on his cell phone he has a picture of the what I call entity, alien or whatever, a red glowing orb. The compound the problem, he also saw outside his window a 3' tall small person/animal part each watching him.  He thought it pretty ugly, but I told him, the creature may consider us ugly as well. lol. So the orb and mr. ugly are somehow related in this story.

Now the last part is way out. This entity evidently does not like the father, but then my daughter did not either and now has a better husband.. The father was dragged from his bed one night by something invisible and was thrown against a wall.

Ok, guys, this is getting weird, my daughter just called and her son is staying in the house in the other town.  He just left the house within the last hour. He was alone and heard someone walking around down in the basement.  He went down there and found nothing and ordered whatever is was to get out of here. The response this evening was profound, something grabbed the boy and threw him against a cabinet and a voice told him to get out. He was shook up and went to his grandmothers for the night, and he is there right now.

My daughter is stressed and asking me to get any advice I can. There is very little  recourse right now. The boy says that trying to grab it is like grabbing smoke, nothing is there. It seems to be inter dimensional, yet effects this dimension. Appreciate any comback on this.

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