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Governor Abbott Of Texas is going a good job with Texans in Farming.

We have a good governor in the state of Texas. Our former governor Perry during his term did alot of great things for back yard farmers and new organic farmers, leagalizing  organic  farming by allowing back yard organic vegagatable growers  to sell vegetables and other produce at our local farmers market.  During the time of the Obama administration. That president had a few of or farmers raided and had their crops in North Texas burned down to the ground by military special forces, and arrested the land owner and Farmer. This bullsh...t wont be happening in our State ever again. Thanks to new Great leadership under Governor Abbott and President Donald Trump. 

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For us who actually remember the last 30 years of history of this world, we can conclude that the threat against organic and local farming weren't really any presidents, but rather EHEC.

After that outbreak, the public demanded change in the control organs which governed the sales of unchecked locally produced food-goods, and that is what Obama had to react to. If he hadn't, your message of today would have had the topic "How Obama killed Millions"...

Tell me: What insurances do the governor have against the peoples demands for change IF something like the "EHEC"-situation happens again? .. I mean.. I doubt he demands of his farmers to test every grain of today....

So far, I see nothing in your post that suggest anything other than a continuation and replay of a history that have already been played... ;)

A hint to your Governor: Have him IMMEDIATELY forbid ANY use of "Slugde" as a fertilizer. That stuff is DEADLY. It was the direct CAUSE of the EHEC-outbreak.


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