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This topic is for everyone who is on a journey to a happier and healthier lifestyle and tries to find out what type of food or diet works for them. 

Feel free to share your own experiences. Feel free to share food and health tips, interesting articles, educational videos and awesome recipes. 

But please no shaming of people who are too thin/fat/vegan/non-vegan etc. 

🧚 May the Good Food Fairies be with us! 🧚‍♀️


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                    • 1 🍌 = 25+ carbs!

                      Side note: I 💕 them…

                      “Unripe bananas contain mostly starch, which makes up 70–80% of their dry weight.

                      However, bananas lose their starch as they ripen.

                      During ripening, the starch is converted into simple sugars (sucrose, glucose, and fructose). Interestingly, ripe bananas contain only 1% starch.”

                      Green Bananas: Good or Bad?
                      Green bananas have several benefits, but some people dislike their taste. This article explains whether you should eat green bananas or avoid them.
                    • Yep, rule of thumb is......Whatever the official recommendations from the government are, ALWAYS THINK AND DO THE OPPOSITE...And you'll be
                    • A national dish here: kale, mashed potatoes and a sausage 😁

                      I downloaded a carb list: how many carbs can be found in what food 😮

                      More shocking: the official recommendations from the government sponsored food center, including: eat less meat, less saturated fats and climate talk propaganda.

                      Recommended for adults:
                      - Calories: 2000
                      - Carbs: 260 gr.
                      - Sugars: 90 gr.
                      - Total fats: 70 gr.
                      - Included saturated fats: 20 gr.
                      - Protein: 50 gr.
                      - Salt: 6 gr.

                      The recommendations are different for people with diabetes: 50-130 gr. carbs daily.
                    • These blenders are useful if you are including kale in the diet, as eating it as a salad, is unpleasant....

                      I used to blend, for about 6-months of keto, but then changed to spinach, avocados, red chard and others, so no longer took kale...

                      Try it out and let me know how you cope with it...
  • Food wisdom: when we eat more saturated fats, we have less food cravings, thus less cravings for carbs and sugar.

    This data comes from Dr. Berg and he is right.

    Fats, protein and carbs all fill up, but we should pick the healthiest options.

    So instead of getting my carbs from bread or pasta, I should try to get my carbs from fresh food instead of processed food.

    Some things will be easy to replace: oils and real butter instead of plant based butter. But totally leaving bread out, I will go slow-motion. Meat & fish, I will look into it. Maybe thin slices first.
    • Yes I find that if I'm fully satiated, with saturated fats I can fast longer...There are fats we can add to all the things already mentioned, to aid us in prolonging the fast....(I do a 21-hour fast.) And from my experiences I can recommend foods such as clotted cream....I add this to my meal, as a follow up "desert." Fats and saturated fats are abundant in a particular clotted cream (whipping cream) I buy, which is an old "classic Cornish" recipe, they make in Cornwall, dating back to 1890...So no additives, etc...Just the real stuff...The make is "Rodda's." Not certain if you can get it in NL...But maybe...

      I'll have a few scoops and it does allow a good prolonged fast, without any food cravings, between meals....It's also useful if you reach your ideal weight and don't want to lose any more weight, through fat burning your own fat...I have a very small amount of body fat now and by adding fats in this way, can keep burning fats in energy...So you not only feel satiated, but also have great ketone energy levels....😋
      • I used Dr. Berg’s Keto calculator. Because I want to gain weight would it be better to use more protein for now than I’m eating on a daily basis instead of increasing fats? It seems easier to add an extra egg here and there than to figure out which oils/fats I like.

        💡 An extra egg a day keeps the carbs away 🥚

        I was already thinking about what types of yoghurt/creams would work in a low carb/keto diet. It may take a while until I get to the 70% fat level.

        This is what Dr. Berg’s calculator recommends me. Although I currently eat way more carbs.

        - Daily Calories: 1451
        - Fat/Cal: 1204
        - Fats/Grams: 134
        - Carbs/Cal: 100
        - Carbs/Grams: 25
        - Proteins/Cal: 147
        - Proteins/Grams: 37
        • Yes, if you do some workouts with weights, while eating a couple of eggs a day, you can gain the more dense muscle weight..If you don't like weights, then intensive interval training, can help with legs...I like sprinting up hill, a clifftop with stone steps, while I carry weights in a back pack....My legs are very muscular, from years of training, including cycling.....But methods of building muscle will vary from person to person, sex to sex...

          Maybe have a look at Berg's vid on intense interval training, using a step, or elevated platform, in which you jump up and down, intensively and then take a break, to recover....It will add muscle density and it's good for bone density, also....
  • What I learned so far:
    - Low: sugar, carbs and starch
    - High: saturated fat
    - Moderate: protein/dairy

    This needs to be balanced. I read somewhere that we shouldn’t eat more than 50 grams of carbs a day. The amount of protein and dairy differs from website to website.

    I will focus on more fats. Olive oil and coconut oil, got that. I don’t use real butter, but I will get it. Oh and French cheese, but not on 🥖
    • Yes, it's a strange thing when we start keto, as we find ourselves needing to deprogram our minds, from the medical orthodoxy of so-called "expert nutritionists." So fats, fats and more fats are good for you and don't make you fat, they make you slim....And the carbs, to excess, make you fat...

      When you start eating butter, which should be the grass-fed type, which you should check on the label, you might find yourself trying a bit, hesitatingly and not going further, but you do need a good dollop....I scoop out a good amount, each meal and eat directly...on a spoon...You could add it to coffee, also...Same with coconut oil....A good dollop....on a spoon....😋

      Same with salt, we have been programed to limit it, thinking it causes HBP, but it does not, if balanced with potassium....2:1 ratio, more potassium, less salt...K+:Na- But the salt can easily total a teaspoon a day....Depends on the season and how much exercise being conducted...In winter I use a flat spoon, in summer I heap it a bit...
      Don't use table salt, but do use pink Himalayan sea salt....or a quality sea salt, of your choice....I like the Himalayas, because of it's associations with the Wesak festival, of the Ascended Masters..😇

      I cook in olive oil, as I said earlier, but it must be a good single-source brand, from a country where they value quality...Such as family run businesses, in Italy...You should go for 100% Italian, extra virgin olive oil.
      If you check a brand, noting that most are fake olive oil, it should have a grassy taste, with a bit of a kick, like pepper, at the back of the throat...and on the tongue....The majority of olive oils are fake compilations, made from multiple countries....The brand I use currently, which is the real deal, is Filippo Berio...100% Italian...It's fab...😋 I use it for frying bacon and eggs, etc, but I also have a couple of spoons, a day, and add to salads....
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