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A bit less than a year ago, I went to Hell. Or what I presume to be Hell. It was rather stereotypical in its appearance. Large, seemingly endless. Pitch black sky with bright red clouds. There was no floor, only lava. I think Hell has many forms of endless torture, and the one I was in was for those people that had no specific method to inflict maximum suffering to them. 

The reason I went to hell isn't really important. To be honest I hardly remember it. I may have had a master plan to seize control of part of it, slowly but effectively becoming its king and ending any sort of conflict between it and the realms, or I may have been sent there as a prank by one of the Angels or Demons I've met in the past. 

Anyways, the entire floor was made out of lava. Save for a couple rocky platforms. It was basically a game where you couldn't die but you could feel all the pain. The lava hurt my entire spirit body so I would instinctively reach for the rocky platforms for at least some form of a break. Upon doing so I realized just how sick of a game this actually was.

When I reached a rocky platform, a demon stood before me. It looked more like a zombie than a demon. It resembled a blonde male in a suit, with black-colored eyes, and it had dark bags under its eyes. The demon would point its large pitch fork, or sword, at me before plunging it deep into my head. I'm not even sure how to describe this. After torturing the hell out of my body for a bit, I would be dropped back into the lava until my body rejuvenated.

This went on for about 4 hours before the realm realized I didn't belong there and began rejecting me. It basically spat me out. I think I was beginning to feel less pain, or I was going numb to it. Next thing I know I'm being carried off by a creature with bat-like wings and feet to the ceiling. Upon hitting the ceiling I awoke somewhere in a CEO's building.

I decided to wake myself up and end the projection then. Hell's an odd place. I wish I could have talked to that demon, or asked why it was torturing me.

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wow wow wow i have heard of others that got to experience hell but it is different for all. i would think its much like let the punishment fit the crime.

I think the punishment solely depends on who you are, because some people actually might enjoy being burned alive in lava or sliced in the head with a sword.

well good luck to them lol as for me i like it at 70 degrees no hotter lol so all who would love being burned eternally have at it i will throw an ice cube every now and again to help lessen the heat

Well if they were burning they'd like it so it wouldn't be punishment. Their punishment would probably be watching an episode of Teen Wolf season 1 or waiting in line for all eternity.

You've met your personal hell. This doesn't mean that such place was actually "hell" Because hell doesn't actually exist, same as with heavens. Love and Fear aren't but a reaction between magnetic information fields, repulsion/attraction creates reaction. Reaction is what we perceive as reality.

It's the same when some people say they've met gods or have seen angels/demons/ghosts/aliens, specially within dreams. This isn't entirely true most of the times, since many of those persons have done it themselves. Simply because they believe themselves able to create such experiences. It works like a dream, rewinding itself over and over again, inverting the zero.

Said experiences might change based upon the beholder which is bestowing such creational dreams. Since it's our life experiences which actually make us different from each other. Specially within human kind. Because at the bottom, each conscious being, good or evil, is exactly the same conscious being. There isn't any difference in behaviour or mind, because each beholder is a fraction from the same source.

Without magnetic repulsion, each consciousness fragment(beholder) would end up merging within the source once again. Because it's actually fear which is holding us apart from each other, and so aswell the very source. Which, to some extent, is the nothingness within the totality. The Full(Filled) Void(Emptiness) The lost symbol or Ra, which is Prime Creator. Fusion.

Now, it seems like something happened within the source of creation, Prime Creator. She might be the one behind the source now, IS, IL's sister, the Primordial Daughter, it might be her. This information... it feels like pure freedom within my Cordial core, without any kind of negative reaction inside my Ego-centric core. Something has changed. It seems like she's holding up the cubic mirror now, the throne. It has to be... human kind is actually the rebellion. Humanity is Lucifer's dream and corpse. Blood and flesh. That would explain why IL's brothers are here as well. Mikael and Sata. There is no reason for the family of Light to be involved in a free-will zone. The same with Sata.



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