Giving up :(


         I just can't understand other people anymore who just keeps on rejecting me and my assistance for them to be able to "awaken" to their own true self which is Love.I have been connected with Brothers and sisters of the Light/Star Family in facebook and i thought i was just the happiest person alive being able to be one of those in helping spread the Light.I was also connected with unawakened ones as well,family,relatives,friends,acquaintances,strangers.My posts and links and the way i interact with people there in my so Loving way just made some people shut me off their profile,others blocked me,some posted comments on their walls to ridicule me.I tried to accept everything as i can as learning processes and strength for Spirit.But maybe i did overwork too much and so now,i am already giving up on "unawakened" people..i just don't have the Strength anymore..i tried to work on myself by always staying positive and thru prayer and meditation.But,maybe i am just not what it takes to be working for the Light anymore.Too much Love really can "kill" and i have a weak heart ailment because of this.I just can't take it perseverance is going weak.I am an Empath and maybe too much emotions and negativity overwhelmed me.I maybe still need to work more on myself before facing the world again.It just is so hard to always stay grounded with them and go with the flow..i tried "being" my True self at the same time.And i guess it still isn't enough..i guess i am not just One of the lucky ones to be able to survive.I need enlightenment and healing..this "Mission" is just so hard and thorny here for me on planet Earth.Love,Peace and Light..Star heart is breaking so much for Mother Earth and the people who rejects our assistance.I wish you all success in your Loving Mission of Peace and Light.

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  • Hon, we can't let anyone discourage us.....we are light workers....keep your love and light shining bright....those who are ready to awaken will see it....Blessings and Love
  • Divine-Sister Karen...

    Namaste to you for wanting to make the world a better place. Many of us here at Ashtar Command are seeking such change for the planet and for humanity.

    Like many of you I am empathic. I feel and sense who is overall "shadow" and who is overall "light." I get intuitions about their overall intentions towards people and towards themselves. Action-vibrations can sometimes speak louder than words, though if I tune into someone's words, I can usually detect some level of "BS", and quite often those same people will say one thing and their opposite actions confirm that "BS" in their words. As a writer, divination student and musician, sounds, symbols, signals and frequencies are my "native language," as it were. I speak of my intuition as "vibes." It's the easiest way for me to think about it.


    But one thing I am going to lovingly address, Karen, is the matter of grounding and shielding. This is something that I have had to learn to do "the hard way," meaning it's taken me a while to realize just how important it is for us empathic folks to do just that. Since empathy is a form of "being psychic," to my mind, I turned to a number of sources on how various psychics ground and shield their energies--just to get an idea of how to learn to do it. One source, the very talented and compassionate John Edward, likened grounding and shielding--especially the shielding part--to carrying an umbrella during a rainstorm, or carrying car or house insurance. You can walk through the rain or drive your car or sleep in your house without protection, but considering you would otherwise get wet in the rain, and car collisions and house fires DO happen, why in the world would you not want some sort of coverage?


    This goes the same for our skills as Intuitives.


    Secondly, Karen, I grew up as a minister's kid and watched SO many people who did not resonate with my dad's way of being get pissed off at him because they thought he was imposing his way of life onto them. And given how egotistical my dad can be sometimes, they probably were not far from the truth. I know I have spent MANY years battling my dad trying to get him to understand that while his intentions are good, not everyone is going to listen to him just because he's a minister. Being a minister, to my mind, is MORE than just standing in a pulpit trying to get everyone on the same spiritual page. In my mind, you have to lead by sheer example, and act with the highest integrity one can, because again, actions speak much louder than words. Gandhi himself proved that one over and over again in order to win India's freedom from Britain.

    And also, I have tried over and over to get my dad to realize that people need to feel like they can come to spirituality on their own terms, their own understanding, not just his. True, not everyone is going to agree with his stance on things. Not everyone agrees with MY stance on things. Sometimes in a moment of frustration at other people's ignorance, I DO wish they'd try to see things from my point of view because I know what they're doing is unbalanced.

    But I know I cannot be that way and expect positive change to occur. All I can do is offer their situation up to the Divine Source and pray that the Divine works in Their usual mysterious ways to help those other individuals understand more about what it is to Love others and LIVE the way of Love. I know I'M still being transformed. The Source ain't done with me yet, as they say. ;-)


    So yeah, learn to take care of yourself...ground, shield, meditate, live YOUR life in as spiritual a way as you think it correct for you. But allow that to be a quiet influence first, and then others might come to you with questions. Or they may not. If there is ANYthing I have had to learn, it's becoming detached from any possible outcome because I may present information to someone, but it is up to the other person whether they want to work with that info or not. The ball is in the other person's court, as the basketball term goes. :-)


    I leave these words with you, Divine-Sister. You have every freedom to accept or reject my words. It's totally in your right to do either one. :-) That being said, do not give up hope for humanity--especially for yourself. You are clearly here--as we all are--for a reason, Karen, and you have the gifts that you have been given for a reason. Respect your gifts by respecting yourself, and vice versa, for those gifts are a part of you.



    Kat ^.^



  • Hey Karen, even though times are rough and hard, you have to believe without a dought that the people who care for you will always be here for you.  This new world that is coming to us all, is hard to understand to many, our brothers and sisters have been blind by a smoke screen for so long that they are sick. That the truth is weirder then fiction itself. That's why i want to keep on fighting until they understand, not force, but to have and connection with them and to guide them to the light.  NO one can spoon feed the ones who choose not to learn, they will have to learn the long and hard way, but when the day comes, everyone will see the light for what it is. LOVE <3 Stay strong Karen, mucho love to all :D
    • Yes...Aaron i will do as told by you and all Loving Light Ones and Star family who shared their Deep Wisdom to me..i am learning so much from you,i am lovingly grateful for all the healing words and energies sent to me.Love,light and Peace always ~Namaste~
  • Thank you so much,Indigo1955...i will now be as selfish as i can be...i know that right from the start that those who has feelings of negativity towards me..i do have to detach as i know that it is for my own Good and health.As long as i did not do anything negative against them but just to protect myself already.I have done my part in spreading this awareness and now is my time to relax,be happy with myself and loved ones already.Be Love and Light and just be happy as i can be..Much Love and Light,Light One ~ Namaste ~
  • I Love you too,beautiful Ariel..your Loving words emanates such healing Light for me and i will put all of these words in mind and especially in Heart.Much Love,Peace and Light,dear Light One ~ Namaste ~
  • Thank you so much,Aura..this healing mantra will come in useful as i know that i should focus now more on my "Self" this time. Much Love and Light,Light One ~ Namaste ~
  • I am learning ..thank you so much,Reiz...i will take into account and learn it from heart these very useful methods in dealing with this and myself.Love,Light and Peace ~ Namaste ~
  • spirit leading them in the way that they need it...
    • Thank you so much,Middnight..will keep on to BE me with the Light and Love...all of your Loving thoughts and words for me just sends and shines such healing energies to me already.Much Love and Light,Light One. ~ Namaste~
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