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GIRK FIT NIIR...We are a friendly galactic alliance and we are here to assist the human race...TRY SENDING MESSAGE TO THEIR MOTHERSHIP .

There is so much happening that I can hardly sleep apart from a few naps. The heavy karma's on this planet need to be removed. 

While surfing the internet I came across THIS FRIENDLY GALACTIC ALLIANCE part of THE GALACTIC FEDERATION OF LIGHT. They state that they are here to assist humanity during this Planets Changes.

I found that they state that they are highly advanced so their help is much needed.


We are GIRK FIT NIIR – a benevolent extraterrestrial alliance. Our human friends have developed this site to provide information about us for the public. We are here to help humanity.  We facilitate many programs together with humans in order to assist the planet. Here you can find a short summary about our activities around your planet.

Read about them and watch videos @

Watch their introduction video @

Plus @  

Plus @



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amazing web site- someone spent a lot of time and money on it-this could be cia or nsa getting us ready for a false flag or some type of hyped landing-I've seen some of theses weird et's physically close up/litterally bumped into a few, and benevolence is not on their agenda-there are 1000s of missing persons from national parks in the western countries and many hundreds found with the life sucked out of them-through different experiments these ets can extract endocrine system hormones etc. and spiritual 'liquids' -evil is everywhere

The message seems positive, yet I don't think it is appropriate to ask human beings for their DNA and even less appropriate to give human beings theirs...All we need is within and on us...We don't need their DNA...I say this to be inappropriate because when human beings are not yet aware of the repercussions of such a demand they should not make one...I find it too quick in the asking for the DNA when humanity doesn't have yet an idea of who they are or their true intentions...Be ware...!Had they been truthful, they would have come through other closer galactics to us, those that we know of better...and even through The Ascended Masters or the Angels or Archangels... who would corroborate their story...I feel their interest is too personal and not so much Universal and of Love...We don't even know if that name is real...They are introducing themselves at the same time they are asking for humanity's DNA...Not too clear to me....and especially knowing that we humanity need to work our way up, and not put ourselves at risk by being to eager to gain something we already have...We are developing and coming about being telephatic beings...I feel they are interfering in our evolution...I don't feel good about this all...

Maybe.  I believe that there are many of them.

If they are here really to assist planet earth then will and good ..they claim to be highly advanced and here to upgrade us as well ...human violent nature, greed and distructive nature needs changing to being more loving, more friendly, more compassionate and respecting planet earth and all living entities.

Try connecting to their MOTHERSHIP @

Any successful messages please share if you care 

Ask their MOTHERSHIP crew to send photos of crew members and photos of inside of the MOTHERSHIP..

.then we can class them as genuine 

Try using their Scaler Field Generator By Downloading @ 

> Link to the Software download

I don't think we're the ones who need DNA.

My grandmother used to say. "Beware of those without face or identity, without s**, the ones without soul"

She always talked about how human beings were experiencing the same symptoms as this race of aliens "Plasmatic loss" "The madness of this world, is the first sign of a race without roots" And something about the roots of a tree, infected by some kind of sub-space life forms, similar to the ones found in the lower astral.

It all related to a past cataclysm, from the times of Atlantis and Lemuria, Sodom and Gomorrah. An event that somehow ripped the fabric of our sub-space dimension into lower realities. And that brought in those organisms like an open wound.

The thing is how to convince humans, within the boundaries of the law of free will, to give away their DNA.



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